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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Miracle Device Helps Meghan Markle And Other Stars Control Thoughts: Why Is It Necessary?

Date: July 16, 2024 Time: 20:55:47

The patch works like a remote control for the brain, the developers of the miracle patch promise. Photo: NuCalm

Recently, a curious photo of Meghan Markle circulated through the media. The wife of the British Prince Harry was noticed on a walk in sunny California, the temperature that day was +22..+23 degrees Celsius. Despite this, Meghan wore an expensive branded wool coat. But even more than many people were interested in an unusual accessory on the hand of a representative of the royal family. In the photo, in the wrist area, a patch is visible – an adhesive patch in the shape of a circle.

Journalists found out that this is a “breakthrough” device for reducing stress. In addition to the patch, the set includes a mobile application. A person chooses one or another program (stress relief, deep sleep, increased concentration, etc.). He puts on the headphones and… voila: you can control what goes through your head! The patch works like a remote control for the brain, the developers on their site amaze the imagination. “Proprietary technology uses complex physics, mathematics and algorithms embedded in the software behind the music. This neuroacoustic software transmits a signal to the brain through the auditory cortex and the brain follows the signal,” say the inventors. Sounds impressive, but… not quite clear, right? Therefore, we turn to a doctor and scientist who studies the work of the brain and especially the processes associated with stress reduction and sleep improvement. Our expert is the head of the Center for Sleep Medicine of the Center for Medical Research and Education of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov, Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexander Kalinkin.


– Alexander Leonidovich, the developers of the miraculous technology, which Meghan Markle inadvertently or deliberately announces, assures that listening to special, uniquely programmed music, together with the effect of the patch, produces a downright magical effect. That is, “stress beta frequencies in the human brain are suppressed.” And there is a “switch to calmer alpha waves.” As a result, anxiety, insomnia and other manifestations of stress are relieved. What do you think of this know-how?

– take statements like this seriously [разработчиков или продавцов]Of course, it is impossible, – the expert laughs.

– Because?

– Let’s start with the fact that all these gizmos to relieve stress, improve sleep and so on. they are not certified as medical devices. This means that they are not subjected to clinical trials to confirm the claimed effects. In fact, these are household appliances, the same as the lamp on your desk or the watch on your wrist.


– But, are there beta and alpha waves in the brain? Can they be adjusted, deleted, changed at all? How is this related to stress?

– The alpha rhythm in the human brain is in fact registered during relaxed wakefulness, at rest. When you close your eyes (but don’t fall asleep!) alpha activity increases. But with age, in older people, this rhythm weakens (this is associated with a deterioration in brain function as the body ages. – Ed.). As for beta waves, they are not necessarily associated with stress. The beta rhythm increases with any increase in brain activity. It can be concentration of attention, solving any problem, talking on the phone. With experiences, increased anxiety, the beta rhythm is also activated, but this is only one of the options.

Is it possible to convert beta waves into alpha rhythm with the help of some external devices? Today it is extremely unlikely, there is no reliable scientific evidence of such an impact, the expert throws up his hands.

In addition, it is not at all a fact that the stimulation of alpha activity itself leads to relaxation and stress relief, notes Alexander Kalinkin. There are still many mysteries in how our brain works. It cannot be ruled out that alpha waves simply accompany a resting state. Or they lead to it not alone, but in combination with other factors.


“However, it is likely that anti-stress devices will work for someone,” the doctor continues. – But not because such devices significantly affect brain activity. And by the elemental effect of distraction. When a person begins to listen to music, look at pictures, automatically, to one degree or another, he moves away from difficult thoughts and experiences and relaxes. That is why the brain can switch to alpha rhythm.

For some, the diversionary maneuver works better, while for others it works worse, the expert warns. It depends on the situation that caused the stress and the psychological characteristics of the person. Suggestibility plays an important role: how inclined are you to believe that the device works? If so, there could be a placebo effect, similar to homeopathy, says Dr. Kalinkin. That is to say, in reality there is no active principle or mechanism, but by the patient’s conviction certain processes are triggered in the organism. Of course, this will not stop the development of cancer or diabetes mellitus, but it can affect conditions associated with mental disorders, such as stress, depression, and sleep disorders.

It is by no means a fact that the stimulation of alpha activity in itself certainly leads to relaxation and stress relief.

Photo: Shutterstock


Somehow the author of this text was offered to try a virtual brain training program. They put sensors on my head connected to a computer. Depending on the increase in beta or alpha rhythm in the brain, different images appeared on the screen. I was given the task to achieve a certain image on the monitor. And for this, relax as much as possible: mentally distract yourself, breathe slowly, etc. The calmer I became by an effort of will, trying to achieve the desired image, the better the desired alpha rhythm was set.

– This is called biofeedback (BFB), – explains Alexander Kalinkin. -A person is provided with visual information that characterizes the work of one or another of his organs and systems. The goal is to achieve certain changes. By observing what is happening in the body in real time, the patient in certain cases can activate self-regulation mechanisms. It is scientifically proven and it really works.

– They also talk about this technology on the Internet: a special device projects a pulsating point of blue light on the ceiling. The man lies and looks at him. When the stain expands, you need to breathe. When it narrows, exhale. This supposedly achieves an optimal breathing rate that helps reduce stress.

– If a person concentrates on the image of the place and the inhalation-exhalation, the already mentioned effect of distraction from intense thoughts can work. At the same time, there are no clinical studies to date that confirm that there is a certain breathing rhythm that guarantees stress reduction.

In general, you should experiment with your breathing carefully, the doctor warns. You can play with hyperventilation of the lungs, which is fraught with loss of consciousness. At the first sign of increased heart rate, dizziness, immediately stop breathing exercises.


What are the best anti-stress sounds?

“Studies show that both music and white noise can help you relax and sleep better: the sounds of rain, the rustle of leaves on the trees, or the roar of the sea,” says Dr. Kalinkin. – But! This is all very individual. For some, the rain will even disturb and discourage sleep. And one of my patients, for example, fell asleep better with the sounds of rock.

So everyone should focus on their own body, advises the expert. Try and see the reactions. At the same time, there is no need to spend money on new devices. You can simply turn on your favorite movies, songs or classical music, audio recordings of sounds that are pleasant to you. Or distract yourself from heavy thoughts in other ways, like painting, dancing, or walking in the park. All this can help in the fight against stress no worse than expensive devices.

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