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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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“Mysterious daughter” on the other side of the ocean, a rigged betrayal and a hermit sister: the secrets and intrigues of one of the brightest singers of the 90s Natasha Koroleva

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 16:06:42

Singer Natasha Koroleva


For three decades on the stage, Natasha Koroleva has become her own in every home: the country knows her “Yellow Tulips”, “Sunflowers” and “Confetti” by heart. She would seem, like the “mermaid” herself: here she is, in full view: interviews, broadcasts, social networks. But in fact, the singer has enough family secrets for a whole Brazilian series.

american daughter

If the Queen has a secret daughter across the ocean, fans have been wondering for two years as, after downing a shot to get her courage up, the star made a strong confession on the talk show “Secret in a Million”. Allegedly, in 2019 in the United States, the singer had a daughter, who was born by a surrogate mother. The girl’s father was a wealthy gay friend: Natasha gave him her “frozen” egg in exchange for a token gratitude in bitcoins (they have since grown successfully and are valued at $ 2 million). With the “blue-eyed and flat-nosed” baby, the existence of which even the Queen’s husband did not know about the existence of the talk show before the launch of the talk show, he saw only a couple of times and did not go. to declare any maternal rights to her little blood. Unless she left some photos as souvenirs, they were presented to the public as the main evidence.

On the TV show, the Queen revealed her mystery daughter, who hasn’t been spoken of since.

Photo: NTV

But these same images of the Queen went wrong: they carried out an entire investigation on the network and came to the conclusion that the singer gave up the son of her American friend Alexandra Petrich as her own daughter. In Natasha’s social networks, videos of her common meeting appeared, where the artist, babysitting someone else’s child, was dressed exactly the same as in the pictures of her with “her own”. Network detectives found the same entourage, the same people in the images, and dozens of other small pieces of evidence that the photo was of a friend’s son. And most importantly, the star would definitely not have been able to gamble with the donated eggs without Tarzan’s knowledge: in the case of married women, cryobanks inform the spouse of all actions with the biomaterial.

However, the Queen never confessed to the deception. But fans remember very well how she in the late nineties she was the first in Russia to conduct a PR campaign with a “farewell” tour, announcing her break with Igor Nikolaev. The fact that everything was going well in the family at that time, and the sensation was invented to sell tickets, Natasha said recently.

hermit sister

In America, where the Queen often flies, not only her mother lives, but also her sister Irina, who is five years older than the “mermaid”. The fact that she once was a famous singer in Ukraine, Rusey, and paved the way for the youngest in show business, is remembered today only by the most devoted fans. Thirty years ago, Rusya collected stadiums and sports halls, but after the Two Sisters tour, with which Natasha and Irina toured the whole country in 1998, she disappeared from the stage forever. Then few knew that the artist, being married to producer Konstantin Osaulenko, desperately fought for the life of her son with severe cerebral palsy – Vova lived only 10 years and died in 1999. On her tombstone there are lines from the song of the famous aunt “Swallow, swallow, say hello …”, which Natasha Koroleva has not performed since.

In Miami: Natasha with her mother visiting her sister, her husband and their daughter.


Now Irina, who after the tragedy moved to the outskirts of Miami and got a job in a local choir, has two children: Sofia, 17, and Matvey, 19. He was also born with autism. Koroleva’s nephew (and, by the way, Igor Nikolaev’s godson) cannot speak and has never been to school. For the family, this is a great pain, so they lead a secluded life and avoid publicity. And for Natasha Koroleva, this topic is also taboo.

rigged betrayal

The scandal with the betrayal of Tarzan, which broke out three years ago, did not divorce the Queen at all from her wandering husband, but from … a close friend Andrei Malakhov. It was he who first found out that the husband of the “mermaid” after her next performance in the club did not go home, but to the singer’s Moscow apartment with two admirers. One of them ended up in bed with a stripper, and the second filmed love joys on the phone – this incriminating evidence was brought to the studio of Malakhov’s talk show by the fame-thirsty girls. The presenter immediately called his girlfriend: “Natasha, the only thing I can do is delay this broadcast for a week, no more, these ladies are going to show the programs anyway. But you can prepare and tell your version of events.” But instead of a program on the federal channel, Natasha and her husband guilty of her went to confess to Ksenia Sobchak. Offended Malakhov immediately launched the broadcast with his mistress. The scandal turned out terrible: the artist accused yesterday’s friend of treason and promised to meet in court (the lawsuit, however, was never filed).

Natasha’s husband, Tarzan, in a scandalous photo with his lover, Anastasia Shulzhenko.


But the most curious thing was revealed later. It turned out that it was all about money: Tarzan seemed to demand 2 million from Andrei Malakhov for scandalous revelations. The manager refused to pay…

By the way, the stripper himself assured then that he was a victim of prudent adventurers: they say, there is a whole group of so-called producers who think up and implement dramatic scenarios to the smallest detail, in order to later sell them. Television for a lot of money. So he was deliberately seduced, for the sake of rating and fees. So, few people believed Koroleva’s husband, but this is true: later, the former editor of one of the talk shows confirmed the dirty “kitchen”. And Tarzan’s Mistress (what a coincidence!) was promoted by the same producer who made Gauguin Solntsev, Diana Shurygina and other infamous characters famous.


Natasha can marry again

Star numerologist Klara Kuzdenbaeva told KP.RU how the coming year will be for the hero of the day, who accurately calculated the birth of a child with Philip Kirkorov, the Eurovision bronze medal of Sergey Lazarev, the wedding of Liza Arzamasova with a much older man and much more.

– Natasha Koroleva was born on May 31, 1973 – in numerology this date is called “the day on the edge of a knife.” She is the carrier of the so-called thousandth sign, a sign of fame and popularity, which has a “side effect”: categorical, pride, ambition, the numerologist explains. – Natalia has three triples in the program – this is a great talent, the best intuition and even the gift of foresight. Everyone loves her, although in her daily life her character is difficult: impractical, impatient, unfair. She but she an honest person: she does not know how to lie and build intrigues. The greatest advantage of an artist is that all his dreams come true. Then she also dreamed of shining on stage.

It’s amazing how the Queen takes 20 years with Tarzan, because neither of them has four on the show, and this is eternal abuse. Also, according to the elements, they categorically do not fit: Gemini (Queen), such signs as Pisces (Tarzan), Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio, bring destruction.

Natalia’s 49th anniversary was a year of wrong decisions. And after her birthday, the year of seven comes – this is a time of changes in her personal life. In general, the Queen’s program says up to three marriages. And some fleeting hobby of the singer can turn into a serious feeling, she can meet the man from her. In addition, the husband will have a parallel year in a big inconvenience, which is fraught with problems in the family, with health, and even with accidents.

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