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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Lokomotiv defender Lucas Fasson returned from serious injury, learned to cope with Russian frosts and dreams of trophies KXan 36 Daily News

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 14:05:48

Fasson returned to action just a few months ago after a serious injury, a cruciate ligament tear in his knee. In an interview with RG, Lucas talked about the title fight, adjusting to life in another country and why Artem Dziuba is so great.

In June you returned to the field after ten months. Can we say that he has fully recovered from the consequences of the injury?

Lukas Fasson: Yes, it’s all over, fully recovered after a long downtime. I’m looking forward to the new season. From the communication with the coach Mikhail Galaktionov, the training, I see that they are counting on me. I try to answer the same.

What can Lokomotiv claim?

Lukas Fasson: We want to fight for the trophies. We set ourselves only the highest goals.

What do you think of the level of the Premier League in general? Do you think it is possible to compete with “Zenith”?

Lukas Fasson: The level is good, there are a lot of great players, and not only from the teams that are at the top of the table. In all matches, the fight, no one gives up. As for the rivalry with Zenit, I think anything is possible.

Zenith has a large Brazilian diaspora. Would you like to have many of your compatriots at Lokomotiv?

Lukas Fasson: Tough question. It would be more convenient in terms of communication, although I have no problem with communication at Lokomotiv.

What language do you speak?

Lucas Fasson: In English, in Portuguese, in Russian a little. I speak all languages. Of course, Guilher helps me, he tries to teach me something, I try to absorb all the information.

From the outside, it looks like Lokomotiv’s biggest jovial and dressing room leader is Artem Dziuba. This is true?

Lukas Fasson: Yes, it is. Dzyuba constantly jokes. This helps a lot in terms of microclimate. He brings a lot to the team because of his experience. From Artem comes a hint not only about the pitch, but also beyond. There is no doubt that Dziuba is the size of Russian football.

Does the absence of Russian clubs in the European competition hurt your motivation?

Lukas Fasson: We all want to participate in European competitions, but the situation is such that it remains to concentrate on the championship and the Russian Cup. As I said, we have big ambitions, so the focus is on two tournaments where Lokomotiv have a chance of success.

How is adjusting to life in Russia going?

Lukas Fasson: I really like it here, everything is great. Russia is a great country. My wife is with me, she helps a lot. Only traffic jams are tense (smiles). By the way, I drive my own car.

Have you heard that it can be very cold in Russia in winter?

Lukas Fasson: I won’t hide: because of the cold weather in winter it’s very difficult, but the human body can adapt to everything. By the way, I once called my relatives in Brazil and showed them on the phone what kind of snow it was. They were in shock: how can you walk and play football in such frost at minus ten?

How attractive is the Russian championship for Brazilian players?

Lucas Fasson: You can see for yourself how many Brazilians perform in Russia. You have a very strong championship, despite the fact that there are no European competitions.

Relatives are surprised: how can you walk at minus ten? Yes, Russia has a harsh winter, but my wife and I like it here.

How are Russians different from Brazilians?

Lukas Fasson: If we talk about football, in Russia the players are more focused on tactics, they know how to function in the system. Brazil also has all that, but we like to fantasize on the pitch, to invent something out of the ordinary.

At one point, Barcelona was interested in you. Can you tell how serious his interest was? How did it become known?

Lukas Fasson: Everyone asks me about it (smiles). There was interest on his part, but he went no further.

Is there a club you can’t turn down?

Lucas Fasson: No. Everything suits me at Lokomotiv.

Premier league

August 4 match “Krasnodar” – “Pari NN” begins the program of the third round of the national championship. However, the main events will take place over the weekend.

Separately, it is worth noting two meetings: CSKA with Lokomotiv and Zenit with Dynamo. It will also be interesting to see how the Kazan “Rubin” back to the elite will meet one of the leaders of the tournament “Spartak”.

where we will look

August 5, Saturday, “Match TV”

7:30 p.m. CSKA – Lokomotiv. Live broadcast

“Premier Match”

17.25. Rubin-Spartak. Live broadcast

August 6, Sunday, “Match TV”

18.30 “Zenith” – “Dinamo”. Live broadcast

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