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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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Musician Vadim Eilenkrig: I don’t understand the point of discussing gender differences when it comes to professionalism KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 09:32:44

Vadim Eilenkrig, musician, jazzman, TV presenter

– I don’t understand the point of discussing gender differences at all when it comes to professionalism. There is work well or badly done, good or bad. And I don’t care who does this to me, I don’t care, for example, whether a dentist treats me, a man or a woman, I don’t care who takes me in a taxi, a man or a woman. a woman. Therefore, it is fair and natural to me that work should certainly not be paid on the basis of gender differences. “RG” writes that some vacancies are no longer divided into women and men. Women are looking for work as auto mechanics and machinists, there are more in the IT and construction sector.

I try not to talk about a gender issue related to work as it is very sensitive. If we talk about really hard work, then it is obvious that the female body, due to its structure (sorry for naturalism, the thickness of the bones and the attachment of the ligaments), is less designed for such a load. But then again, there are women who get by with this. And if they have a strong desire to do that job, I see no reason to stop them.

It seems to me that everything should be determined solely by individual ability for a certain profession, functionality. I think you need to realize where you want, love and can, regardless of gender. At the same time, I repeat, of course, one must understand the realities, for example, that the men’s barbell world champion lifts much more than the women’s barbell world champion. And it’s not just the weight classes.

As for the fact that women are driving men out of traditional male professions, it’s hard for me to say if I agree with this or not. In our field, I am afraid of treading on shaky ground in discussing this topic. I can only express the opinion that if the artist is good and at the same time is a representative of the fair sex, it seems to me that it will be even a little easier for her, because the audience is more likely to go to her performance. . But then again, this has nothing to do with leniency or gender. This is rather a given in our field, probably mainly because there are fewer women among jazz musicians or academics, some soloists. Therefore, as artists, they always attract, arouse special interest.

I have not come across a situation where employers offered a woman a lower salary because she could go on maternity leave, she was weaker, less resistant to stress. Again, I can say from my own experience: women are very effective in some leadership and managerial positions. I guess it’s because of some kind of internal organization. I also do not agree with the decree: if you speak like that, you must understand that it is not clear when she will go by decree, but she will now work. An employee who does his job qualitatively is always valuable and necessary.

I can say with confidence: there are a huge number of successful, high-earning, very effective and talented women around me, and, moreover, they are developing rapidly. This is not only in the field of art among artists, but also in business.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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