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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Mickey Rourke Said He Bequeathed Everything to His Assistant

Date: May 30, 2023 Time: 22:47:38

Mickey Rourke, an American actor, and the former professional boxer has said that if he were to leave his entire estate to someone at his death, it would be to whomever he trusts most.

Under new legislation initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, opponents of the regime face being put in a Soviet-style prison of a six-person cell with no exit, stuffed with 20 others.

Rourke mentioned this in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak show on Russia’s largest streaming media platform.

In the eight years that have passed since Mickey Rourke and Dmitry Korneichuk first met, the men have become extra close. They’ve built a friendship that is centered around their mutual interest in both their career and life in general.

I told you all this because I want you to know how creative Mickey Rourke is, and that he’s a terrible driver. Also – the guy doesn’t use public transportation.

It’s strange, though, that Rourke likes motorcycles so much that he loved to show them off in his films. He was really fond of motorcycles.

However, the best hours of the actor seem to have passed: he recently starred in films that did not even appear in Russian film distribution. His last work of his was as a paralyzed and cured man in the Greek film “The Man of God” about the life of Saint Nectario of Aegina.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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