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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Massacres began in Wales after accident with dead teenagers: the crowd roared all night

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 17:19:12

In a deprived Cardiff suburb called Ely, pogroms broke out following the deaths of two teenagers.

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The quiet “rural hinterland” of Great Britain, which is Wales, on the night of Monday to Tuesday suddenly burned like a kind of Tripoli from the times of the “Arab spring”. Moreover, the reasons for the “mass uprising” turned out to be banal – suspicions that the police used violence against ordinary citizens.

According to the British edition of the Express, it all started after a fatal accident in a deprived suburb of Cardiff called Ely. Two teenagers aged 15 and 16, who were traveling on an electric scooter, collided with a bus and died instantly. Rumors spread around the city that the tragedy occurred because the police were chasing the boys.

According to the Daily Mail, as a result, pogroms began in Cardiff, targeting law enforcement. According to police, about 150 men gathered in the street, many of whom wore masks and brandished bats threateningly. All this crowd began to destroy parked cars, simultaneously throwing paving slabs at the police and firing firecrackers at law enforcement officers.

The situation unfolded like in a movie: special forces units with gas masks and shields, policemen with dogs, a helicopter circling overhead, and frightened bystanders convulsively dialing the number of rescuers on the phone. As a result of the clashes with the demonstrators, which lasted until 3 am, more than 10 policemen were injured, although their injuries are not life-threatening.

But many police cars were literally destroyed by vandals. Cars were overturned and set on fire, some of them covered with mattresses and rubbish to make these fires burn hotter.

Authorities claim that the accident with the teenagers had nothing to do with the actions of the police. Simultaneously with the investigation of the accident, the first arrests of rioters began. True, the number of detainees has not yet been reported.

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