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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Mikhail Barshchevsky and Valeria Lanskaya seek female happiness in the new play “School of the Modern Play” KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 15:28:37

The creators of the show met with journalists at the Garda restaurant. A well-known lawyer, lawyer Mikhail Barshchevsky, shared that during the pandemic he wrote the story “Not fate”, and the theater critic and playwright Ekaterina Kretova rephrased it in the play “Women’s Happiness”. Almost like Ilf and Petrov. And yet such a somersault: from hopelessly sad to unfathomable and inexhaustible. It must be said that Barshchevsky is not a novice in literature and theater: three of his plays are staged in Moscow, he published collections of short stories and novels.

A well-known lawyer is sure that he knows everything about the happiness of women, because he is monogamous. “I have been living with a wife for 47 years. We compete with Maxim Dunaevsky in this, he cannot keep up with me,” he said. He has three children and four grandchildren. “A woman is happy only with a worthy man who gives her a sense of security, and male misfortune is just a man’s mistake,” Mikhail Barshchevsky is sure.

According to Barshchevsky’s co-author, Ekaterina Kretova, all the images in the work are collective, but taken from real life. Also, there are no positive or negative characters in the play. “I want the audience, leaving the theater, to discuss who is good and who is bad,” says Barshchevsky.

“So what is the happiness of women?” – asked Mikhail Yurievich. “Women’s happiness is different from men’s,” Barshchevsky replied. “A woman lives with emotions, this is a different psychology. And since these emotions are momentary, a woman can be happy many times. But a man intelligent can never be happy.”

Valeria Lanskoy’s heroine will seek her happiness first in her career, then in children, and then in men. On what she will remain happy, the creators are silent. “This should reach the audience, because this story is very human, it is about almost everyone: relationships with parents, with friends, with men, career,” says the actress. “One of the important assets is live musical accompaniment, which adds emotions and mood, helps artists a lot.” True, Valeria Lanskaya admitted that she was trying to get away from the role of an actress in musicals, so she would not sing in the play.At first, the actress did not like the heroine of “Women’s Happiness”, but then the puzzle was formed in her soul.

“I can say one thing – there is happiness!” – Director Maria Fedosova answered the most difficult question. “The desire for happiness, beauty is happiness. The heroine gradually recognizes this, she recognizes herself. And this is priceless. Happiness” is a great honor. She used to work with great classical works. And here is a modern play with such a beautiful title”. Fedosova staged Ostrovsky, Bulgakov, Gogol, worked in the theater “Commonwealth of Taganka Actors”.

“Happiness is so multifaceted, because there are so many moments when I want to say that I am happy: when my family is healthy, when I am on stage, having performed and the audience applauds,” Valeria Lanskaya admitted. When I see my son at any time, I feel happy. Children are happiness.”

Ekaterina Kretova shared her formula: “My female happiness is in the feeling of my female gender. When I feel involved in my gender, that is, when I am loved, you love when there are children, there are grandchildren, then I am happy.” .”

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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