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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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More than 11 thousand people visited StudFest in St. Petersburg KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 02:01:10

The StudFest space was divided into several thematic zones covering all areas of interest to young people: from music and science to sports and art installations. Among them are a film set with the cast of the Univer series, YAPPY and RUTUBE interactive zones, a VR zone with modern professional-class equipment, an exhibition of young artists and a stylish food market.

“Organizing major youth events, seeing charged faces and feeling this intensity of emotions is a great happiness for our entire team. We are glad that we managed to bring so many bloggers together on one platform and show everyone who attended StudFest that blogging is a real profession that can create the future of our creative youth,” said Alina Zinnatullina, general director of the Insight People production center.

The largest area of ​​the StudFest was the Lecture Hall, organized by the event’s partner, the non-governmental development institute Innopraktika.

“During the panel discussion, we tried to discuss the most pressing issues that relate to the life and development of talented youth in our country. Perhaps the main topic of discussion was the popularization of high-quality scientific and educational content that the modern media space needs We are sure, and practice shows that “young people have a request for such information. My colleagues and I, in turn, are ready to do everything possible to respond to this request,” said Natalia Popova, First Deputy of the Innopraktika Non-Government Development Institute.

According to Tina Kandelaki, Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media Holding, today we find ourselves at a time when it is necessary to create, build and develop assets aimed at working with the new generations. “Such assets include, for example, the Russian social networks Yappy and RUTUBE, which will give us their heroes. For young people to continue to flock to and use Russian media platforms, they need to be heard, united in collaborations. StudFest creates an excellent platform so we can hear new ideas and it helps young people to be heard,” said Tina Kandelaki.

Tina Kandelaki, Deputy CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding, Danila Ovcharov, CEO of Yappy, Boris Khanchalyan, Deputy CEO of Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV, Andrei Serov, CEO of ANO Mediapraktika, CEO of Insight People Alina Zinnatullina, Executive Director of Phystech School Development Fund Andrey Bogdanov and RUTUBE General Producer David Kocharov.

“One of RUTUBE’s goals is to make educational and scientific content fashionable. The more educational videos become fashionable, the more young people are interested in them,” says RUTUBE’s general producer, David Kocharov.

Yappy CEO Danila Ovcharov believes that Yappy’s mission is to develop the creator economy, that is, to enable people to fulfill themselves through creativity, creating content in vertical video format, alone or with friends. “It is a great victory for us that almost a quarter of our users on the platform have already become creators. At the same time, young people have a demand to learn about complex things through simple formats. For this reason, among the creators we have the two professors. and doctorates. For example, Nikolai Milovanov and Vlad Fizmat, who speak simply and clearly about mathematics, physics, and the public likes it,” said Danila Ovcharov.

A concert program was held on the main stage throughout the entire StudFest for holiday guests. Popular presenters and bloggers were on stage all day, stars like KAYA, BITTUEV, ERSHOV, ST, Tosya Chaikina, DAVA, Diana Ankudinova, Axel, Pride group, Chayny & Andrey Pokrovsky, Pizza group, YUDI dance group, VAVAN, Sasha Stone, TSOY, Grados and RASA.

An octagon-shaped photo zone for event visitors was integrated into the “Our Delo” wrestling league themed zone, an arm-wrestling competition was held with Kirill Sarychev, a fragment of the final series of the exclusive reality show “The Way of the Fighter” and a meeting was held with the project participants. On the interactive platform of the “Challenge” program, each visitor to the festival was able to record a professional video business card for the casting of the second season of the project. And in the Yappy sports zones, everyone attended a master class from the Russian Skateboarding Federation, and also participated in a streetball tournament together with the PENA TEAM, Spartak Polytechnic, Spartak Lesgaft, Zenit Junior and Zenit LGU, Tauras teams. Phoenix, Honka, Profile Tim, Gutid and Metrostroy.

Yappy laboratories were located on the second floor of the Sevkabel port. In each of them, festival guests were able to record content against the backdrop of three unique settings, together with friends, stars and millionaire bloggers.

RUTUBE organized its own studio, where national video hosting ambassadors Stanislav Yarushin, Artur Arutyunyan, Vovan and Lexus, Dava and Anastasia Vitonova performed. Opinion leaders talked about their projects and answered questions from event visitors. Likewise, the guests of the RUTUBE studio became the first viewers of a fragment of the final series of the reality show “El camino del luchador” and talked with its participants.

StudentFest in the port of Sevkabel was held with the support of partners: Innopraktika non-state development institute, Gazprom-Media Holding, TNT TV channel, Challenge program on TNT, YAPPY, Insight People production center and the Nashe Delo wrestling league. The information partner of the event is the television channel “Match TV”.

Press release courtesy of the Insight People press service

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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