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Friday, January 27, 2023
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NASA chief announces US-China space race

Date: January 27, 2023 Time: 13:21:57

NASA Executive Director Bill Nelson


The race for the moon between the United States and China is getting fiercer. And the winner of this fight will be determined in the next two years. This statement was made by the head of NASA, Bill Nelson. According to him, with the worst development, Beijing has a chance to gain a foothold and appropriate the resource-rich Moon and even prevent Washington from going there.

“It’s a fact, we’re in a space race,” Nelson said. We’d better make sure they don’t get anywhere on the Moon under the guise of scientific research. And they might say, “Walk away, we’re here, this is our turf.”

The statements of the head of NASA followed after the uncrewed Orion space capsule circled the Earth’s satellite as part of the Artemis I project. This mission has already been recognized as one of the most successful. It should be the first step in NASA’s plans to regularly send astronauts to the moon for the permanent presence of people there. This may already happen in 2025.

However, even the budget adopted by Congress, which almost completely satisfies NASA’s requests, may not help the United States in the space confrontation with China. In late October, Beijing completed the in-orbit assembly of the Tangun space station. A month later, the taikonauts were launched into space. And in mid-December, China announced plans to put its astronauts on the moon in the late 1920s. Beijing is not stopping there and hopes to create a complete infrastructure in space.

“They may be able to catch up with us and overtake us,” admitted Nina Armagno, US Space Forces lieutenant general, after the launch of the Chinese Shenzhou-15 space mission in November. “The progress they have made is amazingly fast.

The Pentagon, in its report to Congress, points out that China has a unique development that will not only allow it to land on the far side of the Moon, but also establish a communications link between Earth and the Moon using a satellite launched a year ago. . behind.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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