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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Mikhail Shufutinsky surprised the public with his transformation: the singer lost 40 kilograms

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 07:08:35

Mikhail Shufutinsky has lost weight and is going on a tour of the country’s regions.

Photo by: Oksana ZUYKO

Secular Moscow discusses the phenomenal weight loss of Mikhail Zakharovich Shufutinsky. 75-year-old Mikhail Shufutinsky at the premiere of the film directed by Valery Belotserkovsky “It happens to people” surprised the audience: he looked noticeably thinner. The singer himself only joked: “I haven’t weighed myself for a long time”, “I lost weight a hundred years ago”, “it’s just a healthy lifestyle”, etc. And we find out: what is behind these modest excuses.

Interestingly, Shufutinsky came to the premiere with his eldest son David, who is directly related to the film industry – he has his own dubbing studio. The 47-year-old young wife of Svetlana Urazova was not seen close, although it is she who is behind this wonderful transformation.

Mikhail Zakharovich with his son David – about a healthy lifestyle.

Photo by: Oksana ZUYKO

As a producer familiar with Mikhail Zakharovich told kp.ru, behind such a solid transformation there is a lot of work: “Mikhail Zakharovich lost 30 kg a long time ago. As soon as he began to live with Svetlana. He then continued a systematic diet, consisting exclusively of the right food, without noticeable restrictions and with indulgences. I have been losing weight in recent years. But six months ago, Shufutinsky unsuccessfully slipped in the courtyard of a country house near Moscow, where the skating rink where he played hockey with friends was flooded. The bruise ached and for several months he limped and walked with a cane. And even earlier, for a couple of years there was a broken leg. Therefore, to ease the load on his legs and joints, he systematically lost another ten kilos, starting in February. We can say that with Svetlana he lost only about 40 kg of his former weight. He Now he is in excellent physical shape!

Shufutinsky with his wife Svetlana: six months ago, the teacher was walking with a cane after an unsuccessful fall.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Shufutinsky’s secrets for losing weight are simple: proper nutrition, a set of sports exercises, daily (but not always successful) swimming in the home pool. As a result: he did his best to relieve the load on his legs. The director and wife of the artist Svetlana Urazova is also responsible for her husband’s wardrobe: I had to buy a lot of new clothes because of the new size of the artist, who was thinner. Mikhail Zakharovich keeps himself in shape with all his might, because he knows that excess weight affects not only appearance, but also health. The artist has many offers to work at private events: he chooses only convenient offers (date, region). In the summer I managed to relax a little – I went with my wife to the sea. Since October, Mikhail Shufutinsky has been touring the whole country, and tickets are selling well.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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