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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Magomayev flooded Sinyavskaya with flowers, Pakhmutova dedicated songs to her: the opera singer turns 80

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 12:17:33

It was difficult to find a brighter and stronger couple than Tamara Ilyinichna and Muslim Magometovich.


Tamara Ilyinichna does not like to celebrate birthdays. And when interviewed by journalists, she tells them: “Well, you yourselves should understand: what kind of woman will like that she has aged a year?” However, she still looks great and takes care of herself.

Sinyavskaya’s career began in childhood – she began to sing at the age of three. And having matured a little, she fell in love with singing at the entrances: at the front doors of old Moscow houses there are excellent acoustics, like in temples. But the singer’s career could not have taken place: when she was a child, Tamara was very fond of medicine, she played a doctor. And she also studied dance at the Palace of Pioneers. However, she did not become a dancer or a doctor. She but she entered the music school at the Moscow Conservatory and already during her studies she sang in the choir of the Maly Theater, receiving solid money – five rubles per performance. Well, then she crossed the street separating two famous Moscow theaters and began to perform at the Bolshoi. She managed to play Tatyana in “Eugene Onegin” in a duet with the great Sergei Lemeshev in the famous last performance of her in the image of Lensky (Lemeshev was less than 70 years old, and his hero – 18). She sang carefully, sensitively, so as not to drown out the old singer’s voice, and he was very grateful.


Sinyavskaya’s name, of course, is inseparable from the name of her husband, Muslim Magomayev. As if literally embodying a line from a poem by Agnia Barto, she and Tamara were like a couple: they often performed together, gave interviews together, found a lot of warm words for each other … Magomayev spoke in detail about their meeting at the memories of him. . They faced each other at the Baku Philharmonic, named after Muslim Magometovich’s grandfather, Abdul-Muslim Magomayev, the famous Azerbaijani composer. The singer himself saw this as a sign of fate: his ancestor seemed to have helped him meet his future wife. And they were directly presented by the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky at a concert on the occasion of the Days of Russian Culture. A few days later, Muslim and Tamara went to a tea house together and ate so much there that the next day they missed an excursion to the city of Oil Rocks organized by Heydar Aliyev: “Tamara and I did not want a noisy society, but solitude. .”

“After the Baku meeting,” Magomayev writes in his memoirs, “our relationship continued in Moscow, although Tamara was married (the singer’s husband was ballet dancer Sergei Berezhnoy. – Ed.). I began to visit them at home . We soon realized that we could not see each other. It happened and they quarreled, I think, precisely because of Tamara’s ambiguous position: a love triangle is always painful. Somehow, after a pause caused by another quarrel, we found ourselves in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses And again we felt a longing for each other, the need to be together… And then there was a test of our feelings for parting: Tamara went on an internship in Italy for six months. I called every day, we talked for 30-40 minutes, I sent her flowers through my Swiss brother Kemal…” (Magomaev had a relative in Switzerland, Kemal Zeynalzade).


By the way, about flowers: Muslim Magometovich was very fond of giving them to his wife. She recalled: “There was a case when Muslim, returning from some kind of trip, turned to me on a tour to Kazan. I sang Lyubasha in The Tsar’s Bride, and during the intermission, when I went to curtsey, they brought me a huge bouquet, you couldn’t see me behind. There were one hundred and fifty-four carnations! Can you imagine what kind of bouquet this is? The entire room gasped. And, of course, when she appeared in the box, the public was not up to the opera. The whole room was noisy…”

Magomayev was incredibly generous and at the same time modest (therefore he did not like to go to the markets with his wife, where Azerbaijani sellers tried to give him everything for free).

Then, in 1974, international conversations between Magomayev and Sinyavskaya were carried out through telephone operators, so that the woman who connected them involuntarily listened to the lovers. As a result, they almost became friends with her (in any case, they called each other later). And Alexandra Pakhmutova, at the height of the novel, wrote and gave Magomayev one of her most famous songs: “You are my melody, I am your devoted Orpheus.”

But what is striking: at some point, even before the wedding, it seemed to Magomayev and Sinyavskaya that their relationship was coming to an end: “Apparently, everything was going to the point that we had to leave… Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov, sensing that in our breakup with Tamara is brewing, they wrote the song “Farewell, beloved” for her … But the parting did not work out … “

1982 People’s Artist of the RSFSR sings in Blue Light.


In the end, Tamara Ilyinichna divorced her husband. But she did not marry Muslim Magometovich right away. In fact, they were “painted” by the artist Tahir Salakhov. He came to visit and suddenly said resolutely: “Well, why are you walking, stretching out time? What else to experience?.. We will have your passports. I have a smart assistant in the Union of Artists, he will arrange everything” (in those days ordinary “married couples” had to wait three months from the moment of filing documents to registration).

They tried to formalize the marriage as calmly as possible: without solemn speeches and public meetings. But all the same, the audience flocked to it as soon as the newlyweds left the registry office. Apparently, his workers managed to call all their friends, and the most popular singer in the country was greeted by a throng of female fans. Salakhov himself saved the situation: Magomayev pushed him forward and began to loudly congratulate him on the wedding from him, as if he were a young husband …

Then we went to Cheryomushki, to the Baku restaurant, and many fans and admirers also gathered in front of him. “Naturally, they couldn’t get into the hall, as it was closed to other visitors. People stood in the cold and waited for me to start singing. I asked for large windows to be opened and sang spontaneously for the assembled listeners… And then I had bronchitis for two months.”


“In the series, I corrected events, dates and even turns of speech”

On the occasion of the anniversary of Sinyavskaya, Channel One repeats the Magomayev series, which was first broadcast in the spring of 2020. And then Tamara Ilyinichna commented in an interview with KP about the selection of actors for the main roles. About Milos Bikovich, who played Magomayev, she said: “It seemed to me that, of all the actors, this young man was closest to the role of a Muslim. Apparently, there was something about the non-fussy move. In a soft tone. Maybe a purely external resemblance, from afar, you know? Naturally, this worried me, so I was very vigilant.”

Sinyavskaya took part in the selection of the main roles in the TV series “Magomaev”. Muslim was played by Milos Bikovich, Tamara – by Irina Antonenko. Photo: Still from the film.

And about the approval of the actress for the role of herself (Miss Russia 2010 played Sinyavskaya Irina Antonenko), the singer said: “I cannot say that I settled on this for a long time. I looked at various options for staging with actors. And from the way Milos and Irina interacted with each other, I could tell that with some work, it’s very possible that something could turn out right. Also, I was invited as a consultant, I corrected certain moments, events, dates, moments of each other’s appearance in our lives. Even some turns of speech.

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