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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Naked Volochkova covered herself with a cat

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 15:12:16

Anastasia Volochkova.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Anastasia Volochkova is proud of her body and does not hesitate to show her naked beauty. After the famous Maldivian photo shoot, the dancer finally stopped being modest and often posts racy pictures on social networks. In the following publication, the artist said that she ordered a massage session at home. After the procedure, Anastasia was in no hurry to get dressed: instead, she decided to play a little trick and was photographed completely naked.

The former cousin of the Bolshoi Theater figured out how to hide her nudity: Anastasia covered her intimate places with Ricci the cat. Stretched out on the sofa, Volochkova hid behind a fluffy pet, showing off her long tanned legs.

“Today, a massage session was helped by Ricci the cat. He miraculously and fluffy replaced my towel. I’m running to rehearsal, ”Anastasia signed in the picture.

Anastasia covered intimate places with Richie the cat. Photo: social networks.

In the comments, subscribers criticized the dancer for another nude photo. “It already attracted a cat. Why is she naked again?”, “And the next photo will be without Ricci?”, “You post photos like this and then you are surprised that they criticize you”, “Poor cat”, “Anastasia has become very thin”, ” Before I even wore underpants”, “They don’t torture the cat”, write the followers.

Apparently, Anastasia is trying to relieve stress with a massage session. The ballerina is experiencing an acute conflict with her daughter Arisha. The 17-year-old star heiress did not invite her to the prom at school. In social networks, Volochkova said that Ariadne was simply jealous of her fame and her success.

– Ariadne had it all since she was a child! -said Volochkova crying, accusing her daughter of her ingratitude. -Let me explain why my daughter doesn’t want to see me at her prom. In a conversation with me, she explained why. It’s not that she’s a bad mother. I am a wonderful mother, the best in the world. The most important role, mother, I fulfilled. My daughter doesn’t want to see me at her prom because if I show up there, it will take attention away from her.

Since the age of 13, the ballerina’s daughter has lived with her father, businessman Igor Vdovin, and his new wife, TV presenter Elena Nikolaeva. Volochkova is sure that her ex-husband and her wife are turning her daughter against her. But in the Vdovin family they are sure that the scandal that broke out occurred solely because of a misunderstanding between mother and daughter.

Elena Nikolaeva explained why her stepdaughter did not want to see her mother at the prom. According to her, it is about the conflict between Ariadne and her mother. Perhaps the girl does not want her mother to appear at the graduation, because her father Igor Vdovin, as well as Ariadna’s boyfriend, will attend the celebration.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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