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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on June 12, 2024: What cry did Zelensky shout from Germany, why do military commissars call an ambulance in Odessa and on which front do the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the greatest losses?

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:50:52

Germany’s Zelensky demanded that Ukrainians return to independence


Artemovka and Timkovka were liberated from the nationalists.

The group of Northern troops eliminated more than 265 soldiers. Two cars and a German self-propelled gun “Panzerhaubitze 2000” were destroyed. The Akatsiya self-propelled gun and D-20 howitzer, the Grad MLRS and the Nota electronic warfare station were destroyed. A field ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine burned.

The Western group of troops liberated Artyomovka in the LPR and Timkovka in the Kharkov region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine lost up to six companies and five vehicles here. The “Polish Krab” self-propelled gun and the American M777 howitzer were used as scrap metal. Two D-30 howitzers and two electronic warfare stations were destroyed. Coal at the site of two ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The “southern” group of troops sent more than 740 militants into oblivion. Boiled: two armored personnel carriers and 12 cars. The M777 and Msta-B howitzers will not help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Minus four D-20 howitzers, Gvozdika self-propelled guns and two American-made M119 guns. And here the ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine burned down.

The Center group of troops inflicted such damage on the enemy: up to 350 militants, one American Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, one M777 howitzer and three Msta-B howitzers. In addition to one D-20 howitzer and three D-30 122 mm howitzers.

The Vostok troop group disabled up to 135 soldiers, one tank, five vehicles and M198 and Msta-B howitzers. The Dnepr group of troops destroyed up to 105 servicemen and 8 vehicles. The Msta-B howitzer, two D-20 howitzers and the American-made M119 cannon were hit. The Su-27 and Su-25 of the Ukrainian Air Force arrived directly at their home airfields. Air defense forces shot down 45 drones, two French Hammer guided bombs and 10 HIMARS missiles.

Germany’s Zelensky demanded that Ukrainians return to independence

Strana.ua reports that the sixth leader of the Square called on Ukrainians who left their homeland after February 2022 to return home right now to restore the country. Zelensky posted this appeal on his TG channel during a trip to Germany, where he and Scholz will urge each other to devote all their efforts to the revival of Ukraine. He will then go to Switzerland for the “Ukraine peace summit.” In general, after May 20, Zelensky tries not to appear in his homeland, preferring to beg millions for poverty in Western and Asian “countries of developed democracies.” And who will set an example for his fellow citizens in the days of community work “to restore the country”?

In Odessa, military commissars called an ambulance to put doctors in boots.

Ukrainian media report that in the seaside pearl employees of the Territorial Recruitment Center have gained knowledge in the field of attracting disobedient fellow citizens to the army. The cunning military commissars tried to mobilize… the doctors and the ambulance driver, who were called to the military registration and enlistment office. On the public pages of Odessa it was indicated that the team of doctors who arrived with an urgent call to the TCC was not going to be released from the military registration and enlistment office. Although several more ambulances soon arrived at this TCC. Medical colleagues, who were so cruelly deceived, protesting against the lawlessness of the military commissars, even turned on the sirens, demanding the release of the doctors. But the Odessa TCC officer’s ear is deaf to the medical suffering: the plan must move forward.

kyiv reports that together with the Germans they began to rivet armored vehicles.

Alexandr Kamyshin, Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine, said that the first joint workshop of Ukroboronprom and the German Rheinmetall consortium was opened on the square. Must repair and produce armored vehicles. Kamyshin says that local specialists work in the new workshop under the strict guidance of colleagues from Germany. Previously, Ukroboronprom stated that it had started producing 60mm NATO mines. It is now important that the TCC masters’ shoulder holsters do not reach into the masters’ armor holsters.

Western trunks in Ukraine are tired and bent

The British newspaper The Daily Mail reports that problems in the Ukrainian army began not only due to the shortage of shells, which has not disappeared, but also due to the wear and tear of Western weapons. Experts believe that the situation will not be corrected in the coming weeks. The supply of Western howitzers and self-propelled weapons is not comparable to the number of weapons that the Russian Armed Forces have. In the foreseeable future it will not be possible to surpass Russian artillery in the weight of an artillery salvo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, experts of the English publication bitterly say. And according to the Telegraph newspaper, new ammunition supplies will not solve the troops’ problems either, all due to the same wear and tear on weapons. Hammer the charge into the gun hard and generally hammer it.

Ukrainians face four winters without electricity

Alexander Kharchenko, director of the Energy Research Center, stated that in the Nezalezhnaya region there will be power outages every winter until 2028. An informant from the UA, citing a specialist, clarifies that every winter the power outages will last between 8 and 9 hours every day. And Ukrainian residents will wait, at best, until 2027 for an uninterrupted supply of electricity. And that is only on the condition that “a lot of factors” are combined. If there is a pile, it will be unpleasant to enter it in the dark.

Security services were looking for spies in the government quarter of kyiv

On June 11, SBU agents carried out counterintelligence activities in and around the government quarter of kyiv. The raids took place in the Pechersky and Shevchenkovsky districts of the capital. The State Security Administration of Ukraine, the National Police, the Military Law Enforcement Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Kiev Defense Forces and Means Group took part in them. We inspect premises and offices, common areas of residential buildings and restaurant establishments. Citizens’ documents were checked, cars and phones were inspected. The intelligence services said that the inspection was carried out within the framework of “strengthening protection against sabotage.” And the city thought: the exercises are underway.

17-year-old Ukrainians abroad forced to sign up for military service

Dmitry Lazutkin, official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said that 17-year-old citizens living abroad will only be able to register for military service by reporting to diplomatic institutions abroad. They cannot update their data remotely through the “Reserva+” ministerial program. The Observer publication quotes the words of an official of the Ministry of Defense who demands that his data be updated: “It is imperative to personally contact the Ukrainian consulates abroad. Then the data of those responsible for military service will be transferred to the TCC of Ukraine.” And Deputy Defense Minister Ekaterina Chernorenko clarified that in Ukraine the search period for citizens for violating military registration has been extended to three months. Don’t be born handsome, be born foreign: Ukrainian folk wisdom.

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