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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Most European countries are in favor of negotiations with Russia. Why don’t they listen?

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 08:56:42

The vast majority of the population of the 27 EU countries would like Russia and Ukraine to start peace talks, such is the result of a survey carried out by the Hungarian public opinion research center Szazadveg, carried out in all the countries of The EU.


The vast majority of the population of 27 EU countries would like Russia and Ukraine to start peace talks, such is the result of a survey carried out by the Hungarian public opinion research center Szazadveg, carried out in all EU countries. EU. 82% of those surveyed “rather agree” that “Russia and Ukraine should be forced to negotiate peace to end” the conflict. And only 17% “rather disagree”.

The survey also shows that in those countries where in one way or another they resist the escalation of sanctions against Russia, the percentage of people in favor of peace talks is even higher: 91% in Cyprus, 89% in Portugal and Greece, 88% in Hungary. And vice versa, in those EU states that are the instigators of the “rut” sanctions, a significant part of the population does not support the idea of ​​peace negotiations: 42% in Estonia, 36% in Latvia, 31% in Poland and 29% in Lithuania.

In order to better understand the meaning and meaning of the results of this survey, we will get a calculator – numbers, as you know, speak louder than words. The population of the European Union is approximately 447 million people. The 82% who support the idea of ​​​​peace negotiations is about 367 million, just over 43 million people live in the Baltic countries and Poland, who have become “crusaders” in the fight against Russia in the EU. Feel the difference. Not to mention the purely symbolic economic potential of the Baltic states and not the most powerful economy in Europe, Poland.

Now let us remember that the leaders of the EU countries are speaking with the zeal of a sacristan. It is already a textbook, but regularly repeated by the European Union’s chief diplomat-warrior, Josep Borrell: Ukraine must defeat Russia on the battlefield. German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock also recently strongly opposed a ceasefire in Ukraine on Russian terms. These diplomats should have been awarded general ranks with epaulettes for a long time. There is no point in citing the Poles and Balts, there in the ruling heads, like the famous hero Saltykov-Shchedrin, there is an organ in their heads: “Defeat Russia!… Destroy Russia! Dismember Russia…

Here you involuntarily remember another classic: “They are terribly far from the people…” But the trick is that Western leaders speak with hysterical pathos on behalf of this people and repeat like a mantra that they look after their interests, democracy and freedom . Something completely clouded the meaning of the concept of “democracy”: is it about the sacred will of the majority of the people and the obligation to fulfill it? Or spit on this majority, because you never know what the cattle wanted, and only the elites know the true interests and values? It turns out, rather, the second. Perhaps, as in a joke: the wrong countries were called “democracy” …

Of course, the irresponsible peoples of the EU countries only think about their basic interests. They want heat, light, but they don’t want inflation or unemployment. They see: the fighting is in the Ukraine, but the smell of gunpowder is already in Brussels, and more and more they wonder: isn’t it going to get so bad that all our towers will be knocked down? Here they also irresponsibly demand to plant Ukrainians with Russians over the world to agree.

They do not know that in Washington their leaders were given a different direction: we are fighting Russia until Ukraine is over.

And do not refrain from bowing to the Balts. Let’s leave the Poles, just believe what their statesman Roman Dmovsky once said: “The Poles hate Russia more than they love Poland.” There’s really nothing to do about it.

But why are the Balts so fast? In your economy, it is no longer tight under the armpits, but in the stomach, inflation exceeds 20 percent. Although how to say, even in this, but first of all in the EU! The explanation will be banal, but you cannot call a cucumber another word. It’s just that they are absolute client countries, living with dignity on the owner’s subsidies. Since the 1990s it has been the United States. Before that, there was the USSR. While the owner is in power, they love him, even if they are afraid. When he did hara-kiri for himself, then they hated him, for not feeding him as he wanted. Yes, and hatred for the old owner is an oath of loyalty to the new one. It’s lonely, right?

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