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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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MEC Scholarships 2023-2024: when are they applied for and are the requirements adequate?

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 00:17:16

2,520 million euros. This is the historic investment that the Government of Spain will complete a few weeks ago to finance the new MEC 2023-2024 scholarships, from which more than a million university students or vocational training centers are expected to benefit. The objective is to achieve equal opportunities for all young people, as stated by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, led by Pilar Alegría. But, those who want to receive them, must be very attentive and be clear about when the period begins to be able to request them and what the requirements are.

The item dedicated to the aid that students will receive is the largest in history, after increasing by 18% compared to the previous year: it is estimated that the amount of funds that each non-university student will receive will be 1,730 euros, and 3,130 non-university ones. In addition, it introduces several novelties that are included in the BOE, such as a fixed amount of up to 1,700 euros, depending on income, a residence supplement that in order to have to move the family home, and an extra figure for academic excellence of between 50 and 125 euros for exceeding an average of 8. For non-university training, scholarships may be requested that will be at least 300 euros.

Another of the modifications is the increase in scholarships for students with special needs, who will be eligible for a universal aid of 400 euros to support families in the face of the high departure. Students will have to prove a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% with severe conduct, communication or autism spectrum disorders. But those in the second cycle of infant, primary, secondary and high school must not meet any rental threshold.

The Council of Ministers has approved the Royal Decree that regulates scholarships and study aid for 2023-24:

✔️€2,520 M for the next academic year, 18% more than last year

A new all-time high to achieve real equal opportunities and quality education⤵️ pic.twitter.com/Cc2n4vMjRR

– La Moncloa (@desdelamoncloa) February 21, 2023

When can you request the MEC scholarships 2023-2024

As already happened in the year 2022-2023, for the next academic year the deadlines for requesting the scholarships are advanced, which advances the period for four months: students will be able to request them from March 30 to May 16, from so that, between August and September, they have an answer and know whether or not they have the economic item. However, this income will not begin to be received until the first quarter of 2023-2024.

To request it, you must go to the Electronic Office of the Ministry of Education. After identifying yourself, you must fill out a form that will be available when the term opens. Once completed, the Units in charge of processing scholarships will verify that the requirements to receive it are met.

Requirements to be able to apply for the new aid

Although, as of next March 30, students will be able to start applying for the MEC 2023-2024 scholarships, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training will only grant them to those who meet a series of general, economic and academic requirements:

Being Spanish or having the nationality of a Member State of the European Union. In the case of being under 18 years of age or having had residence on December 31, 2022, it can be granted. Not having obtained a degree of equal or higher level than that of the studies for which the scholarship is requested. That the sum the value of the urban or rural farms of the family unit does not exceed 42,900 euros, that the net income from movable capital, together with capital gains, does not exceed 1,700 euros, and that there is no income from economic activities and participation in entities above 155,500 euros. They can have a scholarship, with some limitations and conditions, if they enroll for at least 30 credits. University students in the second and subsequent years must be enrolled for at least the same number of credits as the previous year, and they must have passed a percentage of the subjects that vary according to the branch of knowledge: in engineering and architecture, it is required 65%, in health sciences 80%, and in social and legal sciences, arts and humanities, 90%.

Increase the amount of the residence supplement

One of the most outstanding aspects of the new MEC scholarships is the increase in the residence supplement aid, which may be up to 2,500 euros for the 2023-2024 academic year, while the previous year it was 1,600 euros.

The purpose of this increase is to make it easier for students to continue their training in a town other than their own, especially those who belong to families in rural areas. Thus, the focus is placed on young people who have to move and reside in other cities for post-compulsory studies. This will benefit more than 187,000 people.

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