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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Marina Zudina named the reason why she did not work well with Vladimir Mashkov

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 11:21:10

Zudina was not at the festival, although she is a full-time actress of “Snuffbox”

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Recently, the Oleg Tabakov Theater celebrated his birthday. 68 employees received an award from Vladimir Mashkov for their dedicated service to Tabakerka. The artistic director congratulated everyone present at the celebration, thanked him for his professionalism…

– And let’s remember our great heavenly artistic director Oleg Tabakov, who invented this Theater and the Theater School, – said Mashkov. -I did everything so that the artist was born within the walls of this house and went to the end, and his students followed him … Happy birthday to the theater, Oleg Pavlovich!

Mashkov always remembers his teacher and predecessor, Oleg Tabakov. Now Vladimir Lvovich heads both the theater and the theater school named after Tabakov.

But surprisingly, with such gratitude towards Oleg Pavlovich, Mashkov is very… secretive with his family members. In addition, some of them – Tabakov’s widow, actress Marina Zudina – work in the theater under his supervision.

Zudina was not at the celebration, although she is a full-time actress of the Snuffbox. For her part, Marina Zudina wrote in her microblog: “The birthday of the Oleg Tabakov Theater! I rarely go there… But I remember this day. Tabakov is about joy, freedom, love, friendship, a sense of humor and self-irony. And always only forward!…”

Subscribers Zudina defended her


Zudina’s supporters stood up for her: “Mashkov is a favorite actor. But how dishonorable it is, there is no place for his relatives in the Tabakov Theater. “We must complain to the Minister of Culture for such lack of respect for the memory of the Master. The theater is obliged to invite the wife and children of its creator to the theater festival … If the management does not respect the luminaries of the theater in the team, then she herself risks being in the same shoes in the future “… Many regret that Zudina did not have a creative relationship with Mashkov:” It is a pity that they did not work together, but Mashkov manages this theater very well. We didn’t work at all…”

In fact, almost 5 years have passed since the death of Oleg Tabakov. After her departure, Marina Zudina did not have a single premiere (!) Neither at Snuffbox, where she was a star under him, nor at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, where she worked under contract, but she played a lot when Tabakov He directed. theater. In the current repertoire of “Snuffbox” there is not a single performance of her, although, I remember her, the current artistic director was going to “invent something for Marina.” In the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov, Zudina is busy in three titles, but these performances were released under the direction of Tabakov. However, the actress thanks Konstantin Khabensky (artistic director of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater) for not forgetting about her, well, at least out of respect for Oleg Tabakov.

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Puck Henry
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