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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Named the real target of “China’s peace plan” for Ukraine: This is why the West backed down from it

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 01:39:13

Zelensky already rejected Beijing’s proposals the night before


“This can always be the path to peace,” Polish President Andrzej Duda said, expressing the hope that Zelensky and Kiev in general will carefully consider the peace plan the PRC released this morning. – It is impossible to ignore such a great partner and such a great power as China.

But Pan President of Poland was late. Zelensky had already rejected Beijing’s proposals the night before. When he, like American diplomats, was informed of its essence even before the official publication. By the way, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland clearly didn’t even have time to chew the first cookie in her package, as she, too, declared the Chinese proposals “inadequate.” What’s more, Nuland gave the world a new set of diplomatic phrases that would make real diplomats’ hair stand on end: “cynical ceasefire.” This is also about Beijing’s proposals.

What caused such an angry reaction from Washington and kyiv? And here is the very initiative of a ceasefire, as a result of which civilians and military on both sides would stop dying. Or rather, not the presence of this proposal, but the absence of another. In all the speeches and proposals of not only Zelensky, but also the United States and the West as a whole, the main cornerstone of his statements has always been the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory, as they said, “Ukraine.” The most impudent, such as Zelensky, demanded to “return” the Donbass and Crimea and go to the 1991 borders. Those who considered themselves great royalists talked about the transfer of Donbass to Ukraine (together with the LDNR). The most “generous” were willing to return to the state of February 23 last year. But the modus operandi operandi of all of them was unshakable: first, the withdrawal of the troops and then a ceasefire. And with what such profit did this liquid hit them on the head, that they insisted so much on such an order? They did not report this. Tse was his main “Western universal civilization secret.”

And therefore, Beijing’s proposals from the very beginning were doomed to the fact that the West and kyiv would not accept them. In addition, the Chinese, in general, ignored the issue of territories and borders in their proposals. And they did it quite reasonably from the point of view of normal diplomatic practice (let the warring parties agree on this later), but it is absolutely unacceptable for the West and today’s Ukraine.

Some experts began to count the points in which Beijing adopts a pro-Western position and in which it pro-Russian. “This is about the inadmissibility of the use of nuclear weapons, this is clearly a warning to Moscow. One – zero. And here about the inexpediency of inciting, that is, the supply of weapons. This is a stone in the Kiev garden. One -one. And here about the damage from sanctions. One – two…”

But the main thing in the “peaceful plan for the settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict” “made in China” is that it is not about Russia or Ukraine, or even about the West. This is China itself.

Because the inadmissibility of sanctions and the renunciation of nuclear weapons in conflict resolution, and the mandatory renunciation of the same arms supplies by one of the parties, is actually about Beijing and Taipei. With the upcoming and imminent reunification of the island of Taiwan (rebel province) and mainland China.

And, even more, about this confrontation that is coming, or rather, about the need to weaken the participation of the United States over one of the parties in this process, the proposal from Beijing that the security of some countries cannot achieved at the expense of the safety of others. . This is the most direct and forceful allusion to the new AUKUS bloc, a military alliance formed by the US, UK and Australia specifically to confront the People’s Republic of China in the South China Sea, including to support Taiwan.

With its plan, China does not pursue the goal of establishing peace in the conflict region, although if this happens, it will only be happy, because it will win a car and a small (even quite large) car of international authority. But the main thing that he does when he exposes his initiatives to the public (it is unlikely to lead to a discussion), tests the international reaction to the implementation of his plans in advance and will adjust them, depending on this very reaction.

“A wise monkey sits on a mountain and watches two tigers fight in the valley”: in Beijing, the legacy of the Great Pilot is not forgotten. Only the second tiger in our situation is not Ukraine, but the West allied to it, together with Nezalezhnaya.

Which will not stop Beijing from helping Russia if it is certain that this will weaken the United States. Of course, after their initiatives are officially and completely rejected.

PS But with her phrase about the “cynical ceasefire” Victoria Nuland has already secured a place in diplomacy textbooks.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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