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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on March 4, 2023: when the Ukrainian Armed Forces receive Western shells, will the grain deal work and why did the US media anger Kiev?

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:37:22

Ukrainian politicians Prime Minister Shmyhal and Defense Minister Reznikov near the Leopard 2 tank in Poland.


“Acacias” and “Carnations” will sink under fire

The grouping of troops “Center” in the Krasno-Limansky direction neutralized more than two companies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, three infantry fighting vehicles, 8 armored vehicles, two pickup trucks and one D-20 howitzer. The western group of troops in the direction of Kupyansk put out of action 100 dead and wounded “warriors of light”, one tank, three infantry fighting vehicles, two pickup trucks, Acacia self-propelled guns and Grad MLRS. The southern grouping of troops in the Donetsk direction destroyed up to 210 Ukrainian nationalists, five armored vehicles, three cars, one Polish Krab self-propelled gun, one Gvozdika self-propelled gun, two Grad MLRS, two D-30 and one D-20 howitzers. The communication center of the 110th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was broken in Avdiivka. The grouping of troops “Vostok” in the South-Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions inflicted the following losses on the enemy: 70 fighters, two tanks, two armored vehicles, two pickup trucks, “Gvozdika” self-propelled guns and one D-20 howitzer. In the Kherson direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost two platoons, six vehicles, Gvozdika self-propelled guns, Giacint-B and Msta-B howitzers and three D-30 howitzers. And in the Krasnoarmeysk area in the DPR, they shot down an Su-24 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Self-propelled guns alone go to hell.

The European Union will supply ammunition to kyiv for 1,000 million euros

The Financial Times reports that the EU will supply €1 billion worth of self-propelled artillery ammunition in the coming weeks. Money for the supply of shells and cartridges will be allocated from the … European Fund for Peace. Almost all the countries of the European Union are covered in the case, only the cunning Denmark evaded. Josep Borrell, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said that an extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers on March 6 and 7 will discuss precisely the coordination of the supply of additional arms and ammunition for the independents. At the meeting, they will propose to accelerate the ongoing process of purchasing weapons for kyiv. At the same time, Borrell specified that Ukraine has enough weapons, but not enough ammunition. I jammed the shell into the barrel with force. Or in a corpse.

What’s next for the grain deal?

The term of the “grain agreement” ends on March 18 and Moscow opposes its extension without taking Russian interests into account. And in the negotiations on the extension of the “grain agreement” under the auspices of the UN, a “deadlock” arose. Earlier, the Foreign Ministers of the G20 countries called for the full implementation of all provisions of the “grain deal.” It is recalled that the “full and timely” implementation of the grain initiative and the Memorandum of Understanding between Russia and the UN Secretariat, dated July 22, 2022, is needed “to reduce threats to world food security and ensure the unhindered flow of more food and fertilizer to developing countries that need it.” It is amazing: Ukrainian grain goes to Spain to feed pigs, and to Turkish flour mills to sell flour from this grain to the Old World, and Russia is still “guilty” that Africa and Asia are starving. The dark years will come, the Rhine and the Seine will flow again…

The base of saboteurs-submariners in Nikolaev was destroyed

The Nikolaev patriots transferred to the Russian side the exact coordinates of the saboteur base of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Nikolaev, where British instructors were preparing underwater drones to attack ships of the Russian Navy, and a targeted attack was carried out. At the base. Underwater drones were being prepared for an operation related to Transnistria. When the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could carry out an attack on Tiraspol, an attack on Russian ships in the Black Sea would follow from Nikolaev synchronously with them. The fate of the British instructors who were at the base has not been announced to this day. In any case, may the earth be glassy to them.

Artemivsk leaves PR people and heroes of social networks

A Ukrainian commander with the call sign “Magyar”, who in the last month regularly shot videos about the situation at the front in the Artemivsk region (in Ukrainian – Bakhmut), fled from there faster than a fallow deer. Magyar said that he “received a combat order to urgently depart from Bakhmut to a new place of hostilities.” The flight of a promoted officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces bodes ill for those who remain. They were probably thrown to the slaughterhouse – for the next myth about the “new heroes.” Magyar reports that the Ukrainian side was losing one or two companies a day in Artemovsk had previously caused outrage in Kiev, but now, on the contrary, they can emphasize the “heroism” of those who “hold the defense with their last forces “. .” The Terrible Infant of the Kiev regime with its “pseudo-criticism” can work for the PR of the “bunker leaders”. Such heroes do not die, they “rise” and rot.

US journalists who described Crimea are under pressure

Gray Zone columnist Max Blumenthal said kyiv is compiling a “kill list” of journalists who expose the truth about real life in Crimea that is inconvenient for Kiev. But in the West this fact is “not noticeable.” For example, an NBC reporter who told the truth about Crimea was blacklisted along with several American citizens, journalists, and dignitaries. Earlier, NBC correspondent Simmons Cyr came to the peninsula by train via the Crimean bridge. And the Crimeans, with whom the American spoke, told him that they were ready to defend their home in the event of an attempted attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and would never become “slaves of Kiev.” After that, the Ukrainian authorities expressed deep “concern” about such a plot on American television. And Kira was added to the database of the Peacemaker website. It is true that she will not hurt the eyes of her; this is definitely not about the Dnieper lackeys of official Washington.

Madrid is in no rush to help Ukrainian refugees financially

El País reports that thousands of Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Spain from the conflict zone have not received the material aid that the kingdom’s authorities promised them six months ago. The Spanish government has announced that displaced persons will be able to receive 400 euros per family per month and 100 euros per child for a period of six months. At least eight Spanish regions have not given the promised support to those who moved from the independents to the Pyrenees. We are talking about 40,000 of the almost 170,000 Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Spain in the last year. They do not want to distribute money to Ukrainians in Valencia, Catalonia and Madrid. So whose side are Don Quixote and Sancho Panza on?

The Ministry of Defense of the Independents looking to the sky in anticipation of fighters

Aleksey Reznikov, head of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, said the West would still supply independent fighter jets. He then he said: “I think there will be a coalition for the supply of fighters again, we will have the main planes and other types. And it will depend on which of the fighters will be the best for Ukraine. For our airfields, for our engineers, for maintenance”. For people living in the mirror, the best way out will be rapid emigration to airfields abroad.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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