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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on June 20, 2024: where the Americans will deploy the F-16, how Zelensky fights sexual abuse and what secrets the Lvov Research Institute hides

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 12:37:46

A serviceman of the 417th independent reconnaissance battalion during combat work in the Zaporozhye direction in the zone of special military operation. Photo: Alexander Polegenko/TASS

American self-propelled guns and British howitzers were unlucky.

The Northern group of troops eliminated the enemy from the ranks a day before the battalion. Two trucks and D-20 cannons were destroyed. To be recast: D-30 howitzer and British L-119 howitzer. The ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine burned down.

The Western group of troops eliminated up to 450 militants. A tank, two armored vehicles and two cars were destroyed. Soft boils: American M109 Paladin self-propelled guns and M777 howitzer, Msta-B and D-20 howitzers, Gvozdika self-propelled guns, British-made D-30 and L-119 howitzers. Two field ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were burned.

The southern group of troops disabled up to 560 militants, American M113 armored personnel carriers, one Humvee armored vehicle and five pickup trucks. The Ukrainian Armed Forces were missing two M777 howitzers and one M198 howitzer. The Msta-B howitzer and two D-20 cannons will no longer fire. The British-made D-30 and L-119 howitzers went into the red. The two electronic warfare stations “Bukovel-AD” and “Enclave” will no longer intercept anything. And two warehouses with ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were burned.

The Center group of troops inflicted such damage on the enemy: up to 355 soldiers, 6 vehicles, two Msta-B howitzers, one D-30 howitzer, one American-made M119 cannon and one Grad MLRS vehicle. The “Vostok” troop group destroyed up to one and a half companies, two infantry fighting vehicles, three vehicles, two “Polish Krab” self-propelled guns and one British FH-70 howitzer. Two field warehouses with ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were burned.

The Dnepr group of troops caused such damage to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: up to one company, one M113 armored personnel carrier, 4 vehicles, one Krab self-propelled gun, one M777 howitzer, one D-20 cannon and one D-howitzer 30. . Air defense forces shot down 43 Ukrainian drones, 10 Himars projectiles and three Hammer guided bombs made in France. See Paris and not die.

The US F-16 for kyiv will not be deployed in Poland but in Ukraine

The PBS television network reports that the F-16 fighters, which will be delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine not from Europe but from the United States, will be deployed on independent territory. This is what President Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told reporters. PBS quotes the politician as saying: “The plan is to station F-16s in Ukraine. The bilateral security agreement that Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky signed emphasizes this point: we want to help Ukraine obtain these funds. “Those funds should be placed in Ukraine.” Did he repeat the same thing three times so they would remember it better?

Flamethrower and artillery systems disrupted rotation in three villages

The Ministry of Defense reported that the units of the Vostok group “during active operations improved the situation on the front line. Attempts to strengthen the enemy’s advanced positions were frustrated.” The enemy tried to carry out rotations on strong points in the Dorozhnyanka, Charivnoye and Nikolsky areas. It didn’t work. And Russian artillery and heavy flamethrower systems eliminated bastions, manpower and equipment of four brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Dobrovolye, Zaliznichny, Neskuchny and Oktyabr areas. The military also attacked the manpower and equipment of the Ukrainian army in Zaporozhye Novoseloveka and Vladimirovka in the Donbass.

The low level of training of Western instructors is confirmed

Once again, Ukrainian prisoners complained that Western instructors were training them extremely poorly. A Ukrainian soldier who surrendered in the direction of Zaporizhzhya explained in detail that Western military training does not help the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine well in real battles in the area of ​​​​the Northern Military District. According to Alexander N., NATO’s advances are of little use for a conflict of such intensity. He and his colleagues were trained at a military base in England. Most classes were devoted to psychology and tactical medicine, particularly how to shake a colleague out of his stupor. The prisoner noted that in three weeks “they only shot once at the shooting range.” At the same base, Norwegian instructors taught trench assault, but this was not useful to the Ukrainian fighters. We didn’t have time to “surf” anything. We have just entered a stupor.

Ukrainian prisoners complained that Western instructors trained them poorly.


The car of a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was vandalized in kyiv

Strana.ua reported that in kyiv, in Obolon, unknown persons crashed a military vehicle and at the same time six more civilian vehicles. According to the publication, the cars were damaged by drunken citizens. It’s not that they were protesting against the conflict, but that something hit them on the head. In general, a certain virus is floating in the capital of Ukraine: the day before, a soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine threw two Molotov cocktails at the building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, mistaking it for the building of the Rada, which he wanted to set on fire . No, it was not in vain that Zelensky asked the Philippines to send psychiatrists… and more.

Zelensky ordered fines for online sexual abuse

Ukraine’s sixth leader signed a law that seems very relevant. Zelensky signed an autograph on a document that provides for significant fines for sending offensive messages of a sexual nature on the Internet. Perhaps it is better to serve the summons immediately, regardless of gender and age?

Vladimir Zelensky.


In Ukraine, staff shortages approach critical level

The Observer publication reports that staff shortages at Square have reached an all-time high. It has already exceeded 40 percent. And for some industries this is essential. The publication states: “The number of open vacancies published on personnel portals has reached a record level. There are more and more job offers on the market, but there are fewer and fewer people looking for work.” The largest deficit occurs in the construction, metallurgy and transportation sectors. Half of Ukraine’s companies face a serious shortage of workers. More than 40 percent of small and medium-sized businesses simply cannot find not only qualified, but even workers of some kind. Did anyone imagine prosperity and industrial advancement?

The Lvov Scientific Research Institute of Bioadditives did something bad

Last night energy facilities in Lvov were attacked. In addition, local authorities did not confirm this in the morning, but reported damage to the building of the State Institute for Research, Control and Control of Veterinary Medicines and Feed Additives. Maxim Kozitsky, head of the Lviv regional administration, wrote on his TG channel that as a result of a drone attack in Lviv, the administrative building of one of the research institutions was damaged. And what kind of medications and supplements did you create? Aren’t you scared yourself?

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