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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Mashkov’s daughter, who fled to the United States, was removed from the military drama Operación Trono. The actress was replaced by Tatyana Arntgolts.

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:35:01

That times. Splitting sometimes takes place even within the same family. So Vladimir Mashkov, who tried himself in Hollywood in the 90s, quickly understood everything (not a single Russian actor is needed there and he will never become a star) and returned. But his daughter Maria has just started this path, calling her father “bewitched”. It started again.

About a year ago, Mashkova gave an interview to a liberal propagandist in which she talked about the American dream. The actress has moved to a sunny “alei” (Los Angeles) with her husband, who is interrupted by any coven from one site to another (manager, cameraman, producer, whatever), while Maria herself unsuccessfully breaks into the castings. The artist drives an old Toyota for fifteen hundred dollars, won the lottery for children’s education and, of course, does not forget about the psychologist due to lack of work.

– I have a folder where there are ten hours of samples [в американское кино], which I did not receive, – Mashkova complained. – A lot of papers. I do everything I can there: I cry, I scream, what else do I have to do during the auditions to get the role? A bad Russian, worse still, a prostitute, such a prostitute, any kind of prostitute. She didn’t get one.

True, a job happened in the American life of the artist. Then Evgenia Brik gave way to the role of Maria. This was Mashkova’s only opportunity in 7 years for a happy life in the United States.

When the special operation began, Maria, like many “specialists” among the actors, could not keep quiet. It was used by American propagandists and arranged by the Russian artist to perform live on CNN. But no gesheft could be extracted from the penetrating speech. Mashkov is still not needed by any of the Hollywood directors and producers. But in Russia, from where the actress fled for a happy life, series with Maria are released.

True, already without your participation, which is understandable and obvious. So, in the spy retro-detective “Operation Throne” (“Russia 1”), dedicated to the work of the Soviet special services during the Second World War, the role of Mashkova was stopped. More precisely, they replaced the work of another actress – Tatyana Arntgolts. In the series, we are talking about a diversionary operation that was developed and carried out by Soviet counterintelligence officers: the underground organization Throne, thirsty to revive the monarchy, was supposed to attract the attention of the Abwehr and misinform the Nazis. . .

One of the main roles, the philologist Irina Voskresenskaya, who must create a fictional couple with state security major Nechay (Pavel Trubiner) in order to instill confidence in the royalists, was first played by Maria Mashkova. Announcements for the project, which began shooting in 2021, put the actress’s name in headlines. But then the episodes were reshot with Tatyana Arntgolts. Those familiar with Mashkova’s latest performances were not at all surprised.

The question is different. It would seem, how is this practice different from the work of Ukrainian propaganda, which removes Russian actors from its TV shows? There are differences. Prokhor Dubravin, who was replaced by the STB channel with the help of deepfake technology in the series “The Last Letter from a Beloved”, did not say a single word about the neighboring state, where Russophobia and the abolition of the Russian language flourish. he never spoke about the special operation or the historical ownership of Crimea. He did not appear in public with the symbols of the SVO, he did not show hostility towards the drugged Ukrainian people. In addition, the actor has always emphasized that many of his friends live in Ukraine, adequate and understanding people with whom he maintains “human-spiritual” contact. The actor was removed from the project for being Russian.

The replacement of Maria Mashkova is a direct consequence of her pronounced anti-state position. Unfortunately, the actress, who did not disdain to work “in this country”, openly spoke out against the SVO (which, by the way, is criminally punishable), against the politics of her native country and even against the views and sympathies of her father. . . Therefore, the most suitable wording in this case: “this is different.”

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