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Friday, February 3, 2023
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Maxim Galkin* after Valery Meladze repeated Bandera’s chants

Date: February 3, 2023 Time: 07:07:20

“Glory to the heroes,” shouted foreign agent Maxim Galkin* from the stage during his speech in Dubai.


On New Year’s Eve, Russian artists of all stripes rushed to the United Arab Emirates. And those who left the country after the start of the NWO. And those who stayed and supported the special operation. An idle audience from the former Soviet Union came to Dubai: those who are “for the reds”, and those who are “for the whites”, and various provocateurs. And then unimaginable things began to happen: the ceiling of the artists moved.

“Glory to the heroes,” shouted foreign agent Maxim Galkin* from the stage during his speech in Dubai.

“They asked me to be neutral. Not anymore… How can I be neutral?” Galkin said half jokingly from the stage, as one of the spectators shouted a greeting from the Ukrainian nationalists in the audience. Maxim supported Bandera’s chants with a voice unruffled by the applause and laughter of the audience. True, I noticed that this is not a rally yet, but a concert.

Laughter, laugh, but an Israeli citizen almost dropped a crest in public. By the way, the other day Israel officially announced that “they cannot solve the problem of the glorification of Bandera.”

Just a few days ago, at a party in Dubai, singer Valery Meladze uttered the same words, though not into a microphone, but rather in a quiet whisper at the request of some onlooker. She then wrote an apology post, saying that she misunderstood. In fact, she has suffered for 10 months and lives with a feeling of heaviness and pain. Because “the people dear to him are in conflict. And he dreams of only one thing, that the antagonism cease, that harmony be established between nearby peoples. And he decided to reconcile the peoples close to him with the help of “Sieg Heil Ukraine”, a form of salute for the banned terrorist organization OUN-UPA.

I wonder how the Bandera people look at these ridges, and in general at Galkin * and Meladze? Most likely, as in talking parrots: what they say, they repeat. And it would be necessary for artists to turn on their brains.

By the way, at another party in Dubai, Ukrainian activists got to the bottom of Oleg Gazmanov – they tried to force the captain to say into the microphone that he was against the SVO. Behaving aggressively. Gazmanov resisted. He asked me not to interfere with his rest. Or maybe he should choose his tourist routes more carefully?

*recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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