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Marianna Vertinskaya: “I am not jealous of youth. I find beauty in my age.

Date: July 20, 2024 Time: 00:25:52

Actress Marianna Vertinskaya.

Photo: Ivan VISLOV

Marianna Vertinskaya, the eldest daughter of the legendary Russian singer, poet and artist Alexander Vertinsky, is one of the brightest representatives of the creative “golden youth” of the thaw era. The atmosphere of that time – the 60s – was accurately captured by director Marlen Khutsiev in his legendary film “Ilyich’s Outpost”. 20-year-old Marianna Vertinskaya played her first major role in it. As the actress recalls, it was a time of light madness and constant love. “They all fell in love with each other, they were all addicted and cheating on each other. Some kind of love triangles constantly arose, ”she said Marianna in an interview. “Although the bed was not considered the most important thing, communication was more important.”

His social circle are young and talented filmmakers, artists, cameramen, directors, poets: Andrei Tarkovsky, Gennady Shpalikov, Andron Konchalovsky, Nikita Mikhalkov, Lev Zbarsky, Ilya Bylinkin, Georgy Rerberg … All of them (and not only them) went in Marianna Vertinskaya passionately in love. By the way, Marianna Alexandrovna is still a beauty. And of course, she has fans. She promises to tell about her youth, about that time of search for happiness and recognition in her memories, which she has been going to capture on paper for a long time, but she will not be able to.

Marianna Vertinskaya on the set of the film “Civil Action”, 1987. Photo by Vladimir Zavyalov (TASS Newsreel)

For a few years now, Marianna Vertinskaya has been celebrating her birthday in Italy, in the town of Pietrasanta, where her eldest daughter, the artist Alexandra (from her first marriage to the architect Ilya Bylinkin), and her husband, the collector Emelyan Zakharov, bought a home . But this time she changed her rules. And she stayed in Moscow.

“Flying to Italy through other countries with transfers is too boring,” Marianna Vertinskaya explained to us. – And I don’t want to leave money in Europe, which has announced sanctions against us. Therefore, I spend the summer at the dacha in the village of Otdykh near Moscow.

And I will celebrate my birthday in a wonderful company in the Mikhalkovs’ restaurant “Grand Cafe 12” on Gogolevsky Boulevard. Fortunately, all my close relatives are now in Moscow. My daughters Sasha and Dasha, my three granddaughters, my sister Anastasia Vertinskaya, her son Stepan with his children and grandchildren will definitely be there … Nikita Mikhalkov also promised to be there. I would like to find friends that I have known since my early years, since my student days. Natasha Selezneva, Zhenya Steblov, Lyubochka Korneva, Zemfira Tsakhilova are my classmates at the Shchukin school. We communicate and are always happy with each other.

– You have an incredible talent for making friends, you love people. And it is always mutual.

– It’s true, those with whom I am friends, I love them, I trust them, I understand them. These are my partners. Although they are all very extraordinary people. I had an interesting life, I was friends with very bright people. I have never experienced creative envy or jealousy towards my artist friends.

Young actress Marianna Vertinskaya, 1965 Photo by G. Weil /TASS Newsreel/.

– Once you were going to shoot a film according to the script by Alexander Vertinsky, about the fate of a young Russian officer who ended up in exile after the revolution.

– Unfortunately, I have not yet found sponsors for this project. Thank God that the 8-episode film “Vertinsky” was released according to the script by Dunya Smirnova (who is also the director). I haven’t even started my memories yet.

– How do you manage to look so good?

– I don’t know how good I look. I think I look normal for my age. I do not try to be young, I have never had such a desire. My company are the friends of my youth, with whom we grew up and grow old together. Therefore, I do not experience any problems or complexes in this regard. Each age has its own beauty. I am not jealous of youth.

I already have adult daughters and adult granddaughters … The eldest Vasilisa is going to study as a sculptor. The age difference between the granddaughters under 13 years old Lidochka and Anechka (from Vertinskaya’s daughters – Alexandra and Daria) is only three months. they are girlfriends. Anya is seriously involved in music. She speaks foreign languages, she plays the guitar. All girls are creative. In the women’s team of daughters and granddaughters I feel very good.


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