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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Makeyevka parable: Donetsk Youth Theater performed in Moscow KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:10:00

And then there was a Maidan, hostilities began in the Donbass, and Makeevka, that is, in this city, a satellite of Donetsk, the Youth Theater is located, was at risk. Almost all the actors of the “ark” left. The theater, of course, lived on, they tried to restore the performance, several rehearsal teams changed in eight years. But it was only last year that the play returned to the stage. And now the theater has a big tour. In March, Urals and Siberians met on the ark at eight, from Nizhny Tagil to Tyumen. Then the “ark” of the Donetsk RAMT moored on the stage of the Moscow RAMT. Two performances, both sold out.

And everyone, of course, was looking for a subtext in the performance, the title provoked, and, of course, they found it. Three flightless birds live bored, without news or discoveries, they fight because of their anguish, they blame God for mixing everything up, they envy a butterfly that accidentally kills one of the penguins. They don’t even realize how bad the weather is. But the life of the penguins changes when a pigeon appears on the coast.

Actress Oksana Plyukhi has a rich image for acting. The gray suit and the enormous glasses of the pilot reveal in her the hero of Exupéry, a megaphone -a savior who announces an urgent evacuation, but who also reads verses from the Book of Genesis- about the Flood, of course, in the same megaphone. For the first few minutes, the dove with his speeches resembles a sectarian, such people used to ring the bell with the words: do you believe in God? But both from the clown’s makeup and from the intonations it quickly becomes clear that all this is not serious and no one confused the scene with the pulpit.

No great truths will be discussed here, except for one thing: when the world falls apart, all that is required is to remain human. Even if you are a penguin or a pigeon, or even a baobab, as in Vysotsky’s song.

And when the dove announces the main news that only a couple of each creature is taken to the saving ark, and no longer a penguin, for some reason you already know the continuation in advance. Of course, they’ll find a way to get a third into the hold, and of course, they’ll all survive, no matter what adventures they find themselves on during the forty-day voyage. And they will get on board and get off everything at the right time. Because “in a visit to God there are no delays.” By the way, they turned out very well: along a colorful path, artists repaint a roll of wallpaper with paints each time. Made by hand from Makeyevka aroused great delight from the audience. “It turns out that this is how you can conquer Moscow!” – The actors of the theater were surprised behind the scenes.

In fact, they conquered many, but above all with their spontaneity and real and not feigned love for their characters and viewers. The theater in which the director does not excel and the actors do not arrogantly mock the public, dodging stamp after stamp.

The stamps, by the way, were happily avoided. No one brought coffers to the stage. And why, if in the program the genre of the production was defined as a parable? And if so, then we are all in the ark, the whole world is Noah’s ship, plowing the expanses of the Universe.

And for the actors, the ark is a theater. A place where they forget about showers and hail. Where there can be at least penguins, even Noah… Many Donbass artists admitted to me that only after the start of the war did they really understand how lucky they were with their profession.

And in the end, Noah turns out to be a musician who played guitar and drums all night, then created special sound effects using a sheet of metal (a thunderclap, then held a rainstick in his hand) and it was raining, or just pouring umbrellas from a watering can. Naked conventionality – after all, only those who are sincere and who do not keep a fig in their pocket are now deciding this too.

For sincerity and purity, the Moscow audience thanked the Donetsk people for a long time. It was a success. And it is symbolic that the performance-suffering found its ground precisely in the main theatrical square of the country, from which, moreover, if you have your back to the RAMT, you can see the huge letters “Ararat” rising into the sky. . According to legend, it was on this mountain that Noah’s ark stopped.

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