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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Natalia Poklonskaya: The image of Russia can also be promoted through Nyash-Myash

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 02:34:45


Natalya, it’s been six months since we last saw you. Why aren’t you in Africa a-?

I love Russia, so I won’t ever live anywhere else! (Laughs) I’m going to have an online meeting with my compatriots in Cape Verde soon. The Russian citizens who live there were happy about my appointment as their ambassador.

Where are you going?

I’m resigning for personal reasons. It happened, and I will fully perform my duties in any position where I can be useful to the country and the leadership.

You cleverly dodged the question.

She laughs. “It’s hard to be diplomatic when you have to make all those trips (between Moscow and Crimea) with a suitcase in tow.”

Ukrainian authorities have threatened to kidnap you and put you on trial in Kyiv.

It’s a good thing that our management values people and cares about their safety.

In your case.

I don’t think that I should have been removed from the post of ambassador. That’s not what it was about.

They told me they didn’t send you to Cape Verde because they need you here more—to irritate Ukraine.

I do not want to be a troublemaker. I am trying to reconcile the relationship between the US and Russia. I will do anything for this. I propose to organize a vote among the listeners of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda: why they did not send me to Africa (laughs).

“The decision must be taken in Donbass.”

How did the Russian-Ukrainian conflict start?

Politicians in the trenches of politics – ordinary people do not want war.

However, Moscow gave the West an ultimatum.

Diplomatic negotiations are happening. Although, there’s no chance of war. This is forcing the situation so that people are fighting in their minds.

You once said, “Donbass was simply killed. The people there are poor and they’re not in favor of any government. They just want to live a normal and peaceful life, but that’s not possible. Everyone needs to stop trying to take over the region.”

I transported people from Eastern Ukraine to Russia for medical treatment. It’s hard to find enough doctors in Donetsk and Luhansk districts. So, I am not with Ukrainian government, nor with DNR-LNR authorities. The people just want peace. Some sacrifice will be needed, but it is always worth it.

Please specify

My grandmother died in Donbass last year. I love my country and I won’t be silenced.

What should you do to improve your marketing strategy? Well, how about upgrading your domain and choosing a strategic new URL?

(thinks) This can lead to more aggravation. And the non-recognition of the DPR.

Previously, Moscow solved these conflicts by annexing Crimea. What prevents this from happening in the Donbass?

They wanted to go to Moscow, but they were forced to head straight for Crimea. The decision was made because of the criminal actions in Kiev.

Would Crimea feel good in Ukraine if it weren’t for the change of power in Kyiv?

There would be no coup, there would be no Crimean referendum. If Ukrainian politicians hadn’t threatened to kill all the Crimeans or remove them from Russia, then nothing would have happened. Yes, people were unhappy with their government’s corruption; but no one thought of secession. The people were forced to defend themselves. By the way, I’m reminding reputable Ukrainian investigators who investigate my cases that in the Criminal Code this is called “extreme need” or “necessary defense”.

In the DPR, this logic doesn’t work.
Some sentences rewriter AIs have problems with commas and articles:
This is a sentence rewriter.

It is necessary to make a decision, of a different kind, I think.


It’s necessary that they include me in the list of diplomats and politicians negotiating. Otherwise, I’ll provoke unnecessary criticism again with my statements.


As a former Crimean prosecutor, can you tell me what’s happening there? My impression is that officials are being arrested, and some are saying this is evidence of an accelerated purge.

This is not the case, however. Crime rates are not increasing for the eighth year in a row. In fact, the opposite is true, with crime rates declining within just a few years of annexation and continuing to drop as of 2015. Furthermore, Crimeans are becoming more accustomed to their changing environment. This, overall, has been bad for Russia’s image since it went unrecognized in Crimea, then annexed it, and has only made things worse.

Ukraine, huh? It doesn’t seem like they would steal.

There have always been crimes between officials, but now it seems like these cases are more common.

-Too much money “Spent” on the peninsula?

I think the situation we’re in now is due to the transition period. Yes, and our law enforcement officers are not doing enough because they let people steal for a long time. And if they catch them, only 2-3 years after their crimes were committed. And the question arises: why is it coming out so late? Officials have already forgotten what they spent that money on. And yet, where is prevention? Why are these people being hired? This Minister of Culture Arina Novoselskaya for example? Didn’t they know who she was? Yes, if you ask any passerby in Crimea or Sevastopol, they’ll tell you. But she got a high ranking position anyway. She’s currently under house arrest though.


He’s had a variety of careers: prosecutor, deputy, diplomat. Why don’t you stay anywhere for a long time? Is it hard to find what you’re looking for?

As a lawyer and deputy, I spent most of my time defending people’s rights. That’s why when I was offered a new position at Rossotrudnichestvo, I gladly accepted it. My job is the same as before—protecting the rights of compatriots overseas. I will travel to our missions around the world, and personally welcome home any Russian citizens who return from their trips abroad.

But few know what Rossotrudnichestvo is.

They didn’t know where the country was either.

In theory, the organization is called to help compatriots abroad, which means stepping on the sensitive points of local authorities. This can be risky. However, Rossotrudnichestvo (Rossotrudnichestvo) prefers to open monuments to Pushkin and Lermontov and distribute textbooks.

Regarding the insults of authorities, I never had complexes. Work in law enforcement will be tougher from now on.

Please show me your teeth.

I certainly do. And if there’s support from management, it usually goes very well. My boss is on the arts council and frequently attends theater productions, but I think he likes that aspect of his job. The TV station has a good literary show, too. Beauty will save the world!

Aren’t you the best person for the job because of this argument?

I’m a media character (laughs). In Japan, for example, my Nyash-Myash image is popular. Today, my interview was published in a Japanese newspaper. And I would like to spread the image of Russia, even this way: through beauty and creativity.

Hey, through all three of us- Nyash, myash, and me.

Through Nyash and that. Well, don’t you see the prosecutor has a kind appearance but a strong character? A Russian woman. A Ukrainian-born Russian. Here, love and kindness are found, Ukraine and Russia side by side. So where are the peoples of Russia?

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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