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Leps with Yesterday’s Schoolgirl and Muceniece, on display with Chuikov despite Priluchny: brilliant novels of the star that are hard to believe

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 16:41:28

Recently, 61-year-old Grigory Leps introduced his new girlfriend Aurora Kiba, whom he called his girlfriend. Of course, in Russian show business you will not surprise anyone with romances with a large age difference. But in the case of Leps, her girlfriend is not just young: Aurora, 18, is literally yesterday’s schoolgirl: a week ago she just received her matriculation certificate. Even though all ages are submissive to love, Gregory’s fans still can’t believe that everything between him and Kiba is real and lean towards the version of a PR romance. They say Leps is simply promoting a young singer who, by the way, already released a song called “Drunken Fool.” We are sure that we will know everything soon. Meanwhile, we remember other bright celebrity romances that fans still don’t believe in.

Dima Bilan and Elena Kuletskaya

In the early 2000s, Dima Bilan, who at that time was just gaining popularity, often dated the spectacular blonde Elena Kuletskaya. In public, the youth idol and model did not hide her tender feelings. One day, once again answering a question from journalists: “When is the wedding?” — Dima said that he would marry Elena if she won the Eurovision contest.

A little later, the artist even gave his friend a ring. And in 2006, the singer’s video “It Was Love” was released, in which Kuletskaya played the main role. In the same year, Bilan first took part in Eurovision, but came in second place. But in 2008, she won, but never kept her promise to get married.

In 2011, Dima admitted that his romance with the model was just a PR stunt. Elena’s version was different. In an interview, the girl said that they lived together and actually dated for four years. But their relationship was not stable, since both traveled constantly for work reasons. And romance as such, according to Kuletskaya, was absent in their union. According to the model, the journalists even forced her to give them the singer’s engagement ring.

In 2014, Kuletskaya married cameraman Stanislav Romanovsky, with whom she had two daughters. And Bilan remained an enviable bachelor. By the way, a year ago, as part of the presentation of the singer’s new video, Dima, 42, and Elena, 41, appeared on stage together to perform the hit “It Was Love.”

Sergei Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva

Sergei Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva before the premiere of the film in 2008. Photo: Olga EMELYANOVA

Sergei and Lera dated between 2008 and 2012. The couple had a long friendship, which, according to one version, gradually turned into a romantic relationship. At one point, the lead singer of the band Smash!! He began showering the presenter with flowers and courting her. And Lera, who already had two failed marriages behind her, reciprocated the young singer’s feelings. Sergei is 12 years younger than the presenter, but the age difference did not bother anyone. In addition, visually Kudryavtseva looks much younger than her age.

The couple had a large number of fans who believed in the sincerity of their feelings. It is interesting that Lera and Sergei never lived together and did not make plans for a wedding. Perhaps that’s why rumors arose that they were connected over a public relations issue. But neither Lazarev nor Kudryavtseva confirmed the rumors. According to the presenter, they simply developed a strong, calm and scandal-free relationship. However, much to the chagrin of fans, the romance came to an end when hockey player Igor Makarov appeared in Lera’s life, whom she married less than a year after they met. The couple has a daughter, Masha. But Sergei Lazarev never married. It is only known that in 2014 and 2018 the singer had a son and a daughter.

Nikolai Baskov and Oksana Fedorova/Anastasia Volochkova/Victoria Lopyreva

Nikolai Baskov and Oksana Fedorova behind the scenes of the 2010 Golden Gramophone Awards.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV. Go to Photobank KP

47-year-old Nikolai Baskov can rightly be considered the record holder for vivid “novels”. So, in 2008, Nikolai began to be seen more and more in the company of former Miss Universe Oksana Fedorova. Young people attended social events together, starred in various shows, participated in fashion shows, and then released a video for the song “Rights of Love.” Initially, the relationship between Fedorova and Baskov was more like a mutually beneficial PR relationship. And in 2009, right during the New Wave competition in Jurmala, Basque announced her engagement. It is interesting that at that time Oksana was not even divorced from German businessman Philip Toft. By the way, the tenor broke up with the beautiful woman according to the same scenario: about a year later, at a concert in the Kremlin, he announced that they were no longer a couple. And in 2011, Fedorova married FSB officer Andrei Borodin.

Kiss between Nikolai Baskov and Anastasia Volochkova at the Golden Gramophone 2012.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV. Go to Photobank KP

“The Golden Voice of Russia” met with Anastasia Volochkova in 2012-2013. The couple flew together to the Maldives, where the singer covered the famous dancer with rose petals. The couple also had hot photoshoots there. Nikolai affectionately called the artist “My Nastya.” But fans had little faith in the sincerity of the couple’s feelings: their romance was developing too ostentatiously. Nikolai and Anastasia met and parted ways. And in 2018, Volochkova even prepared to marry the singer, who, however, joked on this topic that there will be a wedding, but everyone has their own…

In 2017, Baskov’s wedding was supposed to take place with another famous beauty, the winner of the title “Miss Russia 2003” Victoria Lopyreva. By the way, the couple announced the celebration a year before the event, and then the ceremony was constantly postponed. And in 2018, Vasco admitted to the fictitiousness of the union, saying that he and Victoria had not seen each other in almost a year. It later became known that Lopyreva had moved to Dubai and was expecting a child from someone else, businessman Igor Bulatov. In early 2019, Victoria gave birth to a son and a few years later she broke up with Igor. By the way, in a recent interview with Nadezhda Strelets, Lopyreva stated that she and Baskov really wanted to get married…

Ágata Muceniece and Ivan Chuikov

Agata Muceniece and Ivan Chuikov.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network.

In April, Agata, 35, posted a romantic photoshoot with presenter Ivan Chuikov, 34, on social media. At first, Internet users did not believe that the couple could, in principle, be united by anything more than a friendly relationship. But then Ágata and Iván began to appear together everywhere. At the end of May, the guys presented the television show RU.TV and kissed on stage. And then the couple met for the premiere of the film “Tur and Ivanushkami”, where Muceniece played the main role. According to eyewitnesses, the lovers did not hide their feelings. The other day, Ágata shared photos and videos of her time with her boyfriend; Iván put the actress on hold. They say that Muceniece already introduced Chuikov to the children from her first marriage to actor Pavel Priluchny.

Meanwhile, not all fans believe in the sincerity of Ivan and Agatha’s feelings. Chuikov appeared too abruptly. And with the same abruptness the previous gentleman disappeared: according to rumors, the restaurateur Vladimir Perelman was courting the artist. Some fans of Mucenietsy suggest that she deliberately began to flaunt her “romance” with Chuikov to divert attention from the dispute with her ex-husband Priluchny: Pavel and Agata cannot agree on the amount of child support. children. At the same time, Priluchny established her personal life for a long time; In 2022 he married the actress Zepyur Brutyan for the second time. The couple is raising their son Mikael and periodically demonstrates their family romance.

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