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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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“Mom had a dependent relationship that ended in tragedy”: Valentina Legkostupova’s daughter speaks for the first time about how the star became a victim of her husband

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:40:26

Valentina Legkostupova and her daughter Anetta Bril.

Photo: Personal archive.

On June 19, the song “That’s All” by Anetta Bril was released on digital platforms and radio stations. The daughter of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Valentina Legkostupova released a song in memory of her mother and to warn other victims of violence. To avoid a tragic outcome, as in the case of her mother, who was the victim of her husband, with whom she lived for forty fateful days.

Anetta Bril told the KP.RU website about the family tragedy.

– On June 19 they will release the song “That’s All”. About how difficult it is for women to get out of relationships that do not bring them happiness, that are built on evil, violence, etc. The entire country saw the shocking story of her mother’s death. Do you think that Valentina Legkostupova was also a victim of a person on whom she depended (we are talking about a short marriage with Yuri Firsov, who has since remarried)? Taking your mother’s story as an example, can you tell me why it is so difficult for women to leave a man who humiliates and destroys them?

– Yes, I think my mother fell into an addictive relationship that ended in a tragic end. Furthermore, also after my mother’s death we faced abuse from this person in relation to our entire family. The psychological abuse continued against all of us. In the form of insults to our family, dirty lies in all kinds of broadcasts on federal channels. It was terribly painful and terrifying…

After all, the term abuse doesn’t always mean only physical violence. This is also violence and psychological manipulation. He tries to break a person and remake him by himself. To dominate. Control. Moreover, at the first meeting and in the period of sweets and bouquets, these scoundrels charm and give exactly those emotions that the potential victim lacks, in the same way that spiders attract their webs. And when you have already fallen into them, it is already too late. True abuse comes with the growth of trust.

Anetta Bril with her daughters, granddaughters of Valentina Legkostupova.

Photo: Personal archive.

Many people believe that only a weak person can become a victim, but absolutely anyone can find themselves in an abusive relationship. It can be difficult to break these relationships for various reasons, but if we talk specifically about my mother, then knowing how strong she was in life, I am sure that having already “fallen into the net” and fallen in love, at some point she began to consider that his “tormentor” is deeply unhappy (has problems with alcohol, etc.). And she, as a strong partner, will be able to help you and fix everything. And he skillfully instilled this in her and took advantage of this situation: he manipulated her in the direction she needed.

-How did the investigation into your mother’s death end?

– While I cannot say with certainty that the results of the investigation are definitive, I have no right to speak about them. Everything will be known in due time.

– When a child from a family of artists begins to sing or act in films, the public usually greets him with comments “mom or dad promote, pay…”. Your mother died tragically 4 years ago. And you decided to go on stage after her death. What are your goals and plans?

– This was not a spontaneous decision. I have 2 higher musical studies. And at the age of 18 I began my “approach” to the world of music: I participated in various music competitions and concerts. Fate simply decreed that while completing my studies at the second institute I met my future husband: both the family issue and the birth of children overshadowed the desire for creative fulfillment. I don’t regret it at all, everything has its time. I have always been of the opinion that a woman, first of all, needs to fulfill herself as a wife and mother. Now the time has come for her to realize herself as a singer. Furthermore, I have always dreamed of giving life to those songs of mothers that did not receive much publicity and “giving new breath” to those I already loved. Of course, after the tragic death of my mother, it took me a long time to gather my strength, although, to be honest, this has not happened so far and is unlikely to ever happen. There are pains and wounds that do not heal with time, but I believe that in the luminous memory of my mother her songs should be heard. The new generation should listen to good music with the right message. And regarding what they say, I want to say with a well-known phrase: “let them speak.”

– Valentina Legkostupova’s people’s favorite hit “Raspberry Berry”. You perform it in a new arrangement. Have your voices and your mother’s voices been often compared? What compositions would mothers like to see in new arrangements?

– On the eve of my mother’s birthday (and now memorial day), I wanted to release this particular song. It seems to me that she would be happy if her creativity received a new twist and a new development. Nowadays, covers of legendary songs from the 80s and 90s are very popular. I am sure that “Raspberry Berry” definitely deserves to sound in a new way.

I think it is fundamentally wrong to compare. Comparison implies competition. In my opinion, this is categorically inappropriate here. Each person’s voice is unique in their own way. Furthermore, I never set the goal of “getting over” my mother. I set myself a goal: to sing some of her songs again in a new way, to give them a second wind. There will definitely be “A Drop in the Ocean”, “On a Boat”, “Two”, “Oh, What a Pity” and others. It would be a great source of pride for me to know that our voices are somewhat similar, but it is up to the listeners to decide.

Anetta Bril released a song about victims of domestic violence and also about her mother.

Photo: Personal archive.

– Recently, in an interview with our publication, music critic Sergei Sosedov said that Valentina Legkostupova, with an excellent education (Gnessin Academy) and voice, was a star, but did not become a megastar. Since Pugacheva blocked her way to the stage, she has been jealous that Valentina Legkostupova sang two Raymond Pauls songs, written for Pugacheva, “Two” and “The Land of the Piercingly Beloved”. Are?

– It is very nice that Sergei Sosedov spoke well of my mother’s talent. He always treated her with respect, for which I am very grateful. Mom never had star fever or the desire to be first, no matter what. She has always had the affection of her listeners and of the people, and sometimes the status of “megastars” excludes precisely this key moment for any artist. It would seem that everything is there, but there is no love from the people.

Regarding the second part of the question, I promised my mother throughout my life that I would not be a third party in those issues or conflicts in which one of the parties, for whatever reason, cannot answer for themselves. I can only say one thing. Throughout her life, despite many rumors, my mother did not say a single bad word about AB and she always respected her as an artist. I have no right to judge or speak about interpersonal relationships. As they say: “Whoever remembers the old, be careful.”

– And when at the end of the 90s a new era arrived in the world of entertainment with groups and artists like “Combination”, “Mirage”, etc. Valentina Legkostupova did not want to adapt to such a scenario. But in the last few years before her death, was your mother in much demand? Were you invited to perform? It seemed like she started appearing on television more frequently.

– Mom never wanted to go under the “common brush.” She always said that each artist should have her own face and personality, so it was not about adaptation. As for the lawsuit, I can say with confidence that my mother was always in demand. Not only before death. Being in demand does not mean constantly appearing on television screens or on the radio. As long as I can remember, my mother went on tour all the time, she participated in various concerts and recorded songs. She never had any creative free time.

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