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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Lean and loud: how thin Semenovich, Utkin and Tsekalo would look

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:13:18

With the help of a neural network, we fantasize about where the dreams of celebrities could lead.

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

Note that no one called these stars fat – in the era of new ethics (oh times, oh morality, you can’t offend anyone), we clearly understood the rules of the game. And we only state that the artists have repeatedly tried to lose weight. What could come of this, smart technologies and the designer of KP.RU know. With the help of a neural network, we fantasize about where the dreams of celebrities could lead.


Alexander Tsekalo

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

From a kind Santa Claus in our experiment, the producer turned into a handsome handsome man. And our fantasies are not that far from real life. For the sake of the wife of a young artist, with whom he settled under the scorching Los Angeles sun, Tsekalo has already thrown off 10 kilograms: exercise equipment, swimming, proper nutrition. But in his case, this is not the limit, you can repeat it. While he was still married to Lolita Milyavskaya, the artist lost weight and 20 kilos, he almost fell for love!


larissa guzeva

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

A sharp chin, high cheekbones and a swan neck – how this suits the famous TV matchmaker, she herself knows better than anyone. In search of sophisticated forms, which fans remember from “Cruel Romance”, the actress occasionally goes to detox clinics and completes kilometers of Nordic walking. And then ka-aa-ak will cook! Guzeeva is a big fan of home cooking. This is not a parsley smoothie…


Elena Vaenga

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

The star of the song could become the owner of the famous “Jolie angles” (this is what they call a clear oval of the face with a pronounced transition from the cheekbones to the chin), behind which is a tail for cosmetologists. in the years to come. And once it almost happened: Vaenga, on a challenge, lost 15 kg in four months. But having won the bet, the singer, by her own admission, rushed into the “basin with” Olivier.

– There is one sin: I like to go to bed, having gathered a bunch of food with me and watching TV, spreading crumbs on the bed, – the artist admits.


Tatiana Dogileva

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

Fantastic: By getting rid of the second double chin, the actress looked half her age. But here’s the bad luck: in real life, Dogileva has not been able to beat excess weight for several years. At first I ate the lack of proposals from the directors with cakes, then the health problems began, then I just waved my hand…

“I accepted my age, I gave up diets and ‘beauty injections’, and I also discovered the roles of comical grandmothers”, explains the artist.


Ana Semenovich

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

The owner of the most magnificent forms in show business from time to time seeks to get rid of them: she chews unsalted buckwheat, how much in vain, relies on simulators. And this is how it will look if these efforts have an effect: a completely different person, similar to both Lucy Chebotina (“Why did I hear the sun from Monaco? Here she is) and another Hollywood star. No individuality! And you still haven’t seen what happened to the bust…


Vasily Utkin

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

Once a famous commentator lost 85 kg … and began to weigh 130. The TV presenter also cut his stomach, went on a diet and tried intermittent fasting – an experienced player! But even he can hardly imagine what a sensual macho he can become if he continues his austerity. When the stepped cheeks and neck disappear, a strong-willed chin appears. And this, Vasily, wow, how the ladies like it!


Stanislav Duzhnikov

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

Good-natured Lenya from the Voronins became famous for its colorful and memorable fullness. However, the actor himself is sure that he has never been fat; They say that he gained cozy kilograms solely for the role. With one caveat: it was necessary to recover 20 kilos, and having gone into a rage, the actor added 40. And with the end of the series, he could no longer say goodbye to them… Dear Stanislav, let our collage be the best! motivation for you!


Eva Polna

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

No, this is not the Hollywood diva Scarlett Johansson, although she turned out to be very similar. “Guest from the Future,” who was slim and resonant at the start of her career, gained weight after the birth of her second child and exhausted herself on diets for years to lose weight for the next clip. Now this is over: the singer accepted herself completely. And to all who expect from her the ancient harmony from her, she gives a decisive answer: they will not wait.

– I’m a woman too! It’s not a freak! I’m still the same as I’ve been for the past few years. Height 165, domestic clothing size 48-50. Gas mask size – 2! -Polna put an end to the upcoming crushing of the bones and folds from it.

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