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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on October 2, 2023: Why Klitschko does not want to die for Ukraine, the United States will give money to kyiv and why Borrell is crying

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 07:22:21

Josep Borrell, head of the EU foreign policy service, visited Ukraine.


Ten attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces were repulsed in the direction of Donetsk

The “southern” group of troops in the direction of Donetsk repulsed 10 attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the enemy lost more than one and a half companies, two tanks, two armored vehicles, three vehicles, the Strela-10 air defense system , the Plastun radar station, the Polish self-propelled gun “Crab” and the D 20 howitzer. The group of troops “Center” in the Krasno-Limansky direction repelled three attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, neutralizing more than two platoons, two armored vehicles, two trucks and two D-30 howitzers. The “Western” group of troops in the direction of Kupyansk destroyed up to one platoon, two vehicles, the “Msta-B” and D-30 howitzers, the MLRS “Grad” and the ammunition depot of the 1st Special Forces Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. in Volchansk. The Vostok group of troops heading south of Donetsk repelled four attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, eliminating up to 35 militants, two vehicles, a British FH70 howitzer, two D-20 guns and the Grad MLRS. In the direction of Zaporozhye, up to 30 “warriors of light”, a tank, two armored vehicles, two cars, D-20 and D-30 guns and an American M777 artillery system were sent into the darkness. In the direction of Kherson, up to a platoon, two vehicles, a D-30 howitzer, two DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Pereyaslavsky Island and a missile and artillery weapons depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Snegirevka were destroyed. Air defense forces in Kleshcheevka shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and also intercepted 5 HIMARS MLRS projectiles, an American-made JDAM guided bomb and 37 Ukrainian drones.

Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in the Smolensk and Kuban regions

Five Ukrainian drones were intercepted in one day in the Smolensk region and one in the Krasnodar region. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, an attempt to carry out a terrorist drone attack against targets in the Smolensk region was stopped on October 1 at around 10:00 Moscow time. The head of the Smolensk region, Vasily Anokhin, was the first to report about three downed drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: they were suppressed by air defense forces and electronic warfare (EW) equipment. In particular, a tank filled with two kilograms of explosives exploded near an oil refinery in the Smolensk region. Later it became known about two more UAVs that unsuccessfully attacked the Smolensk region, as well as a plane-type UAV shot down in the southern Kuban. The doors of these unmanned aerial vehicles are madness and courage. The latter, however, is doubtful.

States do not want to recklessly finance kyiv

Bloomberg reports that the lack of financial assistance to Ukraine from the US government funding law “dealt a blow” to Zelensky. The House of Representatives passed the US budget bill, from which the clause on $6 billion in aid to Ukraine to avoid a government shutdown was removed (so that not everything would be covered with a copper basin) . This could indicate that US support for funding Ukrainian troops is “becoming increasingly difficult”, Bloomberg suggests. No, they, of course, unconditionally support the distant tragedy, but they do not want tragedies within the party in the United States.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces copy British special forces

An officer-instructor of the “South” troop group of the Russian Armed Forces with the call sign “Hades” concludes that groups of Ukrainian fighters on the combat contact line are now trying to work according to the patterns of special forces British. SAS (Special Airborne Service). “The enemy is testing the defenses in small groups in different locations. “They use the tactics of the British SAS special forces: they work in combat of four or three,” he said. In addition, our soldiers had to deal with English-speaking mercenaries in this section of the front. Apparently, what is the connection?

London wants to send its ships to the Black Sea, but is afraid

Grant Shapps, Britain’s new defense minister, said after a visit to Kiev that his department was exploring what role the British navy could play in “protecting commercial shipping in the Black Sea.” In an interview with the Telegraph newspaper, the minister said that he discussed this issue with Zelensky. The United Kingdom, according to the publication, is preparing to play a more active role in “aid” Ukraine in the Black Sea. He simply forgot to ask Ankara about this, which still adheres to the provisions of the Montreux Doctrine and does not allow warships from states that do not have direct access to the Black Sea to pass through its straits during a conflict.

kyiv denies that the West offers peace in exchange for territory

Yevgeniy Perebiynis, Square’s deputy foreign minister, said Western countries did not officially offer Kiev to give up any territory to join NATO. The official said: “I can confirm that there were no official proposals from either the alliance or our other Western partners for Ukraine to cede territory in exchange for other measures.” It is curious that just a month ago, the chief of staff of NATO Secretary General Stian Jenssen said that the conflict between Kiev and Moscow would be resolved if Ukraine gave up the territory and received its membership in the alliance in return. What is in the sober mind is in the language of NATO officials.

Borrell ran between Odessa and kyiv like a sower spreading promises

Josep Borrell, head of the EU Foreign Policy Service, visited two still quite large and partly Ukrainian cities and shed tears. On social media he almost sobbed: “It is an honor for me to be present in kyiv with President Zelensky and Minister Kuleba at a ceremony in honor of the memory of the fallen soldiers.” Borrell came to the mother of Russian cities from the heroic city of Odessa. The leader of European diplomacy visited the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa, where remains of Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles fell, and met with the head of the Odessa administration, Oleg Kiper, who complained about how difficult it is to pump Western military cargo under Russian bombs. . Honoured, very honoured…

Why Klitschko doesn’t want to die for Ukraine

Vladimir Klitschko, former world boxing champion and brother of the mayor of kyiv, said he does not want to die for Ukraine. In an interview with the German television channel ZDF, the namesake of the current sixth president of Plaza admitted: “No, I am not willing to die for the country. I am ready to live for her. It’s harder than dying.” At the same time, Klitschko Jr. told the Germans that the majority of Ukrainians at the front were not mobilized in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but were fighting there according to the calling of their soul and heart. , and that the “forced mobilization in Ukraine” was all supposedly “an invention of Russian propaganda.” Are the endless fields with graves of “warriors of light” in the new Ukrainian cemeteries also propaganda?

China reduces trade with independents

Trade volumes between Beijing and Kiev, according to the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, decreased by 19.5 percent year-on-year between January and August 2023. And amounted to approximately $4.86 billion. Exports fell 34 percent to $1.67 billion. Following the start of the New World Order, China did not supply drones to Ukraine from March to December 2022. And from January to August 2023, only five of these devices were exported from China to Ukraine. It’s a shame, right?

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