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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on June 11, 2024: what is the best way to escape from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where kyiv will hide the F-16 and how the senator pleased Zelensky

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 13:51:48

The Ukrainian Air Force began replacing the existing Soviet aircraft fleet with American F-16s.


Shot down a MiG-29 and 4 French and American guided bombs.

The Northern group of troops eliminated up to 255 servicemen, 9 vehicles, one Akatsiya self-propelled gun, two D-30 howitzers and two counterbattery stations. The Western group of troops inflicted such damage on the enemy: up to 570 militants, 4 vehicles, one American-made M109 Paladin self-propelled gun and one M777 howitzer, one Msta-B howitzer, two D-30 howitzers and one British L119. howitzer. The “South” troop group disabled four companies, seven vehicles, one German Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled gun, M777 and Msta-B howitzers, three Gvozdika self-propelled guns and one D-30 howitzer, one Bukovel electronic warfare system. AD. station and two ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Center group of troops destroyed up to 345 militants, 4 armored vehicles, including two Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, two pickup trucks, three M777 and Msta-B howitzers each, three D-20 guns, two self-propelled guns​​ Gvozdika and four howitzers. D-30. The “Vostok” troop group attacked the enemy as follows: up to 140 nationalists, two cars, a British FH-70 howitzer, a D-20 cannon and a D-30 howitzer. The group of Dnepr troops destroyed up to 60 soldiers, two pickup trucks, a Giatsint-B cannon and a D-30 howitzer. The air defense forces shot down one MiG-29 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one Neptune anti-ship missile, two HARM anti-radar missiles, four Hammer and JDAM guided bombs, seven HIMARS and Hurricane projectiles, as well as 51 drones.

Ukrainian border guards-terrorists received 17 years each

Two agents of the Ukrainian border service who captured the Russian fishing vessel Nord with 10 fishermen in March 2018 received 17 years in prison each. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea found the convicts guilty of armed seizure and hijacking of a civilian ship. Of the 17 years, the kidnappers will spend the first three in prison. The next 14 years, in a maximum security penal colony. This, among other things, was due to the fact that the crew was able to return home only six months later, captain Vladimir Gorbenko remained in Ukraine for 10 months, and the purse seiner itself tried to sell itself through electronic auctions. They will catch sprat in the bunks.

In Chernivtsi there is a plague in both your houses.

Strana.ua reports that corpses of pigs infected with African swine fever were found on the square. The emergency occurred in Chernivtsi, 40 kilometers from the Romanian border and 50 kilometers from the Moldovan border, on the banks of the Prut River. The entrance to the island where the infectious wild boars were found was closed. A quarantine zone was introduced. Experts destroyed the remains of animal carcasses and disinfected them. The amber could be felt in the surrounding neighborhoods. Epidemiologists are in no hurry to say where the infected pigs came from. Well, apparently, what do Romanians have to do with this?

A Ukrainian military truck broke into Hungary

Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Glagola reported that a GAZ-66 truck with military registration crossed the border between Ukraine and Hungary. In the vehicle, more than 30 independent citizens were seeking freedom. The advance occurred near the Kosino-Barabash checkpoint in the Transcarpathian region. There, vigilant Ukrainian border guards found the trace of a vehicle in the control strip. We saw the video. The cameras recorded a GAZ-66 with a black military license plate. He crossed the countryside towards the desired Hungary. And Hungarian police soon announced the arrest of 32 people outside the town of Barabash. They had nothing to do with the army, they were simply fleeing from it. Why in an army truck is a mystery of the unknown Ukrainian soul.

The “Warriors of Light” do not need to recycle plastic bottles

In order not to fall under the Russian attack, the Ukrainian soldier crossed the Dnieper. For the success of the company, he built a homemade raft. The construction material I chose was plastic bottles. Upon reaching the left bank, he immediately surrendered to our soldiers. Plastic Tarzan contacted the Russian side via the Free Soldier comment bot. Surprisingly, his transition was prepared… for over a month! The fugitive explained the reason for the unusual crossing as follows: his brigade was being prepared for transfer in the direction of Kharkov. He decided it was better to be captured. And yes, it’s cooler than running on an inflatable Spider-Man mattress from Odessa to Romania.

237 drones missed targets in the DPR thanks to the FSB

Within a week, the Directorate of the Russian FSB for the Donetsk People’s Republic stopped the work of 237 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles. The FSB press service reports that several drones were intercepted over Donetsk, Makeyevka, Avdeevka, Shakhtarsky and Volnovakha. With State security you cannot fly at random.

kyiv claims they have a place to park Swedish fighters

Sergei Golubtsov, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, says that kyiv has the necessary infrastructure to receive Swedish Gripen fighters. Golubtsov revealed a “military secret”: the Air Force began replacing the existing Soviet aircraft fleet with American F-16s, Swedish Gripens, European Eurofighters and French Rafales or Mirages, not even today. The speaker made the following assessment to the Swedes: “This is an aircraft that was produced according to the Swedish dispersal strategy. You can even use regular roads. “Anything that can be used on the F-16 can be used on the Gripen.” But armchair experts say otherwise. But when the weapons speak, the muses are silent.

Ukraine will hide several F-16s in neighboring countries

The Censor publication reports that some of the F-16 fighters received by Ukraine from Western countries will be deployed to air bases abroad. The reason was explained by the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “So that we can constantly have a certain number of aircraft in operation, which will correspond to the number of available pilots.” Well, at the same time, so that the planes do not become “targets” at Ukrainian air bases. That is, they are not afraid of keeping the Swedes in the cement, but they are afraid of the Americans. Double standards.

The US senator promised Zelensky to add Russia “to the list of sponsors of terrorism”

US Senator Lindsey Graham* calls on the White House to recognize Moscow as a sponsor of terrorism. The CBS television channel reports that the parliamentarian promised such a gift to Zelensky. Graham* is confident this would be a “very big blow” to the Kremlin. The reaction of the Ukrainian leader after such a promise was revealing: “he shone like a Christmas tree.” But old Graham * did not bother his young colleague: Secretary of State Blinken had already declared that Russia is not a country that sponsors terrorism. They fooled the fool with four fists. * Included in the list of terrorists and extremists.


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