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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on February 1, 2023: the murderers of Hymars are named and the amount of rewards for Russian fighters for the lined Abrams and Leopards

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 06:20:37

Armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Donbass front.


Which Ukrainian units suffer the most losses in Donbass?

The artillery of the “Western” group of troops in the Kupyansk direction struck the parts of the 114th and 103rd defense brigades in Masyutovka and Tabaevka, Kharkov region. Enemy losses amounted to one and a half platoon. In the Krasno-Limansky direction, the group of troops “Center” ironed the positions of the 25th and 95th airborne brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Yampolovka area in the DPR and in the Serebryansky forestry. Disabled two platoons. In the Donetsk direction, the assault detachments, with the fire support of the group of troops “South”, liberated the village of Blagodatnoye in the DPR. Up to 50 Ukrainian servicemen, French Caesar self-propelled guns, American M-777 artillery system and Msta-B howitzer were destroyed here in one day. In Yuzhno-Donetsk, the Vostok group of troops continued to press the positions of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Ugledar region, as well as the 110th Terodefense Brigade in the Novopol region in the DPR. . The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction exceeded 40 servicemen. In the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, the guys also have a hard time.

What will be the counterweight of the Hymars

Volodymyr Rogov, a member of the main council of the Zaporozhye regional administration, said that Tornado-S would become a counterweight to the US HIMARS system in the region. According to the official, the widespread use of the Russian MLRS with guided missiles will make it possible to accurately hit enemy positions. He recalled that the “Tornado-S” have meter accuracy. On the eve of the Ministry of Defense showed pictures of the combat work of “Tornado-S” during the NWO. This multiple-launch rocket system in a single salvo destroys several opniks of Ukrainian troops, a road junction or an ammunition depot to the rear. With all the wealth of options, there is no alternative but to run with your pants on.

How many billions will the IMF give to Kyiv?

Daniil Getmantsev, a deputy from the Verkhovna Rada and head of the financial, tax and customs policy committee, said that Kyiv is discussing with the International Monetary Fund a new program to help the square. Its size ranges from 15 to 20 billion dollars. Getmantsev said: “We are working with the IMF. It could be a great program. It is designed for several years. The follow-up mission will finish its work, it was appointed for three months and then we will go on to develop a program with the IMF”. The day before, the National Bank of Ukraine reported that in 2023 the amount of financing provided by the West to the Kyiv regime would be at least $38 billion. They so willingly take this money, believing that they will not have to return it, and if they have to, then it is definitely not for them?

In the independent looking for where else to ban the Russian language.

Taras Kremin, authorized to protect the state language in Ukraine, is sure that the practice of prohibiting communication in Russian, introduced at the kyiv-Mohyla Academy, should be extended to all independent universities. Kremin said: “The higher education law establishes the autonomy of higher education institutions, and they should have made similar decisions a long time ago.” The official also cited the actions of the administration of the V. Karazin Kharkiv National University as an example: they introduced the position of an authorized representative for the protection of the state language at the university and severely fined for violations. Well, on January 27, the administration of the kyiv-Mohyla Academy officially banned the use of Russian in interpersonal communication. This applies to teachers, students and administrative staff. Gogol laughs angrily and twists his finger against his temple.

Where are the Armed Forces of Ukraine aiming in the Bryansk and Belgorod regions

Alexander Bogomaz, head of the Bryansk region, said the Ukrainian Armed Forces had fired mortars at civilian facilities in the village of Lomakovka, Starodubsky municipal district. According to the governor, as a result of the Ukrainian shelling, homes, a monument to those who died during the Great Patriotic War, and a local store building were damaged, and power supply was partially interrupted. Emergency and emergency services were present at the scene. The day before, Ukraine fired twice at the village of Bezlyudnoye in the urban Shebekinsky district of the Belgorod region. Two men received bruises and shrapnel wounds.

Kuchma’s former adviser sees Kyiv collapsing

Oleg Soskin, a former adviser to Leonid Kuchma, believes that Ukraine is in such a difficult position that it relies solely on supplies from the US and its allies. Soskin said: “The situation is a dead end. So far, we see that all the power of Russia is concentrated against Ukraine. Ukraine does not produce weapons. He has no equipment, no money, no supplies, nothing.” Without the help of the West, according to the former adviser to the second president of The Independent, the country would have collapsed in a very short time. America discovered.

You can earn a lot of money with American and German tanks.

In fact, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has long and officially designated “bonuses” for the destruction of enemy equipment in the zone of special operations. For example:

– For each tank – 100 thousand rubles.

– For the plane – 300 thousand rubles.

– For a helicopter – 200 thousand rubles.

– For an attack drone, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns, S-300, Buk or Grad – 50 thousand rubles.

The money is immediately transferred to the fighter’s card.

But with NATO’s announcement of deliveries to Ukraine, private initiatives rained down. First, the famous actor Ivan Okhlobystin promised, on behalf of “solidarity businessmen”, 10 million rubles for each Western tank that was destroyed.

Then came “initiatives from the field.” Oleksandr Osipov, the head of the Trans-Baikal Territory, has promised to stimulate the Ukrainian military who want to sell Western tanks. The governor said, “We’re going to quickly, quickly find a formula to encourage everyone to get the result that the entire country needs.”

And the day before, Osipov signed a decree on lump sum payments to our servicemen who captured or destroyed Leopard and Abrams. Anyone who can capture a leopard of any working modification will be entitled to 3 million rubles, and those who participate in the capture will receive a payment of 500 thousand each. In total, up to ten people can receive a payment for a tank. The military will also be “rewarded” for the capture and destruction of M1 Abrams tanks or “other main battle tanks produced in NATO countries.” Anyone who managed to capture such tanks in working condition will receive 1.5 million rubles, and those who helped him can count on payments in the amount of 300 thousand rubles.

In the US, they were interested in how much they steal in Kyiv

A commission from the US State Department arrived in the capital of the Independent, including Diana Shaw, Robert Storch and Nicole Angarella. These overseas auditors were busy checking how the Kyiv regime uses US military assistance. The auditors called on independent citizens to report any information about the misappropriation of US aid, promising complete anonymity. True, the auditors did not start with the wrong thing – they immediately met with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov. Clearly one of the most crystal clear Ukrainian officials. In this way, of course, they will accumulate a lot of things…


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