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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on June 8, 2024: how kyiv imitates the exercises in Lithuania, what the sponsors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are losing and where the tanks from Switzerland went

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:08:09

On June 7, 27 group attacks with precision weapons were carried out against Ukrainian energy facilities.


The week deprived the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Paraskovievka, an Abrams, a Su-25 and two MiG29

During the week, the Northern group of troops repelled 36 counterattacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They lost up to 1,400 soldiers, 5 tanks, 11 armored vehicles, including American Stryker armored personnel carriers and two M113 armored personnel carriers. And also 32 vehicles and 26 cannons. At the same time, the “West” troop group repelled 11 counterattacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Up to 2,850 nationalists were buried. You have to melt 2 tanks, 19 armored vehicles, 34 cars and 25 cannons. Over the past seven days, the “South” group of troops liberated the village of Paraskovievka in the DPR. The Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered the following damage: up to 2,835 servicemen, 14 armored vehicles, 29 vehicles and 35 field artillery pieces, of which 13 were Western-made. The Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled gun and 7 ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were scrapped. The Center group of troops repelled 39 enemy counterattacks over the course of a week. The enemy lost up to 2,690 fighters. Two tanks, including the Abrams, 14 armored vehicles, including two Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 21 vehicles, 62 guns and HIMARS MLRS went into the red. During this period, the Vostok troop group destroyed up to 935 soldiers, 2 tanks, 7 armored vehicles, 37 vehicles and 10 guns. The Dnieper group of troops eliminated up to 430 soldiers, three armored vehicles, 32 vehicles and 24 guns in 7 days. Air defense forces shot down two MiG-29s of the Ukrainian Air Force in one week. Two Tochka-U missiles and two S-200 guided missiles were destroyed. 17 French Hammer guided bombs, 3 Patriot air defense missiles and 3 Neptune anti-ship missiles missed the target. 93 HIMARS, Vampire and Alder projectiles and 424 drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine missed their targets. And our Lancet drone pinned their Su-25 attack aircraft to the ground.

27 group attacks hit power plants, drone warehouses and legionnaires’ nests

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 27 group attacks using high-precision ground, air and sea weapons and attack unmanned aerial vehicles were carried out from June 1 to 7. He arrived at the energy facilities. They fueled the factories of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex. In addition, arsenals for storing Western weapons and ammunition, as well as unmanned ships, were destroyed. He targeted temporary deployment points, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries. The drones have arrived. The missiles did not miss. The earth is glassy.

Ukrainian Armed Forces attempt to cross the Dnieper upstream

Vladimir Saldo, the governor of Kherson, said attempts by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to cross the Dnieper and gain a foothold on the river’s upstream left bank have become more frequent. Previously, according to the head of the region, the Ukrainian command chose more “promising” attack points, such as the village of Krynki in the Kherson region. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to cross the river further up the Dnieper, near Kakhovka and in the area of ​​​​the village of Dnepryany in the Novokakhovsky urban district. They take advantage of the collapse of the Kakhovka reservoir. But during the last attempt of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to land on the Left Bank near the village of Dnepryany, most of the “warriors of light” perished while still in the water. Finally, read Gogol again, remember the rare bird that flies to the center of the Dnieper, but you are far from the birds.

Explosions and fires near Kyiv and Kharkov

The TG channel “Public Kharkov” reports on explosions on the outskirts of the city. Previously, the places where reinforcements and military warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were located were attacked. At the same time, according to the head of the kyiv regional administration, Ruslan Kravchenko, one of the industrial enterprises in the Kiev region caught fire. Despite the work of the air defense forces, it was necessary to resort to a fire train and a robot to extinguish the large fire that had occurred. Perhaps they wanted to highlight Zelensky’s call from Normandy for the “allied landing”?

28 drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down in southern Russia in 24 hours

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian air defense systems in service destroyed 28 Ukrainian drones on Friday night. Most of them, 11 drones, were shot down over the Crimean peninsula. Our air defense sent 8 unmanned aerial vehicles into the abyss of the Sea of ​​Azov. Six unmanned aerial vehicles were extinguished in the sky over the Kuban. Two devices were shot down in the Belgorod region and one in the Rostov region. They flew like plywood over Paris.

The Ukrainian Navy practiced the landing

The “Naval Forces” of Ukraine were reminded of its existence. In this department (which has its own admirals without a fleet), after watching the NATO exercises Baltic Operations 2024 off the coast of Lithuania, in which fifty ships and 9 thousand soldiers participated, they decided to carry out their own maneuvers. Let it be more modest: about the landing of troops in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian Navy described the spectacle on social networks as follows: “Landing actions, maneuvers and landing of personnel on an unequipped coast are the main elements of the exercises carried out in a certain area of ​​​​the Sea Black”. A group of paratroopers “maneuvered and avoided enemy fire,” while detouring through “potentially dangerous areas.” The ships practiced regrouping, complex maneuver techniques and joint actions at sea. “The Marines landed on a coast not equipped to complete their mission,” the message said. It seems that Hollywood has once again been paying attention to the landing on Omaha Beach. But the chimney is lower and the smoke is finer.

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine keeps disabled paratroopers in the basement

Strana.ua reports that the command of the 81st independent airmobile brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force has kept 55 soldiers who became disabled during their service in the basement during the spring and early summer. The son of one of the soldiers told the publication that no one has been released or paid salaries since March. Reports of dismissal due to disability will not be taken into account. More than five dozen people who previously served in a separate terrorist defense brigade in Krivoy Rog are suffering in the basement. Norman fighters for democracy, would you like to show humanity to your defenders?

Helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine: stop with the vodka

It became known that since June 7, the Federal Property Management Agency has been listed among the founders of the Rodnik and K plant. He was associated with the Global Spirits group, producer of Khortytsya vodka. The owner of the company has changed in court. Previously, vodka money flowed into the pocket of Alexander Bespalov, and he became a defendant in the case of participation in an extremist organization. The case involves the founder of Global Spirits, Evgeny Chernyak, the head of the Bespalov factories, Andrey Lazutin, and the founder of Crimean Wine House LLC, Ivan Kurbakov. It was reported that many millions from alcohol sales were used not for good causes, but to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces and carry out terrorist attacks in regions of Russia bordering Ukraine. The supervisors gently hinted at the advisability of asset confiscation. The Kursk court could not but agree with the murderer’s arguments. Donating and drinking is harmful to health.

kyiv will not have time to receive energy equipment in winter

The Washington Post regrets to report that most of the electricity production equipment Ukraine needs to replace broken equipment will not have time to be delivered to the square before winter. The American newspaper refers to data from Ukrainian officials. kyiv is trying to procure equipment to increase electricity production around the world. But even if orders are placed in June, not all equipment will be delivered in November. The publication also refers to the words of the founder of the energy consulting company in Ukraine Imepower, Yuri Kubrushko. Talking about serious losses in electricity production (more than two-thirds of generation), he said it would be impossible to get enough power in the cold climate. He asks Zelensky about his wintering place.

Switzerland feigns neutrality, but sold tanks to Germany for kyiv

Viola Amherd, president of Switzerland, said her country cannot supply weapons to kyiv because of its neutrality. But it helps humanitarianly. They promised 5 billion francs as a contribution to the restoration. And the sale to Germany of 25 Leopard 2 tanks, which Berlin immediately transported to kyiv, is this “humanitarian aid”? Or “this is different”?


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