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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on February 22, 2023: where Kyiv is expelling the people of Kherson to and what was presented to the US ambassador in Moscow

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 16:32:08

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the independent Ministry of Defense published an image of the US military transport helicopter Black Hawk on the Telegram channel.

Mazepa’s descendants were completely defeated by “Grad”

The grouping of troops “Center” in the Krasno-Limansky direction reduced the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by two companies per day. Three armored vehicles, the Grad MLRS, the Gvozdika self-propelled guns, the D-30 howitzer, and two American M101 howitzers were hit. The “Western” troop grouping in the Kupyansk direction destroyed up to 70 Ukrainian soldiers, one tank, two armored vehicles, one Grad MLRS, one D-20 howitzer and one American M777 artillery system. The grouping of troops “south” in the direction of Donetsk destroyed up to two companies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, five armored vehicles, the Grad MLRS, the Akatsiya and Gvozdika self-propelled guns, and two D-30 howitzers. And in the Kramatorsk area, two American MLRS HIMARS went into scrap. The Vostok troop group sent 70 Ukrainian servicemen to the 200, as well as two tanks, two armored vehicles, the Grad MLRS, and a D-20 howitzer. And in the Kherson area, an ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed. There is no need to store anything on land that was not and will not be yours.

The American ambassador was reprimanded for supplying arms to kyiv.

Lynn Tracy, US Ambassador to Russia, was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. A move was made due to the increased involvement of the United States in the hostilities on the side of the kyiv regime. The US diplomat received a protest note. Moscow expressed its position as follows: “The pumping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons, as well as the transfer of target designations for attacks on the Russian military and civilian infrastructure, clearly demonstrate the inconsistency and falsity of the claims of the americans. part of the fact that the United States is not a party to the conflict.” You can bow and shuffle.

US soldiers appreciated Putin’s message

Noctis Draven, a member of the US Army, took to social media to share his impressions of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s State of the Union address. Draven wrote: “I just finished studying Putin’s speech. I once said that I would like to shake hands with the President of Russia. I want to retract this statement. Now I want to hug President Putin like a brother.” Draven noted that if it were possible to choose another country where he could be born, other than the United States, he would choose Russia. Good choice.

The “black hawk” appeared in the square

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the independent Ministry of Defense published on its Telegram channel a picture of the American military transport helicopter Black Hawk (“Black Hawk”), which is in the hangar next to the Mi-24 attack helicopter. Somewhere in the open spaces of the independent. And with this remark: “Ukrainian military intelligence aviation continues to work at the front of the defense of our country.” This American helicopter is used to move troops and cargo to the combat zone, as well as to evacuate the wounded. The other day, due to the Black Hawk accident in the US state of Alabama, six people died. Official deliveries of these machines to kyiv did not take place. Well, who cares. They are in the forefront of the defense…

kyiv bans what has not yet been banned

In an independent court he banned the activities of the “Party of Regions”. And he decided to nationalize his assets. This was reported by the Security Service of Ukraine. The explanation is simple: “Based on the materials of the Security Service and the State Bureau of Investigation, the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeals satisfied the Ministry of Justice’s claim to ban the activities of the Party of Regions and transfer ownership of this part of state property.” Another great victory in the “fight against evil” – there are no other victories.

Ukrainian schoolchildren shine from a distance

Sergiy Shkarlet, Ukraine’s Minister of Education and Science, said his department issued recommendations to transfer schoolchildren to a remote learning format from February 22-24. The minister addressed the heads of the kyiv and regional military administrations and the heads of schools and other educational institutions. From February 22 to 24, 2023 they were invited to transfer the learning process to the online format. Earlier, schools in Rivne and Ivano-Frankivsk in northwestern Ukraine switched to distance learning due to frequent airstrikes these days. That is, no one in Ukraine believes in their air defenses, which are diligently trying to shoot down missiles on residential complexes, schools and kindergartens, throwing debris on them?

Will the population of Kherson be forcibly evacuated?

The head of the Kherson region, Volodymyr Saldo, said the Ukrainian military was carrying out a forced evacuation of the small town of Kherson that still remained in this Russian city, founded by Potemkin in the late 18th century. Saldo said: “The Ukrainian army is carrying out a forced evacuation in Kherson. It is carried out, first of all, against doctors. They are trying to expel them to Western Ukraine. They are also trying to mobilize the guys who don’t want to fight.” Well, in general, the choice had to be made last fall: you are for the dark, or you are for the light.


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