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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Miracles in the curves. How Vučić weathers the blow to Kosovo KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 20:59:25

Vučić’s statement changes a lot: his words completely refute the statements of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who on Monday told the press enough about reaching an agreement in principle between Belgrade and Pristina. And although Borrell made it clear that the parties would continue to discuss the procedure for implementing the agreement, he spoke of the approval of the Franco-German plan as a fait accompli. In pursuit, the European Union also published the text of the agreement, as if triumphantly confirming that the matter was still small… It turned out that Mr. Borrell, to put it mildly, embellished everything a lot: the Serbian president’s speech brought Brussels to the fore. land.

That Borrell’s idyllic rhetoric was sewn together with white thread became clear this Monday. One only had to listen to the self-proclaimed prime minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, who radiated undisguised indignation and disappointment at the outcome of these negotiations. Speaking to reporters, he said that the Serbs never signed any agreement, although Kurti himself, according to him, was counting heavily on it. Furthermore, in his speech to the Serbian people, Vučić completely shattered the hopes of Kosovo: the Serbian president stated bluntly that Pristina would not receive any Serbian recognition, nor would Belgrade give the green light for membership in international organizations. “As long as I am the president of the republic, I will not sign or accept the formal or informal recognition of Kosovo, or Kosovo’s entry into the UN,” he was quoted as saying by TASS. This statement by the Serbian leader changes everything. If even on Tuesday morning it might have seemed that Serbia was preparing to sign its impotence under unprecedented Western pressure, only a day later it became clear: Belgrade is still in the game and it really isn’t going to give up.

The European Union is now in a very delicate position: in Brussels they demanded that Belgrade accept the Franco-German plan by all means, and moreover, as soon as possible. However, Vučić and his team have shown that Belgrade has no intention of giving up its national interests. The question arises: why did the EU rush to solve the problem, which has been the Gordian knot of world politics for several years? In fact, for a complete settlement, it is necessary to take into account the deep interests of each side of the conflict, so that there is no room for a new confrontation; here the Serbs are brazenly forced to surrender as soon as possible. It cannot be considered otherwise: the text of the EU agreement proposal says that Belgrade and Pristina should exchange permanent diplomatic missions. In fact, only states do this, that is, in fact, it is proposed to officially consolidate the status of Kosovo as an independent state.

The reason for the EU’s rush is on the surface: it’s not about Kosovo at all: in fact, undermining is underway under Russia, and Brussels simply uses the Kosovo card to push the Serbs and break their will to resist. the Russophobic politics of the West. Hence the blatant blackmail of Belgrade by the EU: in Brussels they threatened to withdraw all European investments from Serbia and lead it to complete isolation. Based on Vucic’s behavior, it is obvious that this is exactly what Belgrade fears the most: thus, announcing his speech on television, Vucic mentioned preserving European investments for Serbia after the negotiations. So that it is understood: at the end of 2021, the figures showed that more than 60 percent of Serbia’s world trade turnover is precisely the EU states. It is not difficult to guess that in terms of investment, the EU takes the cake.

In other words, the European Union openly took a risk after unsuccessful attempts to lure Serbia into the anti-Russian camp and force it to impose sanctions against Moscow. If the Serbs fear the European club and accept the unfavorable and openly pro-Kosovar plan of the EU (at least in its current form), this will mean that the Serbs have been grabbed tightly by the throat. And then – the domino principle: then the EU will again demand anti-Russian sanctions from the Serbs, threatening all the same with deprivation of investment and isolation. And then the cornered Serbs will simply have no choice.

Of course, Brussels points out that in the last year and a half the situation in the north of Kosovo (where the Serbs live) has become extremely explosive. Like, it requires some urgent peaceful solution. But there is a strong feeling that Pristina deliberately arranged these provocations just to force Belgrade to negotiate. And then the “pacifist” EU joins, offering such a deal. In this anti-Serb play, all the steps are thought out in advance. But Vucic and his team are still in their line and they are not going to fall into this trap.

It must be said that Alexander Vucic has achieved impressive skill in the ability to competently and skillfully maneuver between Russia and the West. He is like a skier, deftly rounding every flag and making brilliant turns. Apparently, the Serbian president perfectly understands the essence of the Brussels multi-movement. In addition, he adopted a favorite tactic of the European Union itself, accustomed to making dizzying promises first, and then downright soccer. Vucic does everything according to science: he accepted the negotiations on the Franco-German initiative, realizing that the loss of diverse cooperation with the EU must not be allowed. But he does not even think about dancing to the tune of Brussels, and skillfully delays the negotiations, rejecting options unacceptable for Serbia.

By the way, there is no point in Belgrade getting involved in the Kosovo issue at all until Pristina fulfills its obligation to create a Community of Serb Municipalities; in fact, the Kosovars officially promised to do this 10 years ago (under the 2013 Brussels Agreement). agreement). And this is a powerful trump card in Vucic’s sleeve – the first move should definitely be taken by Pristina, who is in long-standing debt. At the same time, the Serbian leader enlisted the support of the people and the highest levels of power with a vision of the future. He spoke to the parliamentarians who hailed the policy of inadmissibility of the recognition of Kosovo and the full-fledged defense of Serbian interests. And now, for the second time since the beginning of the year, he is addressing the nation directly, acknowledging the importance of public understanding of the real situation around Kosovo.

It is gratifying that Vucic also understands a simple truth: By rejecting friendship with Moscow, Serbia will simply replace itself. Due to the large states, only Russia sincerely cares about the well-being of Serbia, constantly helping to defend the interests of Belgrade in the international arena. And Vucic really appreciates it. “I will not forget the year 2015, when I personally called Putin and asked him to help us at the UN, and he did. Therefore, today we do not have the stigma of a genocidal people, otherwise we would be designated as such. people in the UN, “said the Serbian president in his message to the country’s citizens. Eloquent evidence that relations with Russia mean a lot to the Serbian authorities.

It is also worth noting that Serbia appears to be slowly diversifying its international partners. Therefore, Belgrade plans to create a free trade zone with the United Arab Emirates and strengthen cooperation with Abu Dhabi in high-tech industries. Such measures are necessary to reduce Belgrade’s objective trade and economic dependence on the EU, which does not disdain to manipulate it harshly.

Despite the fact that Serbia is in an extremely difficult geopolitical situation, and Western pressure on it is growing by leaps and bounds, President Aleksandar Vucic firmly holds the rudder of his ship. It has long established itself as a tough nut to crack, putting Serbia’s interests at the forefront. So the bird from Brussels sang early in triumphant tones: Vučić and Serbia will still fight.

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