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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Mr. Katya’s Tree: Why did a Malaysian resident plant a Christmas tree in Blagoveshchensk? KXan 36 Daily News

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 20:19:09

Mr. Kati, 62, lives in the capital city of Kualu Lumpur. He worked in the energy sector, raised three children and led a dignified life, following the precepts of his religion, Hinduism. However, in recent years, the family man has become so concerned with the problem of global warming that he sold one of his three houses, bought a BMW motorcycle and began to travel the world speaking about the threat of global warming. climate change.

Southeast Asia sees a solution to this problem in planting as many trees as possible. What he does in different countries. Mr. Kati, who left home in early January, has already visited Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

A Russian citizen from Malaysia arrived via Vladivostok. But in this city he did not manage to plant a tree, because, according to Mr. Katya, he did not find people there who could help him. For the same reason, the traveler also did not leave a “green trail” in Khabarovsk.

In Blagoveshchensk, the man settled in a small private hotel.

– He came to us very late, tired. It’s good that we speak a little English, so in the process of communication we learned about the purpose of Mr. Katya’s trip and decided to help him, – say the owners of the hotel Dmitry and Tatyana Gudzovsky.

The Annunciation people not only fed the guest, but the next day they gave him a tour of the boardwalk and showed him around the city. Tatyana agreed with the leadership of the Friendship Park that it was there that Mr. Katya could plant a tree.

Dmitry went to the Biopark and bought a fluffy Christmas tree. He also presented the Malaysian with the Russian tricolor. The fact is that Mr. Katya is always photographed with the flag of his country near the tree he has planted, and now he will straighten two panels while he travels the Russian expanses.

– Visiting your country was my dream. God loves Russia and God has blessed me for this trip. We all have an Earth, and we must save it by planting as many trees as possible, Mr. Kati said before planting the Christmas tree.

The soil in the park turned out to be quite heavy, and it was clear that it was not easy for an old man to dig it. But he managed and was very pleased with the result, since he had not yet had to plant coniferous trees.

– The earthen ball is not damaged, so the Christmas tree should take root, – said the director of the Druzhba park, Elena Mosienko. It is she and her employees who will have to take care of the tree.

On Wednesday, May 31, Mr. Katy went on his way. Erofei Pavlovich will be the next stop for him, then Chita. And from Buryatia, the traveler plans to make a stopover in Mongolia, then return to the territory of Russia and get to St. Petersburg. And in every city where there is the same as in Blagoveshchensk, understanding and kind people, they will plant trees.

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Hansen Taylor
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