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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Mushroom season begins in Russia KXan 36 Daily News

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:24:25

clear miraculous

The regional newspaper Krasnoye Znamya (Tyumen) reminded readers of the unprecedented mushroom harvest in 2022, when residents of forest regions and suburbs dragged home generous gifts from the forest with full buckets. There has not been such an abundance of mushrooms for a long time, and experts predicted their repetition no earlier than in twenty years …

But not! The other day, the same newspaper published an article under the heading “Unprecedented mushroom harvest in the Tyumen region.” A resident of the village of Ushakov Konstantin Aberle found a “miraculous glade”. A large area in the middle of the forest is literally covered in red-headed aspen mushrooms. “All handsome men, like the selection!” Aberle boasted.

In the comments to the post, reader opinions were divided. Some have suggested that, given the dry climate, many mushrooms could not have grown in the region’s forests. Others object: drought is not observed everywhere, in some areas there were small rains – this is enough to turn the edges of the forest into “miraculous glades” mushrooms. And they are advised to go more often to the forest, to check the “fresh” places, from where in past years they returned with a full basket.

For mushrooms and berries

The active season of picking mushrooms and strawberries in the Altai Territory has begun. In the newspaper “Altaiskaya Pravda” lovers of calm hunting shared new pictures of their catch.

Residents of the region note that so far there are not many mushrooms, but, probably, in a week or two they will actively grow. In some places, there are already glades of porcini mushrooms, boletus, boletus, boletus, oil, chanterelles.

“In some places the fungus is already mature, in others it is young, and in others there was no fungus at all. Butterflies are found in pine forests and in large numbers, but almost all are eaten by worms.” collectors share.

Residents of the region note that mushrooms actively grow near Barnaul towards Pavlovsk, in the Talmensky and Pervomaisky districts, in the Kasmalinsky tape forest, in Bobrovka and Ozerki.

Users also posted the strawberries harvested. It can be found in large numbers in the Troitsky and Kalmansky districts, near Berezovka and the village of Lesnaya.

Get rich!

“Silent hunting” is not just an opportunity to stock up for the winter, but a great way to replenish the family budget. Readers of the Pskovskaya Pravda newspaper received tips on how to do it.

Anastasia Gavrilovna (she refused to give her last name “so as not to curse her luck”) shared her personal experience.

– I go to mushroom places that only I know about. There I have my own bump, in which I will definitely take a dozen mushrooms. If a mushroom picker knows his cherished places, he can collect a full bucket in an hour and a half, and at the market price such a “catch” will bring out a thousand rubles!

Usually, the mushroom season lasts from mid-July to the end of September. But, according to the woman, this summer started earlier:

– Last year at this time we have already collected both chanterelles and russula. Now, too, there are mainly chanterelles, then russula, volnushki will begin. They will be replaced by boletus, boletus … We wait for the rains to completely soak the soil, then the most expensive mushrooms will go – porcini. The main thing is to bring a quality product to the market. Then you will not be left without a good profit.

red pay tax

Continuing the theme of the “mushroom business”, the newspaper “Krasnoyarsky Rabochiy” asked an interesting question: “Will Russia introduce a tax for collectors of wild plants?”

A bill has recently been submitted to the State Duma. If the annual income of pickers of mushrooms, berries and herbs exceeds 2.4 million rubles, then this is no longer just a hobby for their own pleasure and food, but a taxable business activity.

Now any resident of Russia can go to the forest to collect mushrooms, berries and herbs in unlimited quantities for their own needs. The surplus can be legally sold to a collection point or market, for the collector, said activity is not considered business, so it is not taxed.

According to the proposed changes in the bill, collectors will be able to receive the status of self-employed workers and apply to be included in the register of organic producers to receive support from the state and have more opportunities to develop their business.

Vladimir Morozov, chairman of the Rosleskhoz public council, believes that everything should be left as it is and that collectors should not be taxed. “In Russia, two thirds of citizens have an income of 30,000 or less per person in the family. You cannot deprive them of the opportunity to live on the gifts of the forest. This is not a luxury, but a way to survive. .”


Some popular signs for mushroom pickers:

• The moon is waxing – it grows like a mushroom, the moon is waning – sit at home.

• Afternoon rain – expect mushrooms in the morning.

• How many rains – so many milk mushrooms.

• If the waves entered the forest, wait for the imminent appearance of milk mushrooms.

• If the smoky mist has spread through the forest, go mushrooming.

• Strong dew – for fertility and frequent mist – for harvesting mushrooms.

• Lots of mosquitoes: prepare baskets for mushrooms.

• If the rye is spiked, whites begin to appear with boletus boletus.

• Fluff flew from the aspen – you need to gather for the boletus.

• Where there is a red fly agaric, there is a white mushroom sitting nearby.

• If June is muggy, then don’t look for mushrooms.

•Where a butter dish was born, others fled side by side.

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