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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on September 15, 2023: why the ICC opened an office in Kiev, what is happening with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and how much it costs to reactivate the Mariupol seaport

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 10:13:21

After Minister Kuleba’s open rudeness and public pressure on Minister Bernbock, the Square Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued another statement.


In the direction of Donetsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost more than one battalion in one day

The “southern” group of troops in the direction of Donetsk repelled eight attacks, disabling up to 350 Ukrainian militants, three armored vehicles, five cars, three American M777 artillery systems and one M109 howitzer, one D-30 cannon and an ammunition depot from army. 28th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Dyleyevka. The Center’s group of troops in Krasnolimansky eliminated up to 55 nationalists, three armored vehicles, three cars and one D-20 howitzer. The “western” group of troops in the direction of Kupyansk inflicted the following losses on the enemy: up to one and a half companies, two infantry fighting vehicles, three vehicles, one American M777 artillery system, one M109 Paladin self-propelled gun and one Station AN/TPQ-36 counterbattery, as well as two ammunition depots of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Berestovo and Tikha, Kharkov region. The Vostok group of troops in the southern direction of Donetsk destroyed up to 140 militants, one tank, two armored vehicles and three cars. In the direction of Zaporozhye, three attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were repelled in the Verbovoy area and the following damage was caused: up to one company, one tank, two armored vehicles, three cars, one American-made M777 artillery system and howitzers. British-made FH-70, US-made M119, Msta-B, D-20 and D-30. In Kherson, up to 70 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one armored fighting vehicle, seven vehicles and one D-30 howitzer were destroyed in one day. The Russian Aerospace Forces shot down a Mi-8 helicopter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Krasny Liman area of ​​​​the DPR. Air defense systems intercepted four HIMARS MLRS projectiles and 53 Ukrainian drones.

The International Criminal Court is proudly installed in kyiv

The Square Prosecutor General’s office happily reported that an office of the International Criminal Court had been opened in kyiv. The Dnieper residents are happy: this office has become the largest representative office of the ICC outside The Hague. Prosecutor General Andrei Kostin is confident that the work of this office will strengthen the interaction between the independent government and the International Criminal Court, “increase the efficiency and speed of response to crimes.” Yes, of course so, but it is worth remembering that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against ICC judges Tomoko Akane, Rosario Aitala and Sergio Godínez, as well as against prosecutor Karim Ahmad Khan. It’s time to get rid of illusions and learn the lyrics of the song “On the black bench, on the pier…”

Ukrainian diplomats need strong sedatives

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry went crazy. After Minister Kuleba’s open rudeness and public pressure on Minister Bernbock, the Square Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued another statement that characterizes them perfectly. The bottom line is this: any attempt by EU countries to extend restrictions on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products after September 15 will be considered illegal and destabilizing by kyiv. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reproached Brussels for violating European rules. In particular, according to Raguli, the introduction of a ban on the import of Ukrainian grains and products contradicts the agreement with the EU. But Warsaw didn’t give a damn about kyiv’s moans, as did Bucharest and Bratislava. Will the Armed Forces of Ukraine really deploy bayonets from east to west?

One billion will be allocated for the restoration of the Mariupol seaport

Mikhail Mishustin, the Russian prime minister, said Moscow will allocate about one billion rubles to restore the Mariupol seaport. The head of the Russian government said: “This decision will increase the port’s capacity and increase the stability and connectivity of Russia’s southern transport complex.” Mariupol is home to the only deep-water cargo port on the Azov Sea. But it is necessary to restore the key facilities of the Mariupol seaport, which were damaged during its liberation from the Nazis. Previously it became known that about 32 thousand tons of construction materials were delivered to the logistics center of the Mariupol port and a part of them has already been sent to the restoration of the port. Let’s go swimming!

Seoul once again assured the world that it does not supply weapons to kyiv

Chung Ha-gyu, spokesperson for South Korea’s Defense Ministry, said his country does not supply weapons to Ukraine. Journalists asked him a question on this topic in Seoul in connection with North Korean President Kim Jong-un’s visit to Russia. The ROK’s policy on this issue has not changed: the Department of Defense stated: “No lethal weapons are supplied to Ukraine from South Korea.” And they supply helmets, bulletproof vests, night vision devices and first aid kits. Well done, they remember the year 1953 and hundreds of American bombers shot down by pilots with surnames like Li Si Tsing in the Korean sky.

Goalkeeper Hasek demands compensation from the NHL in favor of kyiv because of Ovechkin

Dominik Hasek, former goalkeeper of the Czech Olympic hockey team, stated that the NHL is obliged to pay Kiev between two and four billion dollars per season because Russian hockey players bring profits to NHL clubs in North America. . In an interview with Match TV, Hasek, who at 58 is slipping into senility, said: “Alexander Ovechkin represents his country in the NHL, he is an advertisement for Russia. Well, the NHL, which allows Ovechkin and other Russian hockey players to play, promotes this country. For each season of Russian advertising, the NHL is obliged to pay between $2 and $4 billion to Ukraine.” Well, Russian forward and captain of Washington Sasha Ovechkin, in response to the statements of the former goalkeeper of 4 NHL clubs and Spartak Moscow, said that NHL clubs select players “by abilities and skills, not by nationality”. And I remembered with pleasure how I opened the Czech goalkeeper’s goal in different ways.

The United States is alarmed by the drop in income “because of Ukraine”

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) notes with alarm that the income of American citizens has decreased for the third year. At first, the coronavirus pandemic was to blame. In the last year and a half there has been an increase in energy prices, which occurred due to the conflict in the Plaza. The median household income of Americans, adjusted for inflation, fell 2.3 percentage points in 2022, to $74.58 thousand. The rate is down 4.7 percent from its peak in 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And last June, price growth in the United States was the highest in 40 years, with inflation reaching 9.1 percent. Over the course of a year and a half, the regulator raised interest rates 11 times. In July they reached their highest level in 22 years. Additionally, consumer prices rose for the first time in 13 months. In the United States, the proportion of families with children living below the poverty line has almost doubled during the year: it is now more than 12.4 percent. Weapons are not supplied to kyiv, prices do not increase, everything is simple.


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