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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Nadezhda Babkina became the host of the new program “Please forgive me!” on NTV – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 02:26:55

The main goal of the new show of the project is to reconcile close people with each other, between whom there was a disagreement and misunderstanding. “The Emotional Program” Please Forgive Me! “It will help you find the right words and get through the fights,” the creators promise (the show is produced by White Media). In each episode of the project, viewers will get acquainted with the stories of people who, for some reason, have diverged many years ago.

“The ability to forgive is generally a great thing. Fortunately, I learned this over time. I was offended by any injustice, I didn’t understand why, I got into myself, it bothered me… But at some point I realized that that it is impossible to live with resentment “, and he began to feel sorry for his offenders and try to understand. Envy, anger and jealousy eat them from the inside, therefore they bite everyone – unfortunate people. I stopped living with grievances. I have no desire to take revenge. No matter how hard this forgiveness is given to me, I know that, having forgiven, first of all, I will save myself. Those who betrayed me and did nasty things to me live with it, not me. I forgave, I forgot and I continue to live. The wrong done is your problem, not mine. For me, every betrayal is just a school and a science, “says Nadezhda Babkina.

Anyone who wants to apologize to a person they have once hurt, or look the offender in the eye, can participate in the show. You can tell your story on the casting page of the project by filling out a questionnaire about yourself.

The program is not a Russian format, but an adaptation. Such a show is being successfully held in many countries around the world, including the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Turkey and others.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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