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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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LGBT ideology is attacking the French school. Why do parents prefer their children to go to private schools? – Russian newspaper

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 22:06:01

Here there is a shortage of teachers, problems with their professional training and insufficient attention to basic things, such as elementary literacy. According to him, “skepticism is growing” among parents and, in this context, “the private sector (ie private schools – note RG) is becoming more and more important.”

We add that there is another reason why the French prefer to send their children to private schools, where, we note, there is an opportunity, looking at the framework of the educational programs of the Ministry of Education, to cut off sometimes more than dubious innovations. .

Specifically, we are talking about the introduction of LGBT ideology and gender postulates in the brains of schoolchildren. Furthermore, this is done under the guise of a politically correct narrative about the need to “observe the rights of sexual minorities and combat homophobia.”

There are many examples of this. So, in mid-December, just before the start of the winter holidays, the students of the Lyceum “Vauban” in Brest, a port city on the Atlantic coast, were greatly discouraged, seeing a completely different “subject” in the schedule. for the near future instead of the planned math lessons. Classes in trigonometry or differential calculus were canceled, and it was proposed to get acquainted with the “fundamentals of the theory of gender and the transidentity of individuals (that is, an identity that does not coincide with the sex determined at birth – approx. “RG” )”. .

For a whole week, the activists of the city association “Let’s talk about transgender!”, which was formed in Brest in 2020, hammered into the guys’ heads all these, to put it mildly, dubious concepts, accustoming them, in particular , to Newspeak from the LGBT dictionary.

Following this, students were invited to watch a multi-part miniseries on the subject of transidentity. First of all, its authors condemned French society for its “patriarchy” and its adherence to “binarity”, that is, the fact that it consists of two sexes: men and women. Then they offered schoolchildren to arbitrarily choose new names for themselves and insisted that they be called that in the future – they say, given at birth – “this is violence” on the part of their parents, and adolescents “have the right.” decide for themselves who and how to be.

In the following videos, the guys were given comprehensive information on how sex change occurs, and were also strongly advised to subscribe to the blogs of social media influencers, influential figures among propagandists of the LGBT agenda. And in conclusion, they strictly recommended not to doubt the instructions received and embark on the path of a transsexual transition. In short, enlightened …

The Brest story is far from being an exception. The gender poison, which initially began to spread at the university level a dozen years ago, is making itself felt in different regions of the country. In the south of the country, in the city of Agen, local gay activists, before holding a “day of action against homophobia and transphobia” at school, organized a cult trip for children to an American film, which recounts in detail about the “heroic career of a fighter for gay rights in America.” They were also taken to a theatrical show, where, among others, “it” shared their “thoughts”: a transgender fashion model, an originally male creature.

And in the town of Saint-Isan-de-Sudiac (Gironde department), they were not far behind Agen. There, the boys from the faculty (high school) were introduced to the theater with a play about the life of a transvestite.

This list could go on, but this is what I would like to emphasize. All these initiatives in line with LGBT propaganda are carried out with the permission of the regional and higher structures of the Ministry of Education. It was she who issued a number of relevant associations, such as “SOS Homophobia”, “Contact France” (an LGBT public structure) permission to hold meetings and lessons in schools.

All this fits into the national plan to “guarantee the rights and freedoms” of sexual minorities. And it says in black and white that “the school must be the first place to inform about LGBTphobia and prevent it.” In fact, we are talking about imposing a different ideology on children, contrary to human nature. For this reason, the indignation of many parent associations is not surprising, and the departure of students from schools that are being attacked by radicals under the Pride flag with the colors of the rainbow is understandable.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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