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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Maria Kozhevnikova took the children and left her husband.

Date: February 4, 2023 Time: 04:33:43

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Maria Kozhevnikova admitted a few months ago that she was seriously ill. The actress could not cope with depression for three years. Sharing the details of her condition, the mother of many children was as honest as possible. Fortunately, she is doing much better now. The artist, together with her three children from her from Evgeny Vasiliev, visited the World Cup in Qatar, and then decided not to return home. Kozhevnikova’s husband remained in Moscow.

Maria Kozhevnikova took the children and left her husband. The actress admitted that she had been waiting for this moment for three years. “Yes, we stayed in Qatar to rest, we didn’t travel for more than three years, but for me it’s a kind of vital energy. The children flew in and my husband stayed to work, he couldn’t escape.” said the beauty.

For ten years of living together, Kozhevnikova and Vasiliev never got married. However, according to Maria herself, the stamp in the passport does not guarantee protection against divorce. “My husband and I only had one wedding. In Rus, everyone just got married. There were no stamps in the passport. There is more responsibility before God,” she said.

The sacrament in 2013 was attended only by parents, the brother of the actress Andrey and the closest friends of the family Lada and Vyacheslav Fetisov. The famous hockey player became the godfather of the eldest son of María and Eugenio.

It should be noted that a few months ago, the artist announced her illness for the first time. As it turned out, she had depression.

“You can’t suddenly become a cheerful and cheerful person with a snap of your fingers. I’m still slowly coming out of depression. I used to think that all this was stupidity that sprung from idleness. Until I got into it myself in such a situation … And then suddenly you wake up in the morning and you don’t need anything, you don’t want anything, there is no goal, there is no sleep … “, the beauty complained.

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