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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Moscow traffic police are conducting a raid on SIM violators. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” participated in it – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 03:10:13

Let’s give examples. In last year’s raid we only had to stop at one point to catch the offenders. Their explanations were reduced to the fact that they did not yet know the new traffic rules. We remind you that the SIM requirements came into force on March 1 of last year. And now, at the sight of a patrol car, couriers and scooter drivers get off in front of the pedestrian crossing and carry their equipment under their arms.

This circumstance explained the difficulties of the raid. We had to catch the offenders on the move. They recorded an infraction, they passed, they intercepted me, they stopped me: “Good afternoon, you violated traffic rules.” Please note that all these violations are recorded on the DVR installed in the car.

As it turned out, all drivers of electric scooters, couriers on electric bicycles and other owners of personal mobility devices have studied the rules. But they are still violated. To remind them of the obligation to comply with the requirements, a raid is carried out.

According to police lieutenant Denis Kuznetsov, representative of the second battalion of the traffic police of the Central Administrative District, the summer season is now beginning and people have somewhat forgotten about the demands of the rules. Therefore, Traffic Inspectorate employees inform, explain and remind the rules of use of such vehicles. They also detect violations.

– The most common violations are crossing the road in an unspecified place, as well as crossing a pedestrian crossing without getting off a bicycle or electric scooter. And this can, and sometimes does, cause an accident,” explains Denis Kuznetsov.

By the way, the first offender, who decided to cross Taganskaya Square at a red light, despite the obligation to stop, hastened to accelerate in the opposite direction. Chasing him in the opposite lane is difficult. And you definitely won’t be able to reach them on foot. Plus, there are many patios there.

But here’s another one: I passed through a pedestrian crossing without getting off. They caught up with him, detained him and prosecuted him. The main explanation for all those who were detained was that they were in a hurry to comply with the order. Maybe courier services should be more attentive to their couriers?

The second detainee, who also crossed the pedestrian crossing without getting off, was more colorful. The maximum that he faces for this is the punishment provided for in Part 2 of Article 12.29 of the Administrative Code: a fine of 800 rubles. With payment within 20 days, with a 50 percent discount, 400 rubles. According to him, he was also in a hurry to complete the order on time. However, it turned out that he already has 11 fines for such violations, five of which have not been paid.

“I have debts, as soon as I pay them, I will immediately pay the fines,” he says.

While this offender was being processed, another offender showed up and simply ran a red light. There are no cars, why not? And it immediately fell into the hands of the inspectors. It is noteworthy that all detainees have rights. But at home. The new detainee turned out to be a more law-abiding electric bicycle driver. Because he only had two fines, but they had already been paid.

A 17-year-old boy who works part-time as a courier was also arrested. He was driving in the left lane, even though, according to the rules, he was supposed to drive in the right lane. He has no rights, but, interestingly, he knows the rules. But he doesn’t comply.

The raid showed that drivers of personal mobility devices have already learned all the nuances of the new requirements imposed on them. However, they continue to ignore them. And just when they see a patrol they turn white and fluffy. It is worth remembering that a new program to combat violators of the rules among drivers of personal mobility devices is gradually being introduced in Moscow. To start, numbers will be placed on electric scooters and electric bicycles. They will be followed by cameras. In case of violation of the rules, fines will be imposed.

Scooter-sharing companies that offer electric scooters for short-term rental have fines specified in their contracts. Thus, in one of the companies, a fine of 500 rubles is imposed for incorrect parking. Second offense – up to 1000 rubles. And then deactivating the account. For a trip together: 800 rubles. In the second case – account deactivation. At the same time, account deactivation is for life.

However, if the driver of the electric scooter was fined by the traffic police, these measures will not apply to him.

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