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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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Learn to use natural fur in the era of ecological consumption and choose a timeless fur coat

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 09:15:46

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To our happiness, and to the happiness of the Greenpeace people from the fashion world (and not only), the concept of “fur trends” itself is rather vague and specific. Especially today, when natural material is used on a special occasion and in a minimal amount. That is why the focus on complex techniques and applications has confidently shifted to classical models. The new collection “Furs Ekaterina” is dedicated to that. These are the fur coats that will not lose their relevance after a few seasons, and most importantly, will find a common language with any wardrobe. If you want, wear it with joggers, sneakers and hoodies, if you want – with an evening dress to the floor and sandals covered with rhinestones.

Classic (or close) models of fur coats are also beautiful because they are included in the investment category. First of all, it can and should be passed down from generation to generation and even (in urgent need) modified for you. Secondly, it will always be gladly accepted at any resale, and even more so – it will be given to a new owner who has long dreamed of a fur coat, but did not dare to approach the purchase.

At Furs Ekaterina, the principle of sustainable development is also supported by harmless production: only manual labor and minimal interaction with the machine. By the way, the history of the succession of generations in the company is also revealed in cooperation with dynasties: knowledge, skills in working with fur and, of course, the love of creating unique products are passed on by word of mouth (read : hand in hand). Thus, the local experience of the founder of the company, Ildar Akkhuzin, coexists today with European technologies, which were brought to the company by his daughter Ekaterina, and later taken up by his son, Ilya.

Conscious consumption of natural fur is also found in proper storage – here Furs Ekaterina comes to the rescue and offers to store fur coats in a special company refrigerator in the off-season in order to extend the shelf life of the product and thereby carry out long term purchases. More conscious expected and desired elements.

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