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Mythology, ceramics and stamps: what to see in the astra gallery

Date: May 23, 2024 Time: 09:32:52

Prepared by: Arina Krainikh

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Kirill Doeshvili was born in 1988 in St. Petersburg, since childhood he was fond of music, poetry and painting. He attended volunteer courses at the Repin Academy. 2 years he studied at the Dnepropetrovsk Art College. Since 2011 he lives and works in Yalta. Crimea opened Kirill a new color vision.

“House of Heroes”


My language is ritual speech, poetry, which is incapable of functioning in the realm of limited meaning. This world lives on two planes, the characters are various manifestations of the human essence, countless characters and situations in which we find ourselves every day. All that unites us is love, and each one carries this flame within himself, each one is a star. This work was created under the impression of communicating with different people, discovering something very natural in them. In addition, the rhythm of the image marks my musical thought, since the plasticity of the characters and the forms is intimately linked to the plasticity of the music.

Ekaterina Zorkaya was born into a family of hereditary diplomats. Her parents’ business trips brought her closer to the traditions, beliefs and customs of different peoples, helped to form her own worldview. In her works, Ekaterina creates a universal artistic language. Pulling together fragments of cultures seen and lived, she creates her own unique rituals of hers, her faith, her temple, as an attempt to understand the world around her. Technically, Ekaterina uses fabrics, embroidery, ceramics, and beads to create three-dimensional paintings and art objects based on her travels.

“drunk person”

He just lay there and hugged the ground with his eyes wide shut…a faint smile on his face. He was embraced by heaven, he was held by the earth. And it is not known where his consciousness, spirit, thoughts of him are now. It is not known if he got drunk with sorrow or joy. He maybe he had a son, or maybe a brother died. We can only guess.

Dmitry graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Ilia Repin. The artist’s paintings, drawings and sculptures were exhibited in different years in the halls of the Academy of Arts, the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, the Erarta Museum, the DK Gromov Gallery and other galleries in Russia and abroad. His works are included in the collection of the Russian Museum. In 2020, Dmitry received an offer to paint the Church of St. John the Baptist on Pushkinskiye Gory. Work on the large-scale painting lasted 5 months and was completed in September 2020.

“Amphitrite Triumph”


Myths attract me because they tell certain truths about a person. I am interested in the man himself. But if we compare this work with my paintings on ancient subjects, then this ceramic is more decorative, lighter. I worked in a playful way inspired by joyful baroque music. I think there is a theme of joy in the interpretation of serious, timeless and sometimes tragic stories.

Alexei Morozov is a sculptor, architect, member of the Russian Academy of Arts. He rethinks ancient sculpture, combining traditional iconography with today’s symbols. Working with the Greco-Roman classics, he endows the well-established archaic images of the psychology of modern man. His works can be found in the collection of the Russian Museum.

“CURRUS (I and II)”


The work featured is from the large Pontifex Maximus project, which I have been working on for over 10 years. The first version of the sculpture appeared in 2009, when, reflecting on the continuity and infinity of the Pax Romana, I discovered a surprising similarity of proportions and figurative identity of the Segway and the old single-seater car, a vehicle that appeared some 3.5 – 4 thousand years ago and is associated with the domestication of horses. In each of the two Segway engines, according to technical data, there are two horsepower. I mean, a Segway is a chariot! Carriage drawn by four horses, similar to the one you see on the facade of the Bolshoi Theater.

Vasilisa Lebedeva is an interdisciplinary artist, co-founder of the creative community Art.boloto. She works with the mythological structure, from which she takes plots and characters. Collecting components from various myths and fairy tales, she builds her own system through which she works with the themes of consciousness, human interaction with other people and the world around her, and also explores the design of a fabulous world order in the format of and historical mythology.



“H” is the image of the soul. On the one hand, she is drawn to the new, she wants to make subtle plans and develop. On the other hand, she is firmly connected to her ancestry, the wisdom of past generations, and her cultural code. You can find a contradiction in this, but you can also find strength: the connection of heaven and earth, death and life, movement and stability.

Graphic and painter. She first began to engage in fine art at the age of 20, then, after studying at the Moscow Art School for screenwriting and directing, she returned to drawing. Samoilov’s works are a methodological look at the nature of painting, continuing in the vein of American abstract artists and German neo-expressionists of the 1960s and 1970s. In his work, Samoilov also addresses the question of method, which for him is the problem of the relationship between the figurative and the abstract. The artist approaches this limit with the help of automatic writing and a palimpsest of textures.

“100% kitty”


I worked on a series of large abstract works: gray, black, blue, too bright, with figures like an exploded world map. My daughter nodded casually in the direction of the sheets of paper that covered every surface in the studio, and with all her appearance she showed that all of this was too boring, no one needed it, and only I enjoyed it. In response, I handed her the brushes with a proposal to replace myself and help the works reach the hearts of the audience, but she left, advising me something unreadable about…

– Little cat?

– Yes, kitty.

– Little cat?

– He’s.

— Draw you a cat?

– Because I? Just a cat…

— 100% cat?

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