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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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MK.RU: Roman Kostomarov amputated fingers on his left hand due to gangrene KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 06:11:35

“The amputation of the fingers was necessary, because they began to blacken, which meant the process of gangrene that had started in the hand,” explained the source of the publication. they are constantly monitoring it), then the patient will be urgently prepared for amputation of the entire left hand.

At the moment, Kostomarov has already experienced the amputation of both feet, then his shins and his right hand. On March 17, it was reported that the second hand, which was still healthy, began to turn black.

It is known that Kostomarov, after a series of amputations and a stroke, regained consciousness and talked with a psychologist. The figure skater at this stage weighs 50 kilograms with a height of 182 cm Now, according to media reports, Kostomarov is breathing on his own and is not on a ventilator, his condition is stably serious, he is “sometimes conscious, then falls into a deep sleep.”

The source described the skater’s mental state as borderline.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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