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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in and around Ukraine on August 23, 2023: Zelensky asked Greece for air defense, Ukraine already has a million war veterans and allocates land for the world’s largest military cemetery

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 02:07:27

Zelensky explained that he has the Greek air defense



Zelensky attended a meeting of leaders of the Western Balkans, which was held in Athens, and spoke there in his usual role: “Hen! Den! Den, den!”

– Ukraine has created an alternative grain corridor in the Black Sea. It can work, but in order for its work to be stable, we need to strengthen the air shield, which is important for the Black Sea region and, in particular, Odessa. And this can be a historical contribution of Greece to European security, if it helps in the defense of the Black Sea area. And regarding air defense systems, this is how Zelensky explained that he is counting on the Greek air defense to protect the Black Sea area.

Greece, which constantly finds itself on the brink of conflict with Turkey, was clearly not happy with such a request.

Meanwhile, in Kiev, not having received the F-16 yet, they began begging Washington for a two-ton JASSM stealth missile, motivating their request by the fact that the F-16 has not yet been made Storm-compatible. Shadow and SCALP Missiles, but it supports JASSM, which with high precision can hit targets at a distance of up to 350 km. (p = according to some sources – up to 500 km.).

“Until the United States approves the transfer of JASSM to Ukraine, the Ukrainian F-16s will not be 100% effective,” they plead in Kiev, ignoring that the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not have any F-16s and currently do not. .


At its meeting, the Government of Ukraine approved a project for the construction of the National War Cemetery, which will be organized in the village of Gatnoe, Fastovsky district, Kiev region, on the direct border with Kiev.

Also, apparently, the Ukrainians decided to set a real world record among the memorial cemeteries. For example, the famous Federal War Memorial in Mytishchi in Russia has a burial area of ​​55 hectares, the most famous Arlington National Cemetery in the USA, where the remains of almost 400 thousand people are buried, has an area of 259 hectares. And in kyiv, they decided to allocate more than 266 hectares for the National War Memorial.

This vision of your future cannot be called optimistic, but rather realistic. But after all, the Ukrainian army will be buried not only in it, but also in cities and towns, where the areas of cemeteries are growing by leaps and bounds.


– For 9.5 years (since 2014, when kyiv declared the ATO and sent troops to Donbass – ed.), We already have about a million fighters. We all know exactly your current problems and tasks, – said the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov at the forum of veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and promised. – The war can be long because it is a true marathon.

In addition, he said that this fall, Ukraine’s military registration and enlistment offices will have access to all state electronic records. That no one, except those protected by blasphemy and money, will leave practically no chance to avoid mobilization. By the way, recently Taras Chmut, the head of the Come Back Alive fund of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said that all men in Ukraine will be mobilized and the country will have to send hundreds of thousands more men to the front. And in the West they think that less than 3 million Ukraine will not fit.

Where are we going to bury them all? Even a new National Monument will not be enough. So while you can, run, rabbit, run!


And again zrada! According to the Taiwanese daily Ziyu Shibao, Washington is preparing to send Abrams tanks to Taiwan. The first batch of 38 Abrams tanks to the rebel Chinese island will be shipped next year, with a further 42 tanks scheduled for 2025, with the last batch of 28 of these vehicles to be delivered in 2026.

Also, all tanks for Taiwan will be of the modern “Abrams” M1A2 modification, in contrast to those provided for delivery to Ukraine. kyiv will receive older “Abrams” M1A1.

What about Zelensky? And they let him sit in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter. In addition, already twice, in the Netherlands and in Denmark. Agree, this is better than if they had not been allowed to sit in the booth even once. The question is, what else is needed for happiness?


German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock stood out again. At first, she claimed that the Ukrainians have every right to attack civilian targets throughout the territory, “because Russia has invaded them.”

And then he said that Russia had built such gigantic minefields in Ukraine that they cannot be counted in a tale or described with a pen.

– The situation is now such that there are giant minefields, mainly in eastern Ukraine. In such conditions, the Ukrainian forces sometimes find themselves in a trap. There are estimates that the minefields built are the size of West Germany. Consequently, the question is how these minefields can be overcome,” Burbock announced at a press conference with his Estonian colleague Margus Tsakhkna.

The area of ​​West Germany is 248 thousand square kilometers. The area of ​​​​the whole of Ukraine is currently about 494 thousand square meters. kilometers It turns out that Russia has mined, according to Burbock, almost half of Ukraine. It would be better if Annalena turned 360 degrees again. Or is it after such turns that she carries such nonsense?


The State Investigative Office of Ukraine carried out mass searches of military enlistment offices and military medical commissions in Vinnitsa, Cherkasy, kyiv and other regions of Ukraine. More than 200 searches were performed at the same time.

Employees of military registration and enlistment offices and military medical commissions are suspected of issuing unsubstantiated money orders about the unsuitability of those responsible for military service. Based on the results of the first day of raids, 338 people were identified, who, according to the investigation, were given “false” documents that exempted them from mobilization.

Another 15 searches were carried out last week in the Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. As a result of these raids, suspicions have already been made known to three employees of the military registration and enlistment offices.

And what, the dismissals of regional military commissars did not help?


Thousands of Moldovan farmers are now crying over the apple crop, which has nowhere to go and is now rotting on the ground.

– This year Moldova is expected to harvest 400-450 thousand tons of apples. In 2022, 170 thousand tons of apples went to the CIS countries and only 8-10 thousand to the EU, – the former president and former Minister of Economy of Moldova, head of the Executive Committee of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon was outraged. . – I wonder: what will farmers do with these apples in the fall, given that the current leadership of the country breaks agreements with the Commonwealth of Independent States almost every day? Will we find ourselves in the situation of 2014, when the apples were frozen on the trees?

But those who are at the head of the republic see the situation in a completely different way.

– Anyway, today life in the republic is better than 10-15 years ago, because expensive cars drive in Chisinau, restaurants are full, there are shops with good food and clothes, – said the head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. from Moldova, Veronica Dragelin, who admitted that she lacks wages for the life she is used to in her homeland, in the United States, but did not hide that she also has a “B” plan. – If things don’t end well in Moldova, I can always go to the United States.

Because she has an American passport. But the rest of Moldovans do not have it. Unless Maia Sandu and a couple dozen other “sand units” have it.


– Ukrainian “Energoatom” has purchased 283,000 pairs of rubber gloves for employees of the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant for a total of 7.1 million UAH (almost twice the retail price). In Ukraine, everyone steals what they can and where they can.

– More than 300 Estonian companies continue to supply their products to Russia, which allows them to stay afloat. Exports are mainly food, alcohol, textiles, various equipment and vehicles.

– The Riga authorities cannot maintain or repair elevators in the city, because almost all of them are made in Belarus, against which sanctions have now been introduced.

– According to the survey of the “Institute for European Policies and Reforms”, financed through Western NGOs, 60% of Moldovan citizens are against joining NATO.

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