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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Lolita Milyavskaya put her career on hold and flew out of Russia

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 17:02:20



Lolita Milyavskaya announced on social networks that in the near future she would not act or perform on stage. The actress put her career on pause for the sake of rest. The singer herself flew on vacation to Bulgaria, where she has her own house. Here, away from the hustle and bustle, Lolita is going to spend a few weeks.

The singer contacted the fans and showed them her house in Bulgaria. The actress admitted that she feels completely happy.

– I arrived at my house. Mop, vacuum cleaner, detergents, firewood and everything you need for a creative and song-free holiday. I love this business! No makeup, heels, combs! I envy “aunts”, who only have beautiful paintings and have enough time to select angles, joked the 59-year-old artist.

Lolita said that in the next few days she was going to walk around the village in an old warm jacket together with the Labrador Boatswain. In the video, the artist showed a mountain landscape near her house and a spacious territory of the house with gazebos and a swimming pool.

Lolita contacted fans from her home in Bulgaria. Photo: video frame.

Earlier, Milyavskaya said that she wanted to apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria as the owner of her own home. However, the Bulgarian authorities refused her a residence permit.

– The Bulgarian authorities have stopped issuing visas to the owners. But tourist visas are still not denied. My Israeli passport is running out, it needs to be changed. And this is all a hemorrhoids. Therefore, just in case, I wanted to get an owner visa in Bulgaria for three years so that I could fly with my family to the country. But they did not give me a visa, Milyavskaya told KP.

At the same time, Lolita noted that ordinary residents of Bulgaria are very friendly with the Russians and want as many tourists from Russia as possible to come to them on vacation.

For many years, Lolita has been living on two passports: she has citizenship of Russia and Israel. At the same time, she was attributed the citizenship of Ukraine, which in fact she was not. Until recently, her mother and her daughter lived in Kyiv, but she Lolita never had a passport from this country. On social media, the singer admitted why it happened.

“I am a citizen of Russia, I confirm this. For some reason, I am also a citizen of Ukraine, I do not confirm. She never was, because she was a citizen of the USSR. I confirm that I am an Israeli citizen, because it was Ukraine that expelled my father to Israel in 1974. In 1978 he died, and I was given a second citizenship at the place of his burial, ”said the singer.

While her mother and daughter remained in Kyiv, Lolita did not find a place for herself. And her anxiety was well founded. In the summer, a Ukrainian nationalist attacked her mother, Alla Dmitrievna; he did not like that she spoke Russian. He came up behind her and hit the old woman on the head. Mom Milyavskaya fell and hit her head on the sidewalk. This caused a microstroke. After that, the artist mobilized all the possibilities and urgently took her mother and daughter to Russia.

Lolita herself was banned from entering Nezalezhnaya six years ago. An artist born in Ukraine can not only work in her homeland, but also visit close relatives. While her mother and her daughter lived in Kyiv, Milyavskaya saw them on neutral territory, in Moscow or in Bulgaria.

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