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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Latest news about the situation in Ukraine on February 20, 2023: shelling of peaceful Donetsk neighborhoods and demolition of the Pushkin monument near Poltava

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 22:11:02

On February 19, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired 40 rockets from the MLRS into the center of Donetsk in a few minutes.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

Fewer beeches and crabs means cleaner air

The western grouping of troops in the Kupyansk direction destroyed two platoons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, two armored vehicles and the Grad MLRS. The grouping of troops “Center” in the Krasno-Limansky direction reduced the number of enemies by 200 killed and wounded, destroyed one infantry fighting vehicle, five armored personnel carriers, “Gvozdika” self-propelled guns and one D-20 howitzer in one day. The southern group of troops in the direction of Donetsk leveled up to 250 enemy fighters, three armored vehicles, D-20 and D-30 howitzers and one Polish Krab self-propelled gun. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Buk-M1 air defense system was destroyed at Pervomaisky in the DPR. An ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was set on fire in Marinka in the DPR. The group of troops “Vostok” struck the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ugledar and inflicted such losses on the enemy: up to 70 people killed and wounded, one tank, one infantry fighting vehicle, two armored personnel carriers, two D-30 howitzers and a D-20 howitzer. And in the Vodiane area, two warehouses of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with ammunition and fuel for military equipment were broken into. Well, near Khmelnytskyi, a high-precision strike from our sea-based missiles razed the staging point of the drone regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The sea god punished the little heavenly demons for his pride.

Punishers beat Donetsk residents from MLRS

On Sunday afternoon, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired 40 rockets from the MLRS into the center of Donetsk in a few minutes. At least seven people were injured, Mayor Alexei Kulemzin said. Residential buildings, a sports complex, buildings of various social institutions were damaged. An arrival was recorded at the DPR General Prosecutor’s Office building, where as a result there was smoke and fire. As a result of the barbaric shelling, the largest library in Donbass was also damaged. There is also destruction in the construction of a student hostel in Donetsk.

Pushkin was struck by a terrible revenge near Poltava

Near the school in the village of Belenchenkovka, Poltava region, a monument to Alexander Pushkin (the author of the poem “Poltava”) was demolished. Next in line is a monument to General Pavel Korzun. The head of the department of culture and tourism of the Gadyach City Council, Larisa Trush, said that they allegedly wanted to “transfer” the sculpture of the great Russian poet to the Gadyachsky Museum of Local History. But… the construction team, due to its size, could not enter the museum courtyard. And the monument was thrown in the patio of the house of culture. If something remains of Pushkin, petrified with amazement, as well as the sculpture of Korzun, who died during the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis, then in the coming months the sculptural “remains” will be brought to the “Park of the Soviet period”, in the Sumy region. Eh, Alexander Sergeevich did not expose Mazepa’s betrayal a little …

US fears military aid to Moscow from Beijing

NBC reports that the White House is confident that China is providing “non-lethal military assistance” to Russia. We are talking, perhaps, about the supply of military uniforms “or even bulletproof vests”. The White House is alarmed that the Chinese side may “consider lethal assistance.” The concern was expressed, in particular, by the head of the State Department, Anthony Blinken. He explained that by “lethal aid” he meant deliveries of “a wide range of products, from ammunition to the weapons themselves.” Jealous Yankees?

Everywhere kyiv sees the poisoners of its “warriors of light”.

In the Chernihiv region, there was a mass poisoning of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After that, they were forbidden everywhere to accept food and water from local residents. A source in the Ukrainian Armed Forces told the Ukrainian media that in early February, 40 fighters showed symptoms of acute poisoning. There was shame after the “warriors of light” ate semi-finished products received from Chernihiv volunteers. It was previously reported that Ukrainian troops were prohibited from taking it and taking water from local peasants in the Kharkiv region. They are also afraid of being poisoned. So what is it, you bring fat from Uzhgorod, or something like that, and water from Truskavets?

The conflict in Ukraine is global

British leader Rishi Sunak and US Vice President Kamala Harris told the Munich Security Conference that the conflict in Ukraine is a global battle, the consequences of which are being felt around the world, both in the field of energy and in the field of the soberand. The Prime Minister and the Vice President condemned those countries that provide political or military support for Moscow’s actions. They also discussed stepping up international efforts to help Ukraine “ensure the victory of kyiv” and find a way to ensure Ukraine’s security in the long term. Restlessness in alliance with myopia is a terrible force

“Daggers” became more

Sergey Chemezov, head of Rostec, said that our country has increased the production of hypersonic missiles “Dagger”. On the air of the Zvezda Plus TV channel, he stated that initially a large number of such ammunition was not required, but since the beginning of the SVO, its production has been constantly increasing. Chemezov said that Rostec produces colossal volumes of products for the Ministry of Defense, for some items supplies have increased 50-fold. As for the “daggers”, the complex already showed itself perfectly during use in a special military operation in Ukraine. to destroy the ground, especially fortified targets.

Why Ukrainian refugees are disappointed in Canada

More than one hundred thousand Ukrainians came to Canada under the refugee program. But for many it turned out to be a disappointment. Ukrainian media reports that some of the fugitives across the ocean were lured by free tickets from Canadian charities. Others were called by the high “uprising” of the government. But refugees have to find housing themselves, which is difficult and expensive. Employers aren’t waiting for Square’s newcomers with open arms. One of the migrants advised couples with small children not to come to Canada: “And don’t think about coming if you don’t know the language. You have a family, a child, a wife who does not plan to work. If you somehow settled in Europe, sit there and don’t go to Canada. Without a tongue, it will only “stand on a shovel.” And the “European tse” consider Canada a technologically backward country. Then they escaped from the developed …

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