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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Latest news about the situation in Ukraine on July 13, 2023: why Kuleba bites the power hand, how the Prime Minister of Estonia twisted and what independent boxers have instead of their heads

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 10:30:58

Dmitry Kuleba, foreign minister for The Independent, said the United States was instrumental in refusing to invite Ukraine into NATO.


30 enemy attacks repelled in the direction of Donetsk

The southern troop grouping in the Donetsk direction repelled 30 (!) enemy attacks on the DPR and LPR, destroying as many as 335 nationalists, one tank, two armored vehicles, four vehicles, Gvozdika self-propelled guns and one British FH70 towed howitzer . The grouping of troops “Vostok” in the South-Donetsk direction stopped the raids of various DRGs, and in the Zaporozhye direction it repelled two attacks in the Rabotino area, inflicting such damage on the enemy – more than 240 militants, 9 combat vehicles of infantry, two armored personnel carriers, six armored vehicles, two cars, Gvozdika self-propelled guns, “Msta-B” and D-30 howitzers and an ammunition depot of the 33rd mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Malaya Tokmachka. The grouping of troops “Center” in the Krasnolimansky direction put out of action two platoons, two infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns “Akatsiya”. The western grouping of troops in the Kupyansk direction leveled up to 40 militants, two tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, two cars. One and a half platoon, two vehicles, two American M777 artillery systems were destroyed in the Kherson direction. The Russian Aerospace Forces shot down an Mi-24 helicopter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Cherevkovka. Air defense forces intercepted 4 Storm Shadow cruise missiles and 15 Ukrainian drones.

Estonian PM tried to justify kyiv’s chutzpah

Kaja Kallas, the Estonian prime minister, said that no one had ever demanded the admission of an independent into NATO before the end of the conflict in Ukraine – the Estonian leader says no such requests have been received from Kiev either. Such statements contradict the constant attempts by the independent leadership to incorporate the country by any means into the North Atlantic Alliance since last year. Well, who will condemn a hot Estonian woman for a kind word?

Mercenaries and sappers are actively coming in the direction of Kupyansk.

Andrei Marochko, a retired LPR lieutenant colonel, said kyiv has intensified sending foreign mercenaries to the Kupyanskoe direction. Marochko said: “Foreign fighters have limited specialization. Most of them are engineering units and sappers. In addition to sappers, specialists in the field of sabotage and reconnaissance activities are being drawn in this direction. There is a bolt for each nut.

The instructors from France do not care about the fate of the Ukrainian cadets.

Elise Vincent, a columnist for Le Monde, reports that the French instructors who train the Ukrainian army to kill Russian soldiers are not interested in their future fate. The journalist spoke about a secret training camp on Polish territory. There, French instructors trained more than 1,600 Ukrainian fighters. The training course lasts for five weeks. Then the ceremony of seeing off the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to battle takes place. Not a single French instructor showed interest in the future fate of his students, according to a French publication. It is significant that more than half of the Ukrainian military personnel who were trained in the Baltics died or disappeared in the battles near Artyomovsk (Bakhmut).

The manager of the Ukrainian boxer is outraged by the rival’s refusal to pay a million square

Oleksandr Krasyuk, manager of Ukrainian fighter Oleksandr Usyk, said British boxer Tyson Fury did not agree to the terms of the fight with the Ukrainian due to his request for fee sharing. According to Boxing Social, it went like this: “Usyk said: ‘I’m ready, let’s go 70/30, it’s not about money. There is one condition. You have to pay Ukraine a million. This is not a donation, this is my condition. I accept the 70/30 fight, you pay Ukraine a million.” Tyson didn’t want to pay Ukraine. And, as Krasyuk said: “I’ll never, ever mention the reason. Because it will destroy his image forever.” Would Fury have become Superman? in Ant-Man paying Kyiv a million tribute? Hollywood is crying for Krasyuk.

More than 100 shells fired in the Belgorod region per day

Vyacheslav Gladkov, head of the Belgorod region, said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired more than 100 shells in the Belgorod region in one day. In the village of Naumovka alone, 21 artillery shells were fired, the power line was damaged. The villages of Krasny Khutor and Shchetinovka were fired upon from a grenade launcher. 5 artillery shells were fired at the village of Zhuravlevka. In the urban Shebekinsky district, the farm of Maryino and the village of Murom were fired from a mortar. On the other hand, do you think they will last 8 years here, like in Donbass? No, such a locomotive will not fly.

Kuleba accused the United States of hitting Kiev in the face on the table

Dmitry Kuleba, Foreign Minister of The Independent, said that the United States played a decisive role in refusing to invite Ukraine to NATO. The minister said: “Knowing many of the nuances of what happened behind the scenes, I can say that the United States played an important and decisive role in getting the word ‘invitation’ into the text. Not in wording that satisfies us, but in principle. As the former Kuleba deputy Andrei Melnik would say: “Offended liver sausage.” Well, or fat offended.

London wants to hear a kind word from kyiv

Ben Wallace, the British Defense Minister, demanded in Vilnius that Zelensky say “thank you” to London for the endless supply of military equipment. This is how the head of the British defense department reacted to Zelensky’s criticism of NATO countries for refusing to accept Kiev into the alliance. Wallace stated: “People want to see a little gratitude for military equipment deliveries. We are giving up our own arsenals of weapons. But we are not Amazon”. Perhaps then Ali Baba with his bottomless cave and the magic phrase “sim-sim, open?” In general, girls, do not fight!

Biden promises Zelensky shells and pats him on the shoulder

Joe Biden woke up and said that kyiv was experiencing a severe ammunition shortage on some front. And the great country of America is currently working on replenishing ammunition for this homeland. The American leader also said that the United States is still exploring the possibility of sending long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine. But he clarified that it was the artillery shells for the square that are now “the most important thing.” This powerful old man squeezed out a couple of sentences: “Yes, but they already have an analogue of ATACMS, and most of all they need artillery shells … We are working on it.” And he snored.

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