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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Military expert Alexei Leonkov: that the problem of protection against our hypersound causes panic in the United States KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 18:16:17

The main US military-strategic concept for the destruction of Russia involves a multi-sphere strategic operation, the core of which is to strike with conventional weapons at any point on the planet within an hour. Rapid Global Strike, or Prompt Global Strike, loosely speaking, is the massive use of cruise missiles or non-nuclear ballistic missiles against our nuclear silos, mobile ICBM systems, and nuclear-armed submarines at naval bases. According to the plan of the American strategists, such an attack should destroy up to 90 percent of our silo-based nuclear missiles, as well as the bulk of our submarines with nuclear missiles on board. As envisioned by American strategists, Russia’s retaliatory strike against the United States would be carried out by only 5-10 percent of our nuclear forces, more than half of which would be intercepted by air defense systems. Such losses in the US would be considered acceptable.

This concept has been developed and improved over more than 20 years. All types and types of troops were subservient to this concept. An incredible amount of money was spent on it.

When hypersonic systems appeared in our arsenal, the United States realized that money was wasted. We outpace them in attack speed.

Now the United States is rethinking the concept of a global instant attack, they want to develop it, change something in it to solve two problems. This is to protect us from our hypersonic damage and leave us without a nuclear arsenal.

The solution to this equation for the Americans is the use of their own hypersonic missiles. Which, however, are not yet available. But now the United States needs them badly. Therefore, developing such weapons, they begin to underestimate the requirements for them. For example, the characteristics of the speed of missiles from Mach 5 were reduced. In our country, the speed starting from Mach 6 numbers is considered hypersonic. In addition, the development of hypersonic missiles for use on aircraft carriers is being refined. Ships and submarines are considered a moving target that, thanks to maneuver, can escape a preemptive attack. At the same time, a big gap in this theory is the fact that our S-300 complexes of the latest modifications, as well as S-400 and S-500, are capable of destroying maneuvering missiles flying at speeds up to Mach 12. That is, we are capable of intercepting American standard hypersonic missiles. Apparently, the emphasis will be placed on its massive character. But this, again, is a theory, since in practice not a single mass-produced missile has yet appeared in the United States.

If, theoretically, they seem to have figured out the doctrine of delivering a quick hypersound hit, then the second part of the equation is. Because it just doesn’t exist. At least in the short term.

Of course, we are closely following all these theoretical and practical attempts to quickly destroy ourselves. And accordingly, we develop our options to respond to this.

First of all, this is the improvement of our air defense and missile defense systems. We must improve it, increase the number of missile interception channels. We also continue to improve our hypersonic systems to get them on target even faster and increase their range.

According to the theory of global instant attack, the lines for the launch of cruise missiles from ships and submarines were located at a distance of 300 kilometers from our borders. Now they are working on a new concept of launching hypersonic missiles from a distance of 1-1.5 thousand kilometers from our borders. Consequently, we must find them at a distance of up to 2,000 km from our borders. Therefore, it is necessary to actively develop the submarine fleet, which will act as a forward detachment capable of preventing American ships and submarines from carrying out a hypersonic attack. Of course, it is necessary to increase the number of aircraft capable of destroying the surface fleet without entering the attack zone of air defense. It is also necessary to improve intelligence, including space. Maybe we should think about resurrecting our unique fleet of ekranoplanes, which are not visible on radar at all.

A new type of operation that is being developed to counter a global flash attack is, first of all, conducting our air defense and anti-missile defense operations together with the fleet using non-nuclear hypersonic weapons. Such actions should stop the enemy with high-precision attacks at long range. The next phase will be precision weapons strikes to suppress the US missile defense system, including the missiles now deployed in Europe. This is necessary to prevent the destruction of our airborne strategic intercontinental missiles. The final phase of our American response is to inflict unacceptable damage with our remaining nuclear capability.

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