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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Mikhail Efremov Has Lost Weight and is in Favor of a Special Operation

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 10:59:30

What has happened to the Honored Artist of Russia, Mikhail Efremov, and his terrible accident that happened two years ago? What is happening now with the actor who went to jail for eight years?

Mercy Over Justice

Efremov denied his guilt, then admitted, then apologized, and then called the relatives of the deceased greedy. Elman Pashaev argued that he was sorry for what he had done and that it was not his fault. Today’s defense is looking for loopholes in the sentences by asking for a reduction in his sentence.

A petition filed with the Supreme Court of the defender of actor Pyotr Kharkhorin says that he was given 15 months in prison for an accident. The lawyer notes that this is unheard of: ‘(Efremov) has not yet come to such’ sentence in Russia, and wishes to make it clear that for Efremov’s complete abode in 15 months, there were no penalties. (The petition is accompanied by a letter from 28 cultural figures ranging from Yuri Bashmet to Konstantin Khabensky).

The Supreme Court remanded the case for their study, as they became familiar known to KP.

Under Article 80 of the Russian Criminal Code, a criminal can replace the unserved part of his sentence with shorter punishments like house arrest or forced labor. For example, Mikhail Olegovich could do this if he were to serve less than a quarter of his sentence. However, Efremov would need to serve at least 1/3 of his sentence before he received the right to parole.

Both Swedish and Reader

The artist lost a lot of weight during his stay in the colony. The actor is still sewing and inserting zippers into clothes. Mikhail Olegovich was also making vintage suits for medical workers during his time in the settlement.

On the 200th anniversary of Dostoevsky’s birth, Efremov premiered a play-film based on “Crime and Punishment.” This new rendition of the novel delved into creative and experimental territory, with prisoners of the colony reading monologues and his daughter Vera playing a prison intern named Sonya Marmeladova. The project received the FSIN award for its innovative storytelling, receiving many recognized awards at other festivals across Russia.

Faith, Hope, Boris

Nadezhda Efremov, the daughter of Mikhail Olegovich, tells about her father’s imprisonment and the difficulties that face one woman with three children.

Follow Spartak and events in Ukraine

“KP” managed to exchange several messages with Mikhail Olegovich through the electronic system “FSIN-Letter.” As per ethical considerations, we won’t disclose the contents of these letters. We can only say that, with due humility and a touch of irony, the actor is watching what’s happening at his favorite football team – Spartak (Moscow).

The artist’s sister, theater critic Anastasia Efremova, recently talked about his brother’s situation on the NTV show “The Stars Came Together”. Surprisingly, she was very optimistic and calm. She revealed that she had been supportive of her brother’s choice as she would not want him to live without a friend for the rest of his life. He is actually a strong person.

One such example is the Efremov colony, which is located near Ukraine’s border in the Belgorod region. During the crisis, actor Mikhail Olegovich – aka “Efremov” – supported Russia and its military forces. He told attorney Pyotr Kharkhorin that he was against any kind of conflict in his life, but understood that Russia had no choice, so he supported the government’s efforts.



The reasons for the reduction were

We don’t believe that this sentence will be accepted by the Supreme Court. Cases like these typically lead to a maximum of two years in prison for non-citizens, but because Mikhail Efremov is an actor who has a spotless reputation, he should have received only a settlement of colonies and light labor.


How are the elders?

Efremov’s grandson won’t be breastfeeding anytime soon, since he was just named Alla after the actor’s mother. The baby is pictured in this photo with his mother Vlada, his father’s daughter-in-law.

The son of Nikita, named after the world-renowned Soviet director Efremov, also became an actor. 33-year-old Nikita has been in the spotlight for a long, but his younger brother Nikolai is the father of Alla, two years old. She is their only granddaughter.

His daughter Anna-Maria (21) now calls herself Seryozha, is in the process of “transgender transition” and asks not to pray for her mental health. She (he) calls herself “polyamorous, trans-masculine pansexual,” whatever that means.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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