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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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“Money will still not be able to snatch!”: Lawyer Dobrovinsky sharply addressed the singer Slava

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 20:07:58

Alexander Dobrovinsky.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

The scandal with Kirkorov’s plastic surgeon Timur Khaydarov, whom the singer Slava publicly accused of making her breasts of poor quality, still does not subside. In response, Khaidarov explained that the artist simply did not follow his recommendations, did not follow the procedures and could not refuse alcohol.

And now Slava’s lawyer Elena Senina said in an interview with KP.RU that Timur Khaidarov officially does not work anywhere.

Timur Khaidarov’s lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky said in an interview with KP.RU that this statement is another “mockery”.

“I did not think that I would have to work with Pashaev again (a lawyer who protects the interests of actor Mikhail Efremov – Ed.) And now Pashaev is in a skirt,” Alexander Dobrovinsky thanked his colleague for his statement. – There is no other way to name a person who delivers sensational fakes every week. This time it is false that Timur Khaidarov does not officially work anywhere. In addition, he does not work in the “Khaidarov clinics”. Firstly, in principle there are no such clinics as “Khaidarov clinics”. In second place are the Olymp and GMT Clinics, where Timur officially worked as a surgeon. At the IQPLASTIQUE clinic, Timur also works as a surgeon and the clinic belongs to the Khaidarov family. Why lie like that? I still can’t get the money. It is sad when between the arguments there is fiction or couple, – commented the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.


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